Mitchell Trubisky will continue to wear lucky sleeve

Getty Images

Mitchell Trubisky wasn’t looking to make a fashion statement, he just didn’t want to bleed all over the place.

Now, his teammates won’t let him change.

Via Jeff Dickerson of, the Bears quarterback said he will continue to wear a compression sleeve on his right arm, since the threw six touchdown passes the last time he had it on.

I’m going to keep it on,” Trubisky said. “We’ll see what the color is. But it feels comfortable, gives me a little more swag or whatever. Just go out there and do your thing with the arm sleeve. So we’ll see.”

He said he decided to put the sleeve on after a cut on his arm opened up in Week Three.

“I had a little cut on my arm a few weeks ago, and then it reopened in Arizona on the first drive and was just gushing everywhere,” Trubisky said. “And I didn’t want that to happen [against the Bucs], and I covered it up. And then you play pretty well, some superstition, call it what you want. I also got a lot of threats that I have to wear it, so …”

Considering he was 19-of-26 for 354 yards against the Bucs, along with the career-best six touchdowns, there’s plenty of reasons for his teammates to want him to keep everything the same.