Sean McDermott on LeSean McCoy trade talk: “We get calls all the time”

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Amid a report that the Eagles have called the Bills about a possible trade for tailback LeSean McCoy, Bills coach Sean McDermott opted to open a Wednesday press conference by taking the bull by the horns.

We’re just looking forward to the Houston Texans,” McDermott said, via Mike Rodak of “We get calls all the time. Incoming calls happen all the time. [G.M.] Brandon [Beane] and I talk a lot. I won’t get into any more detail than that.”

McCoy is signed through 2019, and the Eagles currently need an upgrade at the position. McCoy wasn’t happy about being traded away from the team that drafted him in 2009, and he’d quite possibly welcome a chance to finish his career in the place it started.

The window for 2018 trades closes in 20 days. If McCoy were to be traded, Chris Ivory would become the top option on the current depth chart.

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  1. We’re talking business and the facts are the Eagles are unfortunately the ones who are hurting. Truly hate to see their guy Jay go down, but it happened and now you’re in need of a back. That’s how this business works…guys get hurt. They could opt to roll with Wendell Smallwood, who has performed pretty well in the time I’ve seen him play. I know he’s their fifth rd pick from 2016. Another option is you could pony up a lot of bread for Mr. Bell and see how that works out for you. Maybe he decides to re up in the off season.

    Yes everything is about Josh Allen and building for the future and nothing should come between that. I know it’s natural to think…ok trade McCoy and get some extra picks, but we already have 10. And I’m sure being the wheeling dealing guy that GM Brandon Beane is, he’ll make some other maneuvers to get some extra. Maybe I’m hard headed and too competitive, but I want to develop Allen this season AND try to win games. I can’t ever picture a scenario in any situation in any aspect of life where you’re not trying to win. And being that Shady is our very best offensive weapon, I’m keeping him. He’s already under contract for this season and next. Again I’m making it crystal clear that I do not want to trade him at all, BUT I’m also a business man. And being that they have absolutely no leverage at all, you better come to me with at least a 1st round pick and some change. I may consider listening to a 2nd and some change. Anything other than that is a complete waste of both of our time. The days of us being a farm team and being swindled in trades are done. Step up with a real offer Philly or step off.

  2. I don’t see any reason for the Bills not to do this trade. They aren’t winning in the next couple of years,could use the draft picks and more cap space; and Shady always seems to find trouble. This is a no brainer if the return is decent.

  3. As a Bills fan, and with the Bills reportably asking for a 2 and a 3, I say DO IT. This season is lost anyways with a rookie QB, no O-Line or Receivers. Get more picks, be stacked in next year’s draft, get his replacement for cheap. He’s also over 30. Ivory and Murphy have been looking pretty good so far.

  4. If the Eagles are willing to overpay the Bills should make the move. Plus we still don’t know what happened in Georgia, at any point in the near future he might get put on the Commissioner’s Exempt list and be taken off the field. Buffalo would be laughing at that one for sure!

  5. .
    The Bills are going to finish last in the AFC East this season with or without McCoy. Moving him for draft pick(s) could pay great dividends in the future.

  6. Trading McCoy would be a HUGE mistake. He is the only viable weapon Buffalo has on offense right now and if he leaves then you can write off the rest of the season.

  7. The time is right to get some value back…Fans in Buffalo love Shady, and would be sad to see him go, but it’s not like we are contenders this year. If it can help us long term, I’m for letting him finish up his career in Philly.

  8. Get the most you can get and then with the $82+ million on the salary cap space, go out and get what this team desperately needs, (OT,OG, WR and CB).

  9. I don’t think the Bills will finish last in the AFC. Not right now anyways. The dolphins look to have fallen off a cliff, the Jets are just as unpredictable as the Bills. I say, ride it out until after the NE game. The Bills have 2 winnable matchups in the next 2 weeks, then the daunting NE game. If, for whatever reason, the Bills go into that game at either 3-4 or 4-3 with the pats no better than 5-2, you can gauge the rest of the season on that game. If the Bills go 0-2 in their next 2, I’d say pull the trigger. The AFCE is an unknown right now. If the Pats win at home against the chiefs, they’ll win the crown. Otherwise, ride it out as long as you can. Josh Allen is only going to get better. The O-Line is starting to gel. The defense is 6th in the NFL. It’s not all bad right now. That could change in 2 weeks, but that’s still 2 weeks away.

  10. “The window for 2018 trades closes in 20 days.”

    Fortunately with the NFC East wide open at this point (no team has a winning record yet) the window for the Eagles staying in the fight for division champ is much longer than the window for trading. Will 9-7 win the division?

  11. “As a Bills fan, and with the Bills reportably asking for a 2 and a 3, I say DO IT.”

    Nobody is giving up a 2nd AND a 3rd for McCoy. That’s about the best you could have hoped to get in his prime…not going to get it now. If they’re lucky, maybe Philly’d be desperate enough to give up a 3rd. Question is, is it worth a 3rd to the Bills? I think they should, but I can also admit they won’t contend for jack this year. I don’t know if they’re as willing to admit that to the public…

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