Jon Gruden: I’ll call more passes on the goal line

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After Sunday’s loss to the Chargers, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said that quarterback Derek Carrjust presses at some moments” while discussing the interception the quarterback threw on first-and-goal from the lip of the end zone.

Gruden revisited that play during a Monday press conference and made it clear that his issue was with the execution rather than not handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch. Gruden referenced the most famous time Lynch was passed over in that spot while saying that he’s not going to lock himself into any play call should the moment present itself again.

“It won’t be the last pass I call on first-and-goal, either,” Gruden said, via “I think that’s the best time to throw down there. I regret that it was intercepted. Turns out to be a horrible call. But we were down 20-3, Melvin Ingram is their middle linebacker in a jammed front, I want to throw a play-action pass on the 1-foot line. My opinion is, it shouldn’t have been intercepted; we shouldn’t do that right down there, but we did. We were down 20-3, OK? We were down 20-3. It wasn’t the last play of the Super Bowl. We were down 20-3.”

On the last play of the Super Bowl, there was certainly different time considerations to take into account than there were in Week Five against the Chargers but one can understand Gruden’s desire to keep opponents guessing in similar situations down the line.

One wonders how often Gruden will go to the well with Carr, however. This is the second time in five games that he’s publicly criticized the quarterback for his decision making near the end zone, which would certainly seem to be something to take into account when calling plays in the future.

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  1. “My opinion is, it shouldn’t have been intercepted; we shouldn’t do that”

    Well Jon you do have “mr interception” as you QB so you had best get used to it

  2. Unless you spread it out 5 wide the defense is obviously always going to be in a jammed front when you’re on the goal line. Sometimes it’s as simple as just letting your blockers do their job and the running back finding a small crease. Not sure why these coaches continue to overthink these things. Not to mention you have a bruising RB lined up in the backfield

  3. Drew Brees, Jared Goff, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, and Andy Dalton are all better than Derek Carr.

  4. Fault basically falls mostly on Carr for forcing that pass. You can’t do that on the goal line on first down. Throw it away because you have three more downs.

  5. That wasn’t the last play of the Super Bowl. Tom took a knee on the last play of the Super Bowl.But Lynch has been a below average short yardage back. You’d think a bulldozer like Lynch would be a great short yardage RB but he isn’t. A lot of times what one thinks is true turns out to not be true at all.

  6. It seems some coaches are so intent on being contrarian, so intent on being their own man, that the next chance they have to express their individuality may be in the unemployment line. Gruden is safe for now…others not so much.

  7. Carr is making mental mistakes. Looks like a rookie QB trying to figure everything out. 5 years in that’s not a good look. Still my guy, but he really needs to get his head right.

  8. “I think Gruden will be given 1 more year after this season!!!”

    If only. But he’s going to be there for the full decade because Davis can’t afford to buy him out. And it’s just going to get worse. Some think they let Mack go largely because Davis didn’t have the cash on hand to pay him a big signing upfront. And with Gruden’s contract heavily back-loaded they’ll almost certainly fail to sign guys in the coming years because all Davis’s free cash will be going to Gruden.

  9. WWTDD – Just ask yourself, what would tony dungy do?
    He would probably go build a championship caliber team somewhere else and not flame out like a complete pretender.

  10. I think the hiring of this guy plus his huge contract will haunt this team. Seems the game has passed him by and soon he will lose his locker room.

  11. Between the idiot head coach, and Carrbage at QB, the worst franchise in the league will stay just that. The worst. #32

  12. mlhigh says:
    October 9, 2018 at 2:38 pm
    Whether he coaches or not, I think Gruden is getting $100M, Good job, Mark Davis. No buy out clause? Wow, just wow.


    Yeah, it’s almost as stupid as retaining Vance Joseph.

  13. Grudens ego is to big for his own good….and btw Jon, I once heard when you point fingers you have 3 pointing right back at you.

    Go Raiders!!!!

  14. Lol! Vance will be gone waaaay before chucky.

    Another truth is that Carr gets excited and needs to have the game slowed a bit. He’s still antcy.

    The proper pass would have been low to the TE instead or more if an arc leading the intended receiver into space.

    Either of those would have r silted in 6.

  15. Boy Gruden’s taking a lot of flak here but we need to see the real picture.

    Carr has not been the same since his ’16 season. Everyone watching saw a fearless gunslinger that went after it.

    Last year, I wrote it off to the injury and poor OC. That was just being kind.

    This year, you can see it in Carr’s play. Doesn’t go through his progessions and looks for that “earyly” WR instead of the “killer” play. Soon as he’s touched he goes down faster than any QB I’ve seen in awhile. He has lost his cajones and just doesn’t look like he’s getting them back. On that interception, he Had Derek Carrier open but didn’t get to him in his progression. Passed it to a wide open LB instead.

    I’m just a fan, but if I can see this, I’m sure Gruden does too. I think he knows he’s playing with a broken toy and is trying to carefully navigate around it.

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