Dak Prescott: Things are great with Allen Hurns

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A rocky start to the season for the Cowboys has included wide receivers Allen Hurns and Cole Beasley chiming in to say that they are getting open even if they aren’t putting up numbers and Hurns expressing some misgivings about the playcalling.

Beasley said that his comments had nothing to do with quarterback Dak Prescott and Hurns said earlier this week that he was not trying to throw anyone under the bus, but offensive issues have a away of always cycling back to the quarterback in the NFL and that’s true in Dallas this week as well.

Prescott said Thursday that he and Hurns have addressed the wideout’s feelings and that things are “great” between them. Prescott also echoed running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s feeling that everything is OK in the team’s locker room.

“I don’t worry about the locker room splitting,” Prescott said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “We have great leadership, great men in this locker room. With all of that being said, any time anything comes up and it’s even a hint that it could serve as that, we address it immediately.”

Prescott and Elliott can say that over and over again, but the Cowboys are 2-3 and rank 30th in points scored and passing yards. Until those things improve, there’s unlikely to be a stop of the kind of chatter that’s gone on around the team the last couple of weeks.

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  1. You get what you pay for and Dallas isn’t paying at the WR/TE position. The QB wasn’t accurate in college, nor is he in the NFL. The year MSU was really good with Dak at QB, they had a half dozen guys drafted. He played great that year, no doubt, but he had talent around him. Unimaginative coach and OC makes matters worse. Hello…5-11, Cowboys fans. Enjoy the ride.

  2. Mike Fisher texted an anonymous player and asked if Linehan had lost the room. He recieved a text back that said: “Not yet, but he better tighten up.”

    Cowboys are going 8-8 at best this season.

  3. Dak the Defense you’re facing Sunday, is going to make it VERY PAINFUL on the Offense. Discussion about the Offense struggling will be on level 13…on a scale to 10 come Monday.

  4. Learn how to pass pal Every pass is over the receivers heads or at their feet. And anyone who watches the game has seen it. Also start finding the open receiver. In any tape I have seen online they are open just like they say.

  5. So no one thought that there might be a leadership vacuum going from Romo/Witten/Dez to Dak (everything is awesome!) and Zeke (It’s a great idea to visit this dispensary and/or pull down this girl’s shirt)?

    Zeke, at least, is a great player. Dak? Well, the jury is still out on that one.

  6. The good thing it all the other division teams suck and they could be in first place a week from now.

  7. They would have made the playoffs last year with Romo. And Dez would have had much better numbers which means he would have been less of a distraction and they would be in really good position right now. Especially considering how the defense finally caught up and passed the offense. But there’s also a chance that Romo would have broken his everything and they would have still had to play Dak and this situation would have worked out exactly the same with only a few good games with Romo. But one has to wonder.

  8. Dez needed to go. He is a cancer. But I heard something today that rang true. Dak misses Tony being there as a real qb coach. Showing him what he is missing. showing him and coaching him on the sideline. The thought never accord to me until I heard it on a sports talk radio show today. Romo being on the sideline was Daks best chance of doing well. as we all have heard from room being on tv he actually studies football.

  9. The offense just needs to get into rythem and a good start is to stay on the field for longer than 3 plays at a time. The current problems are not directly attributable to any one thing but rather a combination of issues that start with the playcaller. Tough test against jags but they have to step up and start churning those long drives consistently again if they want to get back to the type of game they want to play.

  10. Garrett cut Romo’s throat not giving him a chance to compete for his job (which I believe cost them the super bowl that yr) how fitting if they fired Garrett and hired Romo

  11. Big surprise, yes men employed by a control freak lack creativity. You can get away with this type of culture in business but the NFL is more than a business. In business, your performance is measured in profit, loss and stock valuation; all of which can be manipulated or explained away. Your performance is scored in the NFL by an actual score. The bottom line is Jerry cares more about his ego than he cares about the Cowboys and their fans. He could hire a real, winning coach tomorrow but he would have to give up the control he desperately craves. For Jerry, it’s not just about winning, it’s winning his way.

  12. The Cowboys will never find a quality receiver as long as the fraud Danish ham is the QB. The problem with Dallas is the incompetence of the person taking the ball from center and not knowing what to do with it. This clown has not improved at all since he’s been given three years of play. The NFL does not fear him – he’s one knee injury from joining the Great Gimmick in Baltimore.

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