Jerry Jones on OT punt: It was time for risk

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The Cowboys lost 19-16 in overtime on Sunday night after Ka'imi Fairbairn hit a field goal with just under two minutes left on the clock.

Fairbairn’s kick ended a drive that began on the Texans’ 10-yard-line after a punt ended the first possession of the extra period. The Cowboys elected to kick the ball rather than try for a first down on fourth-and-1 from the Houston 42-yard-line, which elicited plenty of negative reactions for Jason Garrett on social media.

Garrett came in for some criticism from the guy who hired him as well. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thought that was a moment for action.

“We were being outplayed. It’s time for risks at that particular time,” Jones said, via the team’s website.

Garrett explained his mindset after the game.

“Yeah, it was a long one,” Garrett said. “You know, we had a 3rd-and-2 and we didn’t make much on it and we just felt like at that point in the game, the way our defense was playing, the idea was to pin them down there.”

The Cowboys defense gave up a first down on the second Texans offensive play and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins flipped the field by zigging and zagging his way to a 49-yard gain a couple of plays after that. That play guaranteed the Texans a field goal attempt and guaranteed Garrett would be in for extra scrutiny.

21 responses to “Jerry Jones on OT punt: It was time for risk

  1. You play to win……..but as usual the puppet was playing to be safe. He’s not trying to win games he’s trying to save his job……BUT in typical style garrett will blame everything and everyone except himself….. He’s not a HC…..EVERYONE knows it.

  2. Garrett got out managed by one of the worst game managers in O’Brian. It is obvious this team has talent and to their credit the defensive staff is finding good use for it, I cannot say the same for the offense however. 4th and 1 in ot with 5 minutes left close to midfield and you punt? The team(and really the defense) played with heart, I cannot say the same about the coach.

  3. Garrett needs to go. He continuously gets outcoached. He is in over his head and is not giving his team a chance to win. Dak is too afraid of throwing down field. There was one play when he scramble to his left towards the end of the game and just went out of bounds. He should have at least tried to connect deep as it would have been the same as a punt if it would have gotten intercepted. Dak needs to stop being consistent as it is setting this team back!

  4. If you’ve got a top 5 defense you do what Garrett did. But Dallas doesn’t have that.

    But, what coach wants to stake his job on Dak Prescott making a clutch throw in that situation? So, he’d have to run Elliott who was getting stuffed regularly by the Texans.

    Rock and hard place.

  5. With this dumb decision not to go for it, Garrett is just making things easier for Jerry when he fires him at the end of the season.

    Jim Harbaugh will be the next coach in big D.

  6. If you trust your defense to make a stop after punting, you should also trust them to make a stop after potentially missing on a 1-2 yard conversion attempt. You trust your defense or you don’t. Get the yard+ and keep the ball. Seems obvious but Garrett and Jones think this is still the 1990s NFL.

  7. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    October 8, 2018 at 8:39 am
    Monday’s are always much more pleasant when the Cowboys lose the day before.
    Makes it easier to swallow that 27 point explosion by the Bengals, and the woe is us excuse making coach Gase.

  8. Garrett is horrible, as is Linehan. That offensive scheme they cook up each week is horrible. Add to that the fact that Garrett has no marbles and here we are. And to the poster who said Dak appears afraid to throw the ball down the field – you are spot on. He is timid, though part of that has to do with how the receivers can catch it unless it hits them squarely in the numbers.

  9. I proposed this recently and I’ll keep suggesting it:

    Jones needs to make Garrett GM and hire an “alpha”, risk-taking coach. Either a heavy name, like a Jim Harbaugh-type, or a McVey type with ideas and boldness to spare.

    Jones seems to really trust Garrett, but this dynamic is not what they need in a coach. Let Jones trust Garrett to manage the coach, and let the coach play to win.

    The status quo is getting really, really old. Fans want to see their team try to win. Try everything they can try. Playing it safe has resulted in a product that is both losing and bland.

  10. Garrett said “the way our defense was playing”? LMAO.

    Houston averaged 6 yards/play with nearly 400 yards in regulation alone. They needed only a FG to win. Dallas gifted Houston a chance to win instead of taking a >50% chance on 4th and 1. Just a terrible decision.

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