Cowboys continue to drive NFL ratings


Yes, they’re 2-3. Sure, their offense isn’t flashy or explosive or even consistent. Yep, they haven’t been to the NFC title game since 1995.

But the Dallas Cowboys still continue to drive ratings like no other NFL team.

Via SportsBusiness Journal, Sunday night’s game between the Cowboys and the Texans generated a 12.4 rating. That’s a 17-percent jump over last year’s Week Five Sunday night game. It also provided NBC with its best Week Five number since 2015, the year that generally represented the high-water mark for NFL ratings.

NFL ratings continue to be slightly up in 2018, as compared to 2017. While that’s still a far cry from 2015, it’s a reversal of a downward trend that first started in 2016. This year, compelling matchups, national brands, and ultimately exciting games are helping to fuel interest in the sport.

21 responses to “Cowboys continue to drive NFL ratings

  1. It’s simple. They’re polarizing. As an Eagles fan I tune in to watch them lose, and love every minute of it.

  2. 28 million people live in Texas so they watched the game, big deal that game sucked. The NFL’s constant promotion of the Cowboys is sickening. The Cowboys aren’t any good and haven’t been any good for decades. The refs helped them beat the Lions at home in the playoffs in 2015 for a rare win. And in ’09 they were completely throttled 34-3.Please stop.Jerry Jones is a horrible owner, Garrett sucks,Dak sucks and their defense has any good for decades.

  3. Wow! That many people got to witness that debacle!! If we lose a few more, JJ and Stephen, might wake up and smell the coffee….lol We will go nowhere, with the coaches we have on offense……

  4. this is driven by the fantasy crowd. they want to see the pretty, shiny star with no stars. i am perplexed at how they are a legit brand? real fans know they stink, perhaps it’s all of the people that hate the Boys that drive these rating.

  5. Let me break it to you, you need more than 2 data points to make a trend. Trend does not fit in that description. That is a random assortment.

  6. Liberalsruineverything says:
    October 8, 2018 at 11:58 pm
    I think Watson just got smeared again but the game has been over for a while now. Yikes!

    For real!

    So yeah, Cowboys are the continued draw. Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, except JJ is a moron that doesn’t realize the thing needs to have its supports corrected. Now we all get to watch the prized piece eventually topple.

    Personally, I wanted to see Jadeveon, Watt and Co. wreak havoc on the ‘Boys. Watson to Hopkins is getting into stride and was what moved the winning percentage greatly into Texans favor.

  7. There’s no underestimating the power of Schadenfreude as millions of NFL fans tune in every week to watch the diminishing Dak Prescott, the Zeke Elliott whom Garrett will concede can’t make one yard rushing so the punter is called in, and to watch one of the most uninspiring offensive schemes ever devised…which is maintained year after year.

    If the Cowboys were consistent winners, they’d be irrelevant to most viewers. Luckily, with Jerry Jones at the helm, that ain’t ever going to happen…unless he can bribe Jimmy Johnson with his own island or something to come back…

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