Joe Flacco: Key penalty on Ravens in OT was “kind of bogus”

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There was a lot of postgame complaining about officials around the league on Sunday and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco joined the chorus after his team’s 12-9 overtime loss to the Browns.

The Ravens appeared to move the ball inside the Browns’ 40-yard-line on their opening drive of overtime when running back Alex Collins gained 17 yards on a carry. That play came back when wide receiver Chris Moore was penalized for an illegal block in the back, however, and Flacco blasted the call when he met with reporters.

“We won the game there — as far as I’m concerned — at the end of the game and they called a block in the back on Chris, when the guy is out of position and gets cut back on,” Flacco said, via the Baltimore Sun. “It was kind of bogus I thought, but what are you going to do?”

The Ravens had more chances to move the ball after the penalty and they also got the ball back on their own 39-yard-line after stopping the Browns on the ensuing drive, but did nothing with that opportunity and gave the ball back to the Browns for their game-winning drive. There were plenty of other factors to the loss before that point as well, so the Ravens have no shortage of things to lament about their second loss of the year.

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    The thing I remember most about this game was Jarvis Landry’s inexplicable decision to fight for an extra yard instead of stepping out of bounds to stop the clock near the end of regulation . Instead of first down with 36 seconds left, the Browns had to spike and then faced second down with 15 seconds left. It’s hard to believe that Landry was unaware of the situation. He nearly cost the Browns the game.

  2. No Joe. You did not. While I am not defending refs in 2018 (they’ve cost a lot of games this year, and show no signs of stopping), that was an illegal block in the back. Besides, I recall a drive stopper called against the Browns in regulation as well, so how far do you go back to set things straight? You lost because you scored 9 points. 9. As the poster said: if you were all that good, or the Browns that bad, it shouldn’t have even gone to OT.

  3. The lack of a PI call on the Ravens was pretty bogus too. So was the lack of any holding penalties, false starts, chop blocks…etc. Shut up, Joe.

  4. Same thing all over the league. Bogus calls in many games. It looks like the refs are putting their hands on the scale to me.

  5. We won the game there — as far as I’m concerned

    Whatever. That’s not what the record states. I’m sure as far as he’s concerned every loss they have is blamed on the refs. Maybe the NFL can send him a participation trophy.

  6. Joe I’m sure Jarvis felt the same way when he got laid out late in overtime with no penalty….let’s face it the Browns beat you

  7. Here’s the difference……it was CLEARLY a block in the back…..but unnecessary because Ward was already too far inside…..but it was a block in the back. Also, considering the Ravens didn’t get their first penalty until about 4+ minutes in regulation, I’m having a hard time taking Joe seriously.

  8. Lol, welcome to the club, Joe. If you want to see some bogus calls, watch the CLE@OAK game from last week.

  9. Flacco played horribly so who is he kidding.
    Maybe your team wins if you perform like an average QB rather than a garbage one.
    “It’s someone else’s fault, not mine”

  10. barkhardandloud says:
    October 8, 2018 at 7:40 am

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    The Browns started their season and lost 4 games like they always do.

  11. All I know is after taking a bunch of crap from Ravens fans after the tie between Pittsburgh and Cleveland in week one, I am going to really enjoy talking smack with my Ravens fan buddies this week!
    Thank you very much Cleveland!

  12. Joe- you DO realize that your team was about to set a franchise record for ZERO penalties called during a complete game in regulation until they called one on special teams? That’s right, ZERO… and do you think it was really ZERO, Of course not, so Browns fan doesn’t want to hear ANYONE complaining about the refs.

  13. Lol this guy has a lot of stones to call a bogus penalty when his team supposedly played a “clean” game for 56 minutes. Stop it, you don’t want the game to be decided by the zebras score more points pal.

  14. Joe never criticizes the officials. Game was clearly set up at the end to give the Browns a giveaway since they got screwed in several other games. The Browns were doing wrestling takdowns on both sides of the ball nearly every play – but especially at the end. The Ravens didn’t get called bc they were playing it straight up. Lastly Joe threw Crabtree a game winner and he dropped it, so get off him

  15. The best thing about this game is that the Browns finally played a division game where they looked like they actually belonged in the division. For too many years they were minor league team playing in the majors.

  16. BS- THE Ravens played to lose, especially you Joe “NOT SO COOL”. I LOVE my Ravens, but the calls and no calls were on both sides of the ball with the Ravens in the plus column. If Flacco plays average, the Ravens win, even with Crabtree’s drops. The interception on the goal line set the tone for Joe and offense. Allen should have received more carries as Collins was horrible (again).Defense get KUDOS for overall play. Playcalling was also suspect. Special teams aren’t so special anymore.

  17. Sour grapes Joe. You guys stunk out the joint on offense. I don’t believe the Browns are the better team but they were the better team yesterday because the Ravens couldn’t do squat on offense.

  18. I don’t want to hear a word from any Ravens player about penalties.
    Took almost the entire game to have ONE called on them.

    Then, not one… but TWO of our receivers were tackled on a pass play and neither was looked at as a penalty.

    Deal with it.

  19. Flaco did not see the interference of the Ravens not called as officials said was un catchable. How would they know when the Brown’s receiver head was taken off before the ball arrived.

  20. Zip it Joe! There wasn’t a penalty on the Ravens until there was less than 4 minutes to go in the 4th. You guys got away with everything including two obvious grounding miscalls. This game was very reminiscent of the horrible Oakland officiating the week before against the Browns. You lost, get over it!

  21. The quality of football is so bad now I can’t even watch games. I watch my teams game, and then switch to the Red Zone or just find something else to do. The slow decline of the NFL continues…….

  22. annapterp says:
    October 9, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    “The quality of football is so bad.”

    What about the Ravens? Are they good? 9 points in an OT game. Hmmm Cleveland has a good defense but not that good. 9 points.

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