Fletcher Cox had good intentions shoving teammate Jalen Mills

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Fletcher Cox and Jalen Mills got into it during the Eagles’ loss to the Vikings on Sunday. The two made up on the sideline soon afterward, exchanging a high-five, and Cox later explained he stepped in to prevent Mills from drawing a 15-yard penalty.

“It was all great words,” Cox said, via John Clark of NBC Philadelphia. “I think the ref was getting ready to throw the flag, and I was a great teammate. I went in there to pull him out of the scuffle to not cost this team 15 yards and get him to the sideline.”

Mills broke up a pass intended for Adam Thielen on third down in the third quarter, and let the Vikings receiver know about his great play. Cox shoved Mills away, prompting Mills to shove Cox back.

Thielen caught seven passes for 116 yards and a touchdown, setting an NFL record with his fifth consecutive 100-yard receiving game to open a season. He also recovered the onside kick to snuff the Eagles’ comeback plans.

19 responses to “Fletcher Cox had good intentions shoving teammate Jalen Mills

  1. Mills and Jenkins both were acting like punks out there getting in Diggs and Thielen’s face. They couldn’t cover them so they thought they would talk to them.SMH.
    It made them look bad. I was glad to see Cox do it.

  2. Jalen Mills is not very good. He was for sure going to get flagged. Cox had every right to stop his immature behavior.

  3. Ok two things… First, this exchange happened literally 4 plays after Mills got torched on a double move AGAIN (as he does every week) and gave up a 70 yard pass. He then had the nerve to talk you know what to the receiver. I promise you all 65,000 eagles fans in attendance and the other 4 million watching on TV were ecstatic someone FINALLY told Mills to keep his mouth shut. That being said, I gotta give it up to the 5’10 170lb Mills that he didn’t hesitate to bark right back at the 6’5 340lb Fletcher Cox. And in that moment, even though I was upset with Mills too, I gained a better understanding of why Mills is on the field.

  4. Mills needs to be replaced. He gives maximum efforts a total team guy but he is killing the Eagles. He is not fast enough, quick enough, instinctive enough to play CB in the NFL. Move him to safety. I have watched the Eagles for 58 years and they can ill afford to have Mills out there. Mills has cost The Eagles 2 games and contributed a lot to there 3rd loss.
    It is very tough to play CB in The NFL. Schwartz needs to accept the reality NOW.

  5. It was a smart move by Cox to prevent Mills from committing a dumb penalty. I find it funny that Mills was getting killed by Thielen all day, he makes one plays and does feels like he can talk trash. Jalen Mills shouldn’t even be out there as he been getting beat week in and week out, but run his mouth when he makes one breakup on the ball a game.

  6. Mills has been one of the worst corners in the league so far this year bar none. He was bad last year but the ferocious defensive line didn’t give the QBs time to make the play.
    He makes one or 2 more plays a game the Eagles win at least 2 more games. He either gives a 10+ yard cushion to the receiver for a free first down or get’s beat on a double move.

    The Eagles defensive line isn’t getting to the QB fast enough this year to hide him.

  7. 1phillyphan
    Oct 8, 2018, 1:07 AM EDT
    That’s what great team leaders do…

    Ya they come out and tell the media that they’re a “great” teammate while at the same time basically yelling everyone that the other guy isn’t. That’s what great leaders do. How about letting you’re teammates tell everyone you’re a great leader instead of trying to prop yourself up. Such a clown thing to say

  8. Mills has no business starting at CB in the NFL, let alone talking trash. We’re tired of having such an embarrassing pass defense.

  9. Mills must have had jelly in his pockets because he was toast covering Thielen every other play.

  10. Cox’s shove reminded me of DeCastro shoving JuJu when he was standing over Burfict taunting him after he blindsided him. They were both being a good teammate.

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