Report: NFL fines Mike Tomlin $25,000 for criticizing officiating

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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said earlier this week he didn’t expect the league to fine him for criticizing officials after Sunday’s game. The NFL, though, has indeed docked Tomlin’s pay.

The league fined Tomlin $25,000, Jarrett Bell of USA Today reports.

Tomlin, a member of the league’s competition committee, called the quality of officiating a “joke” after Sunday’s victory over Atlanta.

“We’ve got to get better as a National Football League,” Tomlin said in his postgame interview. “Man, these penalties are costing people games and jobs. We’ve got to get them correct. And so I’m pissed about it, to be quite honest with you. But that’s all I’m going to say on it.”

Tomlin might have escaped a fine, using the defense that his comment was fueled by emotion in the immediate aftermath of the game. But he told reporters Tuesday that he “meant it.”

After the Steelers’ victory over Tampa Bay in Week Three featured 22 penalties between the teams, including four roughing the passer penalties, Tomlin expressed concern that the game is no longer fun to watch because of all the penalties.

On Sunday, the Steelers and Falcons each had seven penalties. Steelers linebackers T.J. Watt and Jon Bostic each had questionable penalties called against them.

58 responses to “Report: NFL fines Mike Tomlin $25,000 for criticizing officiating

  1. The NFL sure is quick handing out the fines. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the same urgency to fix the laughable penalties being called. Doesn’t matter what team you support, the calls are a joke.

  2. So now we fine a guy for just being honest?

    Sad part is the league probably embraces taking about awful refs over kneeling anyday, but the result is all the same, a product that is becoming less watchable and easier to turn off on Sunday.

  3. It ain’t going away Tomlin…the penalties are there to help influence the point spreads…#followthemoney

  4. as an official who has worked up to the college level i have to grudgingly agree with tomlin. the speed of the game as you advance through youth to high school to college is stunning and everyone makes mistakes it’s just that fast. BUT that idiot Coleman blowing his whistle because he didn’t see the ball is (which can’t be reviewed) inexcusable . that is a pop warner mistake.

  5. It is no longer fun to watch with all the penalties and booth reviews. I’d rather watch a game knowing a couple of calls were probably missed or incorrect than having the game stopped every five minutes for a penalty or booth review.

  6. So, just for fun – my assumption is that Tomlin gets paid by the Steelers. What’s to stop Rooney from saying “Nah – I’m not docking him.” What’s the NFL gonna do? Sue him? Make a federal case out of it? Take it all the way to the Supreme Court??

    Nah – the NFL wouldn’t go that far, now would they???

  7. He needs to start his next post-game press conference by looking right into the NFL pool camera and flipping the double bird. Never been a Tomlin fan but his remarks were spot on in this instance.

  8. That’s ridiculous he’s only telling the truth. Watching the NFL today is a pain because they can’t touch a QB

  9. Generally speaking, what Trip Tomlin has to say sounds like Charlie Brown’s parents. But in this case I agree with him 100% and applaud him for speaking honestly even though there could/would be consequences for doing so. Roger and the owners should be forced to watch that game with a focus on the officiating. If they did I bet Trip would not have been fined.

  10. Now i have heard everything on here…Charlie Brown”s parents? Somebody needs to supervise your reading list.

    Tomlin was only voicing what many people feel and that fine is like a fly on an elephants butt……not a big deal.

  11. How about fining officials for bad officiating? How about kicking off some of those idiots on the competition committee for the idiotic “can’t touch the QB” rules that have gone way too far?

  12. How long before this “coach” gets fired? He has no control over his soap opera team and he frequently gets outsmarted.

  13. If Tomlin got fined Im not sure how Shurmer and a bunch of Giants didnt. They were disgusted with the refs and made it known. Then again, the guys who reffed that nyg/car game should just be lucky that they still have jobs.

  14. darkneptune73 says:
    October 10, 2018 at 3:14 pm
    I still don’t understand why you can’t critcize the referees? Are they really that emotional they can’t take the comments?


    Because threatening or intimidating officials, something Bill Polian made a career out of, along now with Harbaugh and before that Cheater Shula, any of these pukes on the Competition Committee showing their entitlement, will come of entitled, and hence look like they are trying to gain an advantage, which of course, they are.

  15. Ha ha! He needs to stick with his Pom poms instead of complaining about the officiating when they win the damn ball game!

  16. Sad when after every big play you expect there to be a flag. Games have zero flow anymore.

  17. “I’d rather watch a game knowing a couple of calls were probably missed or incorrect than having the game stopped every five minutes for a penalty or booth review.”

    The problem is that even with booth reviews they are still missing calls and screwing others up.

    “Are fines tax deductible?”

    I doubt it. Tomlin is first paid that 25k then has to return it to the league. Which mean the actual amount he loses is not on the the 25k, but he taxes he paid before pulling that much out to pay the fine.

  18. It’s really hard to believe that the owners pay 44 million a year to be the commissioner of the and the best you can get is Roger Goodell….and yet here we are!

  19. Well the good news is Tomlin won’t have to worry about being on the NFL’s Competition Committee next year because he won’t be a head coach next year.

  20. Tomlin breaks rules like Kavanaugh drinks beer…excessively and to the detriment of his own legacy.

  21. What you Trip-defenders are overlooking is the league prob takes a very dim view of one it’s own competition committee members crying to the media about bad officiating because officiating is one of the main things in the committee’s remit – and so Trip is one of the main fools to blame.

  22. He’s right. The NFL needs to wake up. They seem to think everyone has a great time watching the game, and just don’t like the brief slow down during penalties.

    Nope. It’s gotten so even during the action we wince and cringe waiting for the next flag.

    It’s not fun watching NFL games.

  23. barkhardandloud says:
    October 10, 2018 at 7:48 pm
    No accountability, they literally Rob teams of wins, and just shrugg it off. The refs should be fined for bad calls, bottomline. WOOF
    Accountability is indeed the key. No consequences for your actions equates to recklessness. Anyone who is a parent, worked as a supervisor, or has common sense knows this.

  24. Tomlin also coaches the league leading team in penalties, all of them avoidable if he coached his team how to play.

    Defensive holding, offensive hold, unnecessary roughness, personal fouls, roughing the QB, unsportman like conduct.

    Good job Tomlin

  25. If Tomlin wanted, he could set up a website and have that $25K paid for by NFL fans in less time than it took me to write this and click post.

    He’s right. The officiating is a joke. Especially the roughing the passer calls this season. Why not put the QBs in big inflatable suits so that nothing can harm them?

  26. Kap can kneel, use freedom of speech, but here is a renowned coach that has spent years on the competition committee and when he sees a problem, he gets shut down RIGHT NOW!
    Right now the NFL is scared to death of the league having so many Law Suits because of the concussion Encephalopathy that it would be the end of the game in its present form.

    In the short form. Simply, NFL pretends to promote equality and freedom of speech, but at their discretion.

  27. nyyankeehatespoliticos says:
    October 10, 2018 at 3:51 pm
    How about fining officials for bad officiating? How about kicking off some of those idiots on the competition committee for the idiotic “can’t touch the QB” rules that have gone way too far?

    Tomlin is on the competition committee.

  28. @thefiesty1:
    there’s the dog whistler. thanks for your contribution. i’m sure the appropriate people heard you loud and clear.

    what’s funny about all you whining about the competition committee is that they didnt actually change the rule…at all. The LEAGUE decided to make it a point of emphasis, NOT the competition committee. What seems to be flying way over some of your heads is that when a member of the competition committee comes out against this “point of emphasis”, it’s him trying to illustrate how it’s poorly affecting said competition and the overall quality of the product…I’m guessing the competition committee is likely charged to do just that, ensure quality competition throughout the league.

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