ESPN’s Odell Beckham interview happened without Giants involvement

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The Odell Beckham with a special guest appearance by Lil Wayne interview raised plenty of questions for what Beckham said. There also were questions about how it all came to be.

Per a league source, ESPN set up the interview directly with Beckham, without going through the Giants. The interview happened in New York City on Tuesday, Beckham’s day off.

The Giants became aware that the interview was happening on Monday. They had no involvement in it of any kind.

This sarcastic tweet from Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon regarding the interview seems to confirm that: “Wow, can’t wait!! Bet there’s some good stuff for the hot-take, cold-take world in there!!”

While it’s not uncommon for interviews on radio and TV shows to be arranged directly with players or their representatives (especially on player days off), setting up a major sit-down interview that will create headlines in a not-positive way directly with the player entails some degree of risk for an NFL broadcast partner. If the Giants become sufficiently unhappy with ESPN, the Giants may be less cooperative when it comes to interviews and access that entail team involvement, especially in connection with Monday Night Football. The Giants also could complain to the league, which could be a sensitive subject at a time when ESPN generally seems to be trying to collectively reinsert its nose into the anal cleft of 345 Park Avenue.

Regardless, while many of the Sunday Sit-Downs! take place with the team involved (and often with team P.R. present), this one happened either because the player reached out to do it or because the player was persuaded to do it. The question then becomes whether the message sent by Beckham was premeditated or simply the product of questioning that happened to hit topics that produced “honest answers” that were far too honest, far too candid, and far too potentially disruptive.

40 responses to “ESPN’s Odell Beckham interview happened without Giants involvement

  1. Yikes.

    They deserve him. The Giants are cheaters. They work with Goodell to gain advantages out of NY, and they’ve been caught red handed cheating and Goodell does nothing. Mara lying about Brown’s domestic rap sheet, was just the cherry on top.

    The arrogance here, not dealing him off before last season, knwoing the WR market was about to spike, is no different than Pitt’s handling of LeVeon Bell. It’s called ownership,.front office arrogance.

    Meanwhhile, BB deals a concussed Cooks to save `14 mil per, keeps the 1st rd pick and is mocked for it, as Dorsett, under his rookie deal is easily a similar player at 1/112th the cost.


    Carry on, people. Carry on!

  2. The “head-cases like Beckham and LeVon Bell should not be signed. They can’t handle the money or the fame and most of the time become franchise problems. There are exceptions, but the high risk is there. They sign a contract and too many times don’t live up to it. Team owners and the NFL have to stop being ‘afraid’of players. Accept our offer or go someplace else. Winning is not worth sacrificing a franchise integrity. Example: The New England Patriots.

  3. You would think that this is in a player’s contract. If not that is a mistake of the team, not the player. You get what you deserve Giants!

  4. Beckham is a disruption just waiting to happen…

    His disruptions reflect in the Giants record this year.

    Great talent, negative overall team results.

    IQ lower than room temperature IMO.

  5. I just can’t believe Eli is still the quarterback of this team. Tiki Barber caught hell *12 years ago* for saying the idea of Eli being a leader in an NFL locker room was a joke. Anyone that’s seen footage of Eli doing literally anything knows Tiki was right.

    And Giants fans wonder why they play such forgettable, below-average football, and have for 5+ seasons — Eli. It all goes back to Eli. What 24 year-old stud player is inspired by Eli fainting into the grass at the first whiff of pressure, or throwing at his TE’s feet on 3rd down? And yet #10 is coddled and protected at every step by everyone in the front office.

    OBJ has every right to be frustrated, even to the point of sabotage. He’s a prisoner of this awful organization and their slavish devotion to the luckiest QB of the last decade.

  6. I’ve seen Eli in numerous commercials, just saw one by the rookie RB for Circle K, OBJ has his shampoo empire and, certainly, cat food commercials to come.

    Maybe this team should concentrate on football instead of trying to parlay their “celebrity”.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter.

  7. Even the Bills & Jets have better records than the Giants…

    Who cares about the Giants???

  8. He wasn’t wrong in any of his comments, I just don’t get the need for it to be in an ESPN sanctioned interview. At the same time, stuff like that pisses people off and can galvanize a team.

  9. I rate this topic at two Le’Veons. That means it’s twice as tiring and tedious as the “drama” unfolding in Pittsburgh.

  10. It was classic how he gripes about everybody else and then in the very next game proceeds to let a punt bounce off his leg for a TD in a game they ended up losing by 2.

  11. Maybe he should just keep his opinions to himself from now on and act like an adult.He’s four years in now and the younger guys are looking to him for leadership. Got something to say to a coach or teammate? Say it to their faces and leave the media out of it.

  12. “OBJ has every right to be frustrated, even to the point of sabotage. He’s a prisoner of this awful organization and their slavish devotion to the luckiest QB of the last decade.”
    OBJ is a multi-millionaire who cashed checks from the NYG every single week.
    Last I checked, OBJ signed his contracts with his own hand, not at gunpoint.
    So please tell me again how OBJ is merely a “slave” to the NYG.
    If he is so frustrated then he should return every penny that the Giants have paid him.

  13. OBJ has a right to feel frustrated.
    He has an OBLIGATION to the team to remain silent.
    Publicly griping never helps a team.
    I’ll bet you all great players on bad teams that signed monster contracts were secretly not happy with the teams performance, but they still played hard and didn’t openly complain.

    After Kurt Warner retired I don’t recall Larry Fitzgerald complaining in public.

  14. reminds me of Ben Franklin sorta went like this
    lay down with dogs end up with fleas.

  15. 2 of the unwritten rules in football. 1) never throw your QB under the bus publicly 2) Never do an interview with a known drug addict unless it’s about your own addiction. Can’t take him seriously with Lil’ Wayne by his side, other than to say OBJ reads his own press far too much.

  16. OBJ = Or Better Jettisoned. Would of traded him for 2 #1’s or at least a #1, 3 & a #2 next year. Deal signed G Men stuck.

  17. How long has it been since ESPN & Josina Anderson contributed something of value to society? Trying to recall the last time.

  18. Did anyone think the Giants were involved? Lil Wayne was at the interview. That alone was all I needed to see to know that the Giants were not involved, even if you were watching on mute and didn’t hear what he was saying about the team.

  19. if I was the head coach I would not be worried. I mean, the prior HC of the Giants was able to easily manage OBJ and he is going to have a fine NFL coaching career. Uh, wait…no, Ben McAdoo might have to wait a long time to ever coach again. He might be rooming with Ray Handley now.

    OBJ has to practice shutting up. And the Giants need to pay someone in his inner circle to basically keep him away from interviews 24/7.

    Explosive talent, both on the field and off it.

  20. It seems like the Giants’ football staff, management and ownership keep waiting for OBJ to grow into a man, while OBJ is perfectly happy to be a toddler tantrum waiting to happen, especially if he doesn’t get the attention he wants. It’s the head coach’s job to fix this problem.

  21. “OBJ has every right to be frustrated, even to the point of sabotage. He’s a prisoner of this awful organization”

    Nobody forced him to sign an extension. If he didn’t want to be there, request a trade or wait for your contract to expire and leave as a free agent. Can’t have it both ways.

  22. OBJ being right or wrong isn’t the issue here. Of course he’s upset and frustrated, winning makes everything better. Obviously the G-MEN aren’t winning and he’s pissed, but you keep it in house. Especially with a 1 first year HC who is trying to set a tone and do things their way. Bottomline Beckham should have just written it down in a diary and moved on. This has the potential to get out of control even more if the Giants lose on Thursday night.

  23. Tylawpicksix……..I like how you slip this little gem below in. Dorsett is not a similar player nor does he have similar accomplishments in this league. However, if that makes you sleep better at night so be it. You’re DELUSIONAL!

    Meanwhhile, BB deals a concussed Cooks to save `14 mil per, keeps the 1st rd pick and is mocked for it, as Dorsett, under his rookie deal is easily a similar player at 1/112th the cost.

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