David Njoku: Last year’s Browns didn’t have the fight we have this year

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After going 0-16 in David Njoku‘s rookie season last year, the Browns are 2-2-1 this year, and Njoku says the difference is in the competitiveness the team is showing at the end of close games.

Asked on PFT Live what the difference is between last year’s Browns and this year’s Browns, Njoku said it’s the fight.

“Definitely our fight,” Njoku said. “Last year I didn’t see the fight that we have this year. Our team has definitely bought in, and locked in during the game, and I’m just so happy to see that during crunch time, the fourth quarter and overtime. It’s great to see for sure.”

Njoku credited rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield for a lot of the competitiveness around the team, which Njoku said started on the practice field even before Mayfield became the starter.

“Baker’s doing a tremendous job obviously and everyone’s just buying in, doing the best they can and not quitting until the clock hits zero-zero,” Njoku said. “He’s a huge competitor. We’d see him in practice working extremely hard. . . . The kid loves to compete.”

Njoku is actually more than a year younger than the quarterback he referred to as “the kid,” but Mayfield has a kid-like quality to the way he plays. He looks like he’s having fun on the field, and it’s obviously a lot more fun to be playing in Cleveland now than it was a year ago.

23 responses to “David Njoku: Last year’s Browns didn’t have the fight we have this year

  1. As a Steelers fan I’m actually happy for Cleveland. It has been a long time since they’ve had a team to get excited about.

  2. enter Baker Mayfield! they didn’t have that fight when tyrod was qb, as soon as Baker came in you could sense the change come over the team…go browns!

  3. “The Browns have had the 1st-3rd pick of EVERY round of the draft for what, 10 years? They should be destroying everyone.”


    Just because you have the 1st-3rd pick of EVERY round, doesn’t guarantee you a win . The GM needs to evaluate talent properly and we haven’t had that until John Dorsey.

  4. We’re already getting some haters! Everyone just felt sorry for us, now people are getting scared to play us!!! I like it!!! Go Browns!!!!

  5. It’s nice to know that our top 3 picks have all been rookie’s of the week at least once through the first 5 weeks of the season. If no one noticed…Denzel Ward is a bad man! Sheesh

  6. It’s hard to fathom the thought that the Browns could and should be 5-0. This team has made a 180* turnaround. Go Browns!!

  7. I know the Browns have been down for a very long time, but I think people are making a mistake comparing this Browns team to past teams and being satisfied that they are on the right track.

    The fact is that this team is underperforming to its talent level. Yes, their record could be better if they didn’t get the wrong end of some calls and if their kicker didn’t stink, but they still show all of the signs of being poorly coached- which they are.

    I see this team winning 5 or 6 games this year. I hope ownership doesn’t make the mistake of only using the win/loss improvement as a barometer as to whether or not to keep Jackson. He is an uninspiring non-leader who doesn’t have the respect of even his assistant coaches, much less his players. He brings very little to the table and will continue to hold this team back.

  8. If this team KEEPS putting weapons around Baker Mayfield the Browns could be super competitive for many many years to come.

  9. klutch14u says:
    October 9, 2018 at 9:07 am
    The Browns have had the 1st-3rd pick of EVERY round of the draft for what, 10 years? They should be destroying everyone.

    Which shows your grasp of football is…limited at best. I say that out of respect because the word I wanted to use is “abysmal” or “nonexistent”.

    1) Draft picks do not ensure success. The number of early round busts is high. The draft is a crap shoot, at best.
    2) Draft picks only matter if you have the organization to use them appropriately. Previous administrations did not. They put rookies in at the expense of veterans. You need a balance. Dorsey brings that balance. So comparing an apple to a potato – doesn’t work. Go back to my opening statement.
    3) Sometimes you pick the right people, wrong culture, wrong scheme. Picking high (again) is no guarantee of success. Pats seem to pick lo every year and do just fine. Refer back to the intro, and #1 and #2.
    4) Get a new schtick. Browns are good this year because they have the right combo of talent, coaching, and management (and yes I said coaching, because while my verdict is out on Hue, my verdict on Haley and Williams is very positive). Who cares what the last years have been about. Pittsburgh was supposed to be good this year. They aren’t. Brady was supposed to eclipse everyone at 41, not have FitzMagic have a higher QBR in the first 4 weeks of the season. He didn’t. Vikings were supposed to dominate, they aren’t and won’t (SKOL).

    Get a grip of the game. Or even a toe-hold.

  10. The Browns are legit. They should be for years to come. This Pittsburgh fan hopes they are. I believe a big key to that is making a change at HEad Coach. This Steelers fan actually hopes the Browns hire Haley. And he comes back to haunt us. They shoulda never listen to crybaby Ben on that one. Anyway I personally like seeing every team in the division doing well. Makes things more exciting and intense. Congrats Browns fans on the early sucess, I hope it continues. Lord knows you die hard Browns fans deserve it.

    –Steelers Fan

  11. Good players make good coaches. Bad players make bad coaches. If you make it to the nfl level as a coach, you are a good coach. Coaches get far too much credit when the team does well, and far to much criticism when they lose. Belichek has had Brady, without him, he would’ve been gone long ago. Get some good players and guess what? Coaches are not the reason why teams win or lose, players are.

  12. The fact the Browns have more fight this year is simple. Last year the Qb room consisted of Kizer, Kessler and Hogan. Hahaha. Not one nfl caliber qb in the bunch. And to go along with that, the secondary was just as bad. This year, secondary rebuilt, and the QB room is Mayfield, Taylor and Stanton. BIG difference!

  13. Having a QB is only part of the solution, though the 3rd most important part. THE most important part in the Browns seeming turnaround is the serious upgrade in the front office.

    Adults are running the show now. Long as the owner keeps his nose out of football operations and leaves it to FOOTBALL people…the transformation will be steady.

    I’ve always identified with the Browns and their fans and am very happy to see the Browns’ fans get a team worthy of their loyalty. Dorsey will build it the right way.


    Go back to wearing your old colors. They were the best in the NFL, now you all look like Halloween candy out there.

  15. Wentz doesn’t look like the same player before he got hurt. Watson is an bad injury waiting to happen .running QBs don’t last long . Winston & Marcus having ups and downs. the point no sure thing with any of these QBs. as a Browns fan very excited about whats going on. being that said pumping the brakes on how good they really are.

  16. As a Browns Fan… I am honestly tired of Steeler fans “pity” and want their hatred back. I cannot stand the Steelers and hate them with all I have, but all Browns fans get is pity in exchange. “I hope yinz does good” “I’m glad yinz are doing better.” Stop it. I want Steeler fans to HATE us!! If the Steelers went on a 20 year losing skid, I would laugh daily! I could never feel pity for Steelers; only disdain. Maybe it’s just me, and I have lots of friends that are all Steeler fans, but I want the hate rivalry back! Not pity!

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