Josh Norman on Twitter spat: I went to the Kanye West sunken place

Getty Images

After Monday night’s game between their teams, Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas and Washington cornerback Josh Norman got into a Twitter spat that featured Thomas promising to “bully” Norman whenever they played and Norman saying he shut out Thomas when they were matched together.

The Saints won the game 43-19 and Norman wound up benched in the second half, so it would seem that it was a losing night for Norman even if he felt good about how things went in the social media exchange. During an appearance on 102.5 in Charlotte, Norman, who deleted his tweets, suggested he didn’t feel great about how things unfolded on that front by comparing his behavior to that of Kanye West.

“It was just like, do I even send this, like, do I even give this life?” Norman said, via the Washington Post. “And then I went to that Kanye West sunken place and I said, ‘You know what, we’re going to do it, just make our self feel a little bit better about this whole situation.’ So we did, and I looked at it, whatever. I woke up [Tuesday] morning and took a shower and I just felt great, and looking at our record right now in the NFC East, we’re No. 1 in our division. We’ve got so much life left, 12 weeks, to let this one thing get to us? No, man. We’re so much bigger, our life is so much bigger than that, to give someone life. . . . That’s kind of how that went down. It was a waste of my time.”

Norman said he has “washed off what happened” on Monday night and is now focused on meeting up with the team that brought him into the NFL. He said it will be “an exciting time” to see and play against the Panthers while trying to avoid a second straight loss to an NFC South foe.