Report: Matt Breida has only mid-ankle sprain

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49ers running back Matt Breida received good news from his MRI on Monday. Breida has only a mid-ankle sprain, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area reports.

The 49ers have not ruled out Breida for Monday night’s game yet.

Breida, who went into Week Four tied with Ezekiel Elliott for the league rushing lead, entered the past two games as questionable on the status report. He played 38 of 60 snaps in Week Four against the Chargers despite a knee injury and had 12 touches for 71 yards. On Sunday, he played only 13 of 98 snaps against the Cardinals despite a shoulder injury and had nine touches for 61 yards.

So Breida has proved to be a quick healer.

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  1. I like breida. He’s averaging 6 yards per carry!. Gotta keep feeding him the ball. Atleast 20 times per game. We lost too many close games. Too many dumb turnovers and penalties. Our qb beathard is ok. We just need to correct our defense and penalties. I haven’t given up on the season yet. It’s still alot of football games left.

  2. That’s good to hear. But can we really expect anything good from the rest of our season. Not really no. Beathard is actually playing pretty well but still learning. Our O line is blocking great for the run but not so much for the pass. We still have zero pass rush and a clueless young secondary which is a recipe for disaster as teams will score on us fairly easily, especially since they don’t know how to tackle. Which puts the load on our offense where we are missing our No.1 WR, our No. 2 WR is banged up, our RBs are banged up as is our O line, and our starting QB is out for the year. And our whole depth chart is still too shallow – we need another few years to build that up.

    And we still have to play the Rams twice, the Hawks twice, and the Cards who are awful on offense but just beat us at home. So, hey we’re absolutely tip top FFS.

    I still believe in Shanahan and Lynch but we have a long long way to go.

  3. What? “Mid” ankle sprain? Either somebody is confused or somebody is bs-ing everyone.

    It’s either low – one of the ligaments below the ankle (this can be either medial or lateral), or high – above the ankle (syndesmotic ligaments in the Inferior tibiofibular joint). There’s literally no such thing as a “mod” ankle sprain.

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