Mike Mitchell blames Eric Reid effect on safety market

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The safety market fizzled this offseason, and Mike Mitchell believes he knows why.

Mitchell, who signed with the Colts this week, intimated teams lowballed all safeties to avoid the appearance of collusion against Eric Reid.

You know what happened,” Mitchell told Stephen Holder of The Athletic. “I don’t need to say it. I know what you know.”

Reid filed a collusion grievance against the NFL seven weeks after becoming a free agent. He finally signed a free agent deal Sept. 27 but got only a one-year, $1.39 million deal from the Panthers.

Mitchell made $20 million from the Steelers over the past four seasons. He will get the prorated portion of the veteran minimum $915,000 the rest of this season.

“If you’re working a regular job and you’re making $100,000 and then, the very next year, they want you to do the exact same work for $20,000, you’d be a little perplexed about that situation,” Mitchell said. “I don’t think it’s any different here.”

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  1. Or maybe teams don’t value safeties they way they used to. Similar to what happened with running backs. Nah, it’s gotta be some grand scheme orchestrated by ultra-competitive billionaires who aren’t used to failing and who spend millions to pay players to go away if the coach/GM thinks it helps them win. Mitchell probably thinks the moon landings were a hoax, too.

  2. The direction the league has taken has made the big strong downhill SS almost obsolete. The two safeties are kind of becoming interchangeable pass coverage partners. Reid can’t cover anyone and guys like him are getting phased out.

  3. Well we can leave the Raiders out of this collusion seeing how they paid Gilchrist $4.5 mil and Reggie Nelson $2.5 mil. On what planet is Nelson worth more than double Reid? Stupidity.

  4. No, it;s because the market spiked in 2012 with Dashon Goldson and Glover Quin, etc, and other stupid contracts, so teams realized it and stared drafting them instead.

    Throw in the Chancellor and Thomas contracts and a TJ Ward from a few years back as well, and it has more to do with Mike Mitchell sucking more and more and finally Pitt realizing he was a waste of money.

    It has nothing to do with teams staying away from Reid.

    What a moron.

    Hint: When you see BB do something as a GM, it’d be wise for other GMs to follow him.

    He kinda gets it and one of those things is bailing on spiking markets at certain positions and using the draft instead.

  5. That’s nonsense. If a team wants an old broken down safety they could have signed Mitchell anytime.

  6. Reminiscent of how the ‘kneeling Kaepernick’ suppressed quarterback contracts like that one Glennon was forced to take with the Bears in 2017. $18.5m for four starts.

  7. It happens a lot. Owners are always trying to shaft the working help. You want more, or at least to make the same. They want to pay the lowest amount they can for your labor. This is why you have an union. Bill

  8. If I was making $100,000 and the job changed to the point that my skills no longer had any value then, no, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was suddenly making $20,000. The league has changed the rules to the point that the safety position no longer requires nearly the same level of skill as it once did. Just a few years ago a safety had to be fast enough to – with a head start – stay ahead of speedy WRs, and strong enough to separate receivers from the ball when it arrived. Now it’s a 15 yard penalty for hitting the WR in a “defenseless position” so it doesn’t matter if a safety has power to go with speed. There are a lot more fast DBs than strong + fast DBs so teams can pay those fast guys less and ignore the fast + strong expensive guys.

  9. I’m pretty sure teams care about WINNING games more than trying to avoid the appearance of “collusion” against just one player.

    As we’ve seen, unless it was someone extremely talented, the Safety and RB market has been in decline as they’re easily replaced.

  10. Please Mike, I watched you play for 4 years. You lost 2 steps and your celebrations after tackling the guy 40 yards down the field was wearing thin. If you were as good as Troy or even Chris Hope or Ryan Clark, I’d kneel with you bro, but you’re not. Eric Reed has nothing to do with you being Old, Slow, and It’s over.

  11. The way offences are being favored in rule changes, the position of SS/FS will be obsolete soon. Defensive backfields will be 3 CB’s (2 outside,1 slot) and the Safeties will be converted CBs. Then after that the old college theory of high school WRs that don’t catch well will be converted to CBs playing Safety. Like Malcolm Jenkins not being a great CB after being drafted as a corner being cross trained into Safety. Deone Buchanan playing the hybrid LB. More of that will soon come too.

    It’s a passing league. So defenses are catching up. TEs are the craze now, So teams are drafting players that can cover them. The same with receiving RBs, teams drafting a cover LB with speed to cover the Kamara’s and Hunts.

    Until a team wins again with a power run game and dominate defense..this is the new NFL.

  12. It comes down to two factors:

    A. In a league that has cracked down on hard hits, safeties who are big hitters but are lacking in coverage afe far less valuable than they were even 3 years ago


    B. The past two drafts were extremely well stocked at safety. Why pay an average veteran $4 or $5 mil a year when you can draft a kid, get 80-90% of the same performance for 10 to 15% of the money?

  13. Law school 101: If you can tie your injury to an illegal act you may be able to recover your losses. This is the most infantile instance of a “professional” athlete trying to position himself to recover if Reid or Kaepernick wins their arbitration. Mitchell is done; his skills have eroded and he can no longer function in an NFL defense. Let’s see if an arbitrator believes he has been wrongfully denied employment because he plays the same position as one of the anthem protestors…. Next they will try to remove their claims to civil courts. This has become avaricious idiocy!

  14. The NFL has changed. You can’t just be an average box safety anymore while expecting to get paid. Now teams are looking for more coverage safeties or safeties to can play the nickle slot role. Gone are the days where a SS safety played the run while covering just fullbacks & lumbering tight ends. Nowadays you have tight ends & running backs with the speed & skills of a wide receiver.

  15. Guess us “regular” folks just have to deal with reality while the “non regular” folk get their fair share of millions…..

  16. Reid is a cancer! No need to pay him or any other safety franchise money for a malcontent kneeler!

  17. And the Reidster was demoted to situational linebacker before not being resigned to a contract that he and the team could not agree on.

  18. Hey Mike,do I have the speed to cover? Run safeties are obsolete Especially head hunting, head first guys like you. And you grew up near me. SMH 🤦‍♂️

  19. Must be nice to make the money they do and still run there mouthes I wish I could do that kind of money i barely make half that..shut your mouth get a real working job

  20. What’s w the colts picking up all these Steeler re-treads lately? First Shamarko Thomas and now Mitchell? Ugh. Good luck w that strategy Ballard. Smh.

  21. 2 ways you know Mike Mitchell is back playing in the NFL:
    1. He shoots his mouth off days after coming back and
    2. He gets at least 1 penalty for unnecessary roughness and hit to the head. He should be good for at least a couple of penalties per game now that the rules have changed

  22. What? How do his comments imply anything about Reid. Don’t project your interpretation onto him… there’s nothing in his comments that even references the collusion case. He knows what the public knows, and that’s that safeties got low balled this year. To insert your own rationale for ehybthat happened and then project that onto him is very dishonest and petty.

    As for Mitchell… most regular jobs don’t come with a signed contract with a specific salary and timeframe included. Most regular people with regular jobs get paid what their employer deems fit, just as you, only they don’t have the security of guaranteed money over a given period of time. Regular people are largely at the whim of their employer. And if they were to lose their job and refuse a new job until they found one willing to pay the same amount as they were previously, they like you would be forced to sit around and wait, only they likely dont have a small fortune to bide time for when that job offer comes. Don’t be do entitled, you are owed nothing from this league and soon there will come a time where no one will offer you a die to do the “same job”

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