Laremy Tunsil is back at practice

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The Dolphins became rattled when left tackle Laremy Tunsil exited Sunday’s game at Cincinnati. They may have him back for Sunday’s game against the Bears.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Tunsil is back at practice despite his presence in the concussion protocol. This likely means that he’s been cleared to practice. The next question is whether he’ll be cleared to play.

The Dolphins definitely will need him, given the potency of the Bears’ front seven, lead by Khalil Mack.

Miami started 3-0, but the Dolphins have lost their last two. They need to turn things around quickly or find themselves once again scratching and clawing to stay on the right side of .500.

12 responses to “Laremy Tunsil is back at practice

  1. That is GREAT news. He grades out as one of the Top LT on PFF. Without him Tannehill would literally be crippled by the Bears. I am not sure the Dolphins would have beaten the Patriots in Foxboro, but they manhandled the Bengals for 3 quarters and then the OLine injuries, stupid playcalling, Penalties making the sticks impossible and last but not least… Tannehill providing his Football Follies Highlight Reel to give the game away. This is really good Defense and Special Teams, but once again the Offense can’t consistently score more than 21 points and that means you are going nowhere. When will my suffering end? Please Draft a QB and a Center and a MLB and a real WR1 !

  2. So, now you all are putting things in proper perspective. The pats would have caved with the weak OL when Tunsil went out. It had nothing to do with Gase, or Tanehill being bad. It did have everything to do with the strength of the already depleted TH protection and run hole openers.
    Just remember how well they looked in a game they were supposed to get pounded in, UNTILL Tunsil went out. It’s a long season, and a lot of things can happen that will affect every team from week to week.

  3. If Kilgore and Sutton dont go down I bet the OL would of ended up in top 5. Injuries always kill this team

  4. Tunsil playing makes very little difference, Tannehill is in year 7 and still cannot read defenses, has no pocket presence, is not accurate and cannot protect the football, he never has, what made anyone think this would change is beyond me?

    Again, Tannehill is a converted college WR trying to play NFL QB, it will never work, every excuse imaginable has been made for his constant failures.

    Bench Turnoverhill already, enough is enough!

  5. Paying Ryan Tannehill 100 million for a QBR 34.5 and for the SECOND straight week he posted the weeks worst QBR… It’s been 7 years now time to move on and Why do we have FOUR MEDIOCRE QB’S on the roster ?

  6. Dolphins fans are the best.
    Sept 29- The dolphins are 3-0, leading the division, gonna stop the Pats. Finally we have put it all together. This team is on the rise and going places

    Oct 10- this team is trash, the qb is garbage, the o-line is junk other than Tunsil. Need a new coach. Need a new gm. The coordinators are garbage.

    Lmfao. Just reading the comments from the last couple weeks has been the most entertaining part of the website. Florio. you need a dolphins fan section

  7. 37,we feel your pain, however we won’t have 4 first round picks in 2019. We most likely will not have a top QB at our turn, or a # 1 wr either, what we need to do is have better draft decision, and a lot of luck. Also better play calling from the coach.Bill

  8. After all these years of giving Tannehill the benefit of doubt due to various reasons, if he doesn’t turn his play around, which I doubt he will be able to, ill be done with them.

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