Deshaun Watson: I’m built to take those hits

Getty Images

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson took a trip to the blue medical tent on the sideline near the end of regulation in Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys and got cleared in time to help the offense to a game-winning field goal in overtime.

Watson went to the tent after taking a hit while throwing what wound up as an interception and he took a lot of other hits during the 19-16 win. After last year’s torn ACL, Watson’s ability to avoid hits that could take him out of the lineup was a talking point during the offseason and Watson addressed it again on Sunday night by saying he’s going to do what’s necessary in a given game.

“I just do what’s best for the team,” Watson said. “I know sometimes what’s best for the team is protecting myself. When we’re down there at the goal line and I’m trying to get in the end zone, that’s my mentality. Regardless of what I gotta do, if it’s three dudes like it was tonight multiple times, I’m gonna try to fight my ass off to get in the end zone. That’s my mentality and whatever it takes. I’m built to take those hits.”

Watson ran the ball 10 times, was sacked once and hit 10 times over the course of the evening and he’s been hit a lot over the first five weeks of the season. That hasn’t forced him out of the lineup yet, but the Texans would surely prefer that his resiliency be tested a little less often.