Jon Gruden praises Derek Carr, mostly

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From time to time in 2018, Raiders coach Jon Gruden has publicly criticized Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. And, of course, Gruden has bristled at the efforts by some in the media (hand raised emoji) to point out that he has publicly criticized Carr.

Speaking with reporters covering the Seahawks on Tuesday, Gruden heaped praise on Carr. For the most part.

“We’ve had some really great individual play from Derek Carr,” Gruden said. “He’s had three or four plays, obviously, that he’s got to clean up and eliminate no question, but we’ve had a lot of moving parts. We’ve had three different right tackles, we’ve had two rookies start on the edge for us, we’ve had two different left guards, a lot of receivers have come and gone, we’ve struggled on defense. He’s kept us in games. I think he’s doing an excellent job. We’ve only been together five games. I’m excited about this guy, man. He’s completing a lot of passes for a lot of yards and he’s just getting warmed up, I believe. We have some things to tighten up. He knows that, I know that, but I’ve been very pleased with the progress he’s made.”

So, yes, there’s praise. But there’s also the ever-present criticism. And if we’re hearing it publicly, Carr is definitely hearing it privately.

The real question is whether that approach will work. Will it get the very best out of Carr, or will any worries while in the moment that whatever he does can and will be used against him by his coach affect his play?

Whatever the answer, it’s far more likely that Carr will have to adjust to Gruden than that Gruden will have to adjust to Carr. Gruden is still going to be who he is, who he’s always been. If Carr can’t deal with that, it will be Carr not Gruden who ends ip moving on.

34 responses to “Jon Gruden praises Derek Carr, mostly

  1. I love when FEAR strikes.
    What kind of person doesn’t want to get better at what they do?
    That requires looking at weak points and striving for improvement.


    Do you mean if a twenty-seven year old millionaire is too sensitive to handle criticism then he’ll quit?

    AMERICAN MEN better check their fear and entitled ego at the door.
    We need Leaders now.

    Can we please raise the bar instead of lowering it?

  2. You are like Ahab and the white whale. You are seriously obsessed with trying to find negative in all things Raiders.

  3. Really trying to make this into a story. Gruden is who he is. Carr will learn and thrive or fail and flop. Pretty simple.

  4. Burning Nikes Because There’re Outta Crosses!!! says:
    October 10, 2018 at 10:16 am
    Watch chucky take Justin Herbert over Ed Oilver & Nick Bosa come 2019!!!
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – —
    If Hebert is still on the board when raiders pick, trade down and get more picks.

  5. Love the headline. Here’s another one. Bears fans everywhere praise Gruden for trading Khalil Mack, mostly. The times we aren’t praising Gruden for trading Mack, we are praising Ryan Pace for trading for Khalil Mack.

  6. AJ McCarron is waiting in the wings right now. That’s the break the glass option for Gruden, blame the QB, roll him under the bus, bench him, and tank this year for a draft pick and take QB next year, call it a rebuild and justify his job being with the Raiders for the duration of his crazy contract.

  7. The Raiders should really think about moving to Toronto where they could play CFL teams they could actually beat…..

  8. Nobody is going to end up thriving under Gruden this time around. There won’t ever be enough overall talent and it’ll never be used correctly. And the next breakout star they happen to get will soon be gone just like Mack because Davis won’t have the cash for a big upfront payout because he’s already committed all his funds to Gruden.

  9. Mark Davis: Jon are you a modern day coach?
    Jon Gruden: No but I played one on TV.

    Reggie McKenzie: Jon what makes you qualified to coach the Raiders?
    Jon Gruden: Well I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Mark Davis: Is $100,000,000 over the next 10 years guaranteed enough?
    Jon Gruden: You are getting a steal, but I will take it.

  10. Gruden is absolutely right. Outside of just a couple plays, Carr has been on point, and has even improved in a couple of areas…. namely his play under pressure and accuracy on touch passes.

    Everyone is making a big deal about the interceptions, though anyone watching who knows what they’re seeing can tell you half of those picks were on the WR’s. A pass that is perfect in every way besides clanking off the receivers hands and into a defenders shouldn’t count against the QB. It should be considered a fumble or pick on the WR. Same thing if the receiver blatently runs the wrong route or gives up on his route (Cooper).

    That said, Carr has thrown a couple inaccurate passes that were picked, which should be expected in a new system. It takes time to work on timing and anticipation with WR’s in a new system.

    The OL has been abismal in both run and pass blocking, giving no time for plays to develop or holes to run through. Carr has been very productive despite that. It’s been the 1st 5 games in a new system, with no pre-season live reps as a warm up, so the 1st team offense was going to be rusty regardless.

    I can’t wait until Carr and the receivers hit their stride in this system so all the haters can eat Crow….amongst other things.

  11. Btw, Gruden IS NOT making 100 million guaranteed like several media heads have claimed. Even John himself said he wasn’t making 100 million. As with most contracts, it is no doubt riddled with incentives that could possibly max out to 100 million, which would probably take Gruden being in every SB for the next 10 years. So stuck of this narrative that the media is creating.

  12. Gruden destroyed the Raiders roster in record breaking time – much quicker than he did with the Bucs (it took him a few years in Tampa). The Raiders will now need several years to even approach respectability on the field.

    If Gruden is retained after this season, then Carr will be gone although the Raiders would be better off keeping Carr instead because he’s a system QB who’s career can be salvaged with competent coaching (such as he received under Musgrave as opposed to Downing & Gruden).

  13. Gannon didn’t become the league MVP in his first season with Gruden. He had to learn and get on the same page with Gruden.

    This first year is a learning curve. I expect Carr to improve. All QBs throw ONT, but the great ones learn from them and keeps going forward.

  14. anhdazman says:
    October 10, 2018 at 11:18 am
    “Gannon didn’t become the league MVP in his first season with Gruden. He had to learn and get on the same page with Gruden.”
    That was two decades ago. This is a new NFL.

    Gotta love a coach’s press conferences when he has all the job security in the world.

    Gruden can go for it on 4th & 15 on his own one yardline and cost the Raiders the game. Gruden wouldn’t care. He’ll be in his press conference like “Yeah, and I’ll go for it on 4th and 15 again on my one yardline. It’s not like we were going to win the game anyway with these players…guys, gimme a break.”

  15. It has been reported that the Raiders had to place $100M in escrow for Gruden. This implies that all or most of his deal is guaranteed. Mark Davis got fleeced, but what’s new?

  16. Let me admit up front that I am no Derek Carr fan. I don’t think he is a top ten quarterback in the NFL. Nevertheless, I hope he has a great game on Sunday against Seattle. Beat Seattle. Go Vegas Raiders.

  17. Carrbage throws most of his picks into the end zone. Remember when you thought he was almost an MVP?

  18. 1nationraidernation says:

    October 10, 2018 at 10:28 am

    just do me a favor Jon, when it’s first and goal on the one, just give it to Lynch.



  19. Derek Carr is basically his brother David Carr 2.0! And some idiot team will pay him mega bucks to be a back up!

  20. Let me point out that it was Mark (do I look like Larry of the 3 Stooges) Davis who approached Jon Gruden and offered him a job. Jon Gruden did not try to flimflam Davis out of his hard earned(?) millions. Davis happily gave it to Gruden. Mark would have no one to blame if he made a mistake. May be he can blame his hairstyle for him acting like a stooge but that is about it.

  21. @ thefiesty1 says:
    October 10, 2018 at 3:14 pm
    Derek Carr is basically his brother David Carr 2.0! And some idiot team will pay him mega bucks to be a back up!

    Some idiot team has already paid him big bucks to be a starter, so there’s that.

  22. It’s taken most HOF coaches at least a couple years to turn train wreck franchises into dynasties. Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick. None of them had winning seasons their first year.

  23. He really likes Carr and all this talk about doing something else at the qb spot is just stupid. Ya there is dink and dunk but that along with a good run game HAS to happen to own TOP. And that has to favor the Raiders to keep the D fresh.

    They just aren’t playing as a team and I think many are trying to do too much. Pushing too hard at times.

    Plus injuries makes it a tough time to be consistent.

  24. Carr doesn’t have it. The NFL book on him is out and he has no answers. He’ll be a journeyman backup in the NFL soon, that is after he extorts money from one more franchise who thinks 2016 is the real Derek.

    If Gruden is smart, he’ll draft QB ASAP and trade Carr to the highest bidder – if there are any bidders for a losing QB on a $125M contract.

  25. Gruden has about as much chance of getting into the HOF as I do – if he pays the price of admission at the door.

    One of Al Davis’ biggest mistakes was in choosing Gruden over Bill Belichick when he interviewed both in 1998. If he had chosen Belichick and given him latitude then the Raiders history over the last 20 years would’ve been infinitely better.

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