Josh Rosen focuses on scoreboard rather than stats

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Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen started off Sunday’s game against the 49ers with a bang.

His first pass went to wide receiver Christian Kirk for a 75-yard touchdown that put the Cardinals up 7-6 early in the first quarter. Sledding would be considerably rougher the rest of the way.

Rosen completed 9-of-24 passes for 95 yards over the rest of the game, but the Cardinals defense forced five turnovers and David Johnson scored twice in a 28-18 win. The victory was Rosen’s first as an NFL player and he said that mattered more than his own struggles when he spoke to reporters after the game.

“It might have been something different every single play,” Rosen said, via the team’s website. “We’ll see [Monday]. But all I care about is this win. I’m pretty happy we got the first one.”

The Cardinals were the only team without a win heading into Week Five, so getting that first one out of the way makes it easy to overlook any struggles on the way to victory. That said, keeping the wait time down for win No. 2 is going to take more efficient work from Rosen in the future.

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  1. As OC, Mike McCoy’s play calling remains firmly planted in the 1990’s. It’s the most imaginative concept out there since butter on toast. Who would think even finally winning could be so boring.

  2. I’m sure his draft position still clouds his mind. But hey, Bake is living up to his pick position.

  3. Rosen will get his mistakes figured out, just hope the rest of the guys are as diligent. Nonetheless, Josh has the right attitude and it’s refreshing to see a rookie more concerned with the team getting a win than his own stats. The stats will come as the W’s become more frequent.
    What seems to be lost on most Cards fans is that this is now a defensive team, which is where their strength is and if the offense is to play up to expectations, it’s going to take the Front Office signing legit playmakers to help Rosen out. Blaming the OC for player drops etc. is not helping to make rookies better but is passing the buck.
    This wasn’t Rosen’s best but he didn’t turn the ball over either so, I would say, that was OK. I’m really impressed with his leadership style…classy without being a self-absorbed prima donna.

  4. All these first round QB’s are starting/playing way to soon! It’ll stunt their development in the long run.

  5. Winning is all that matters. A QB can manipulate stats by taking what the defense happily gives him. Check down every play and take the easy completion. End up completing 70% of your passes, but losing. Afterward talk about how the loss wasn’t your fault and start rattling off your stats. 49ers fans know this, and now Chiefs fans do too.

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