Jason Garrett the betting favorite to be the first coach fired

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When the owner is second-guessing the coach, you know the coach is on the hot seat.

So it’s no surprise, after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said coach Jason Garrett should have gone for it on fourth-and-1 in overtime on Sunday night, that Garrett is the odds-on favorite to be the first coach fired this season.

Garrett’s odds are +350 at BetDSI, which means a $100 bet on Garrett being the first coach fired would pay off at $350 if Garrett does get fired before any other coach, and before the end of the regular season.

There was a time when Garrett was considered the NFL’s hot young offensive mind, but that time is in the past. It now feels like the game has passed Garrett by, with the Cowboys’ offense looking outdated compared to that of younger coaches like Sean McVay. There are plenty of coaches older than Garrett having success, like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid, but those coaches seem more capable of innovating than Garrett is.

Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter is viewed as the second-most likely coach to get fired, at +500 odds. Texans coach Bill O’Brien and Broncos coach Vance Joseph are at +750, while Browns coach Hue Jackson is at +1000. The odds that no coach will be fired during the season are +400.

46 responses to “Jason Garrett the betting favorite to be the first coach fired

  1. We all know Jerruh holds himself in high esteem too don’t we?
    He’s the Man behind the Mic and, in front of the cameras.
    Never at a loss for would-coulda-shoulda.
    Blame it on someone. Anyone.
    Sure wouldn’t have anything to do with the Scouting and GM functions involved I’m sure.

  2. .
    Things don’t get much better this week as Jacksonville comes to town. Although the Jags defense has underperformed at times this year, they have the talent to put the hammer down on any team at any time.

  3. “…Garrett is the odds-on favorite to be the first coach fired this season. Garrett’s odds are +350 at BetDSI, which means a $100 bet on Garrett being the first coach fired would pay off at $350…”

    Which means that he’s simply the favorite, not the “odds-on” favorite. You’d think sports writers would be able to use the sports expression “odds-on favorite” correctly. You’d think wrong.

  4. The Cowboys will win next Sunday, all will be forgiven, and Jerry will extend Garrett’s contract by another 20 years.

  5. And let the ‘fire the GM’ comments commence.

    No WR’s.

    Oline window gone.

    QB is still an unknown. Yes, he has flashes.

    Drafts would be worse than they are if not for Jr. or luck.

    And Garrett IS just a puppet of the owner. Who knows what kind of coach he could be if he were actually left to coach? We will probably never know.

    Maybe he will be the HC at Princeton one day and they can be the powerhouse of the Ivy League. Nice for Pitt to be a powerhouse again. Who knows.

    Jerryville has the same thing in common with Jeff Fisher. Mediocrity.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors where the real goal is the bottom line. He got in the HOF because he made the league money. Kind of odd the most valuable franchise in sports hasn’t won anything in a very long time. That’s the definition of smoke and mirrors.

  6. Jerry Jones and Bob McNair have to be the most patient or out-of-touch owners in the NFL. It’s okay for an owner to demand better performance or else!

  7. as a cowboys fan I realize garrett isn’t a great coach but the thing that needs to be realized is that “great” coaches don’t want to coach for jerry because he’s always meddling. jerry ran off jimmy and bill 2 of the greatest coaches in the history of the game and I don’t see great coaches just lining up for the gig for that reason, even tho its the cowboys

  8. Jerry made him, now he will break him. What other team would hire a red headed gum chewing clapper?

  9. The Jason Garrett ” Honeymoon”, is now long past.Being a puppet for Jerry Jones can last for only so long and that time has also passed.The Cowboy troubles has always started at the top and trickled down to the coaching staff…ie[ Head Coach].It appears everyone knows that except the Cowboys front office.

  10. As a Bucs fan I would like to refer back to John McKay on what should be done…reporter “how do you feel about the execution of your team?” McKay..”Hell I am all for it.” Forget the cannons….fire the whole organization from the owners to the ball boy.

  11. So he just got a win. I still think Hue is gone by season’s end.

    Garrett is a goner. Too many planted stories about Richard and Richard is the kind of guy Jones wants (almost like the GMs in MLB drunk on analytics): someone easily controlled.

  12. The Cowboys need a head coach that has a personality and takes control. Garrett is a good OC, but hasn’t proved anything as a head coach despite the talent on the team.

  13. Jerry doesn’t fire coaches during the season, unless it gets really bad. After Sunday’s game, it will be interesting to see if Garrett has lost his players after not going for it on 4th and 1. Anyways, by firing Garrett, who can you get to coach this team ? Hiring a coordinator that never has been a head coach is risky. The only real choices could be college coaches, David Shaw of Stanford or maybe Harbaugh of Michigan.

  14. YIPPEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cannot happen fast enough for me 🙂 However, Linehan and his pathetic play calling, had better be handcuffed to JG when he walks out the door!!!!!! Garrett totally blew it in 2016, when he thought a 4th round rookie, could go toe to toe with AR, in a PO game, while Romo just watched…..smh Witten got out while the getting was good!!!

  15. Not surprising Koetter is 2nd… That team is already off the rails and a train wreck in slow motion… The ONLY light they had was Fitz and they snuffed that out…
    from 2-0 to 4-12… Staff should be lining up movers already..

  16. If the rest of the NFC BEAST was winning this would be a no brainer but to Fire him NOW! But big picture Jerry Just pulled him aside and said “this is it we still have a chance to win so STOP playing to lose or your gone before season ends”! Change cuz it isnt working! Besides there is NO one to replace Jason now UNLESS you want to see what Richards has in him as a HC. Other then that only Harbaugh makes ANY sense and that wont come until seasons end in college.

  17. Not gonna happen. Jerry’s handmaiden will be HC for years to come, or at least until Jerry goes back to Arkansas LOL

  18. And the Cards aren’t in this conversation? From all the whining and bellyaching in the desert, I would have thought the entire coaching staff would have made the list!
    The players like Wilks, as do some of the fans, but nonetheless, when you are the worse team in the league while having the talent to win games, the fans take on the personna of an angry mob.
    Of course, these are the same people who were criticizing Bruce Arians choices for his staff and thought his play calling was too predictable, were expecting a complete rebuild AND making the playoffs??? LOL!
    The lesson in all of this is that nice guys like Larry Fitzgerald really do finish last in
    today’s world and as long as you are a trust fund baby, you can get by with total incompetence (or worse) with no accountability, the NFL is happy to turn a blind eye. The Cardinals are the oldest franchise in NFL history with the distinction of being an exercise in total futility.
    Maybe it’s time to start firing some Owners rather than HC’s and establishing some standards for quality control!

  19. Our biggest problem is Jason Garrett. I think if we had a top notch coach with some fire this team makes playoffs every year and probably would of won a SB or 2. He has had a ton of talent in his 9 years and all we have is 1 playoff win and overall a .500 coach….that’s terrible. I would fire him now and promote a fiery guy on the staff up. What do you have to lose at this point?

  20. Disagree, Sure he is a bad “coach-cheerleader” but before he gets fired Jerry has to find another ego-less yes man to agree to the job.

  21. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:

    In Dallas it makes no difference Who the head coach is, the owner is responsible for all failures.
    ********************************************************************************************says the man who’s team has been a steaming pile of garbage since 1972.

  22. I’m pretty sure the Jets Todd Bowles will be fired by the end of the year.
    They aren’t going to be better than 7-9, and more likely 6-10.
    After two 5-11 seasons thats not enough to save his job.

    Vance Joseph has got be be close to 90% chance of being fired.

    As for Gruden, he has a monster contract, go ahead and re him.
    Thanks for the $100 Million Mark.

  23. calizcowboyz says:
    October 9, 2018 at 9:34 am
    If the rest of the NFC BEAST


    You mean the division that went 0-4 this last week?

  24. The Broncos HC should be deeply offended by this prediction. VJ should be first, in fact get in a time machine and do it week 3 last year.

  25. If Elway had half a brain it’d be Joseph fired immediately! Jerry likes his yes man. Garrett may coach in Dallas longer than Landry did.

  26. Where does Hue Jackson rate on that list?

    Also, if there are issues between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy, I’m thinking McCarthy will be let go before Rodgers; however, if they go on a winning streak all will be forgiven. Madden always said, “Winning is the best deodorant.”

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