Reports: Adrian Peterson won’t miss time with shoulder injury

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Despite sustaining what he called a dislocated shoulder on Monday night against the New Orleans Saints, running back Adrian Peterson isn’t expected to miss any time, according to multiple reports.

Peterson said the injury happened in the second quarter of the loss to the Saints. Peterson appeared to grab his right shoulder after being tackled at the end of a 24-yard reception up the left sideline. Chris Thompson and Kapri Bibbs took over as the Washington running backs for the remainder of the game.

He had four carries for six yards and caught two passes for 36 yards before exiting the game.

Per the reports, Peterson’s MRI on Tuesday indicated he has a shoulder strain. He will get a second opinion on the injury but it isn’t expected to keep him out for this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

5 responses to “Reports: Adrian Peterson won’t miss time with shoulder injury

  1. Man, that game plan by Jay Gruden was abysmal!

    And before the people that didn’t see the game say, “They were down the whole time” they threw it 3 times on the opening series, THE OPENING SERIES…and the game was over from there.

    But even with a 0-0 score, Jay Gruden committed to running the same lame offense he runs all the time.

    It was as if he was the only guy on the planet that didn’t know that the Saints were out for blood, AP was playing against a former team and was really motivated to do well AND needed to be one of the stories/focal points if they were going to win that game.

    Coming off the bye no less, makes Jay Gruden’s performance a joke and in the running for worst Gruden performance of the year!

    So there’s that going for him.

  2. Despite sustaining what he called a dislocated shoulder

    Just because he calls it dislocated doesn’t mean it was. Not sure you’ve noticed, some of these guys embellish injuries to make themselves look better when they don’t miss any games.

  3. He basically didn’t show up Monday night. He should have just stayed on the bus! Why bother suiting up?

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