Jameis Winston: Absence made me reflect on making most of my opportunity

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The Buccaneers didn’t include quarterback Jameis Winston in the team’s promotional materials this summer due to his suspension, but he’s front and center again this week.

Winston will be making his first start since returning from that suspension when the Bucs take on the Falcons. On Thursday, Winston talked about how difficult it was to be unable to be with the team or communicate with anyone from the team and said the experience made him think about how much the chance to play means to him.

“Having this taken away from you briefly, it can make you reflect on things, like last year when I had my shoulder injury,” Winston said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “It was tough for me. Even though I was happy we had success, I’ve never been out of football, you know, like out of the loop. So every day is a blessing to be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and play this great game. So I’ve got to do my best to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Winston was able to get his feet wet in Week Four in relief of Ryan Fitzpatrick, so he won’t be starting totally from scratch against the Falcons as he tries to get the team back on the winning track.

38 responses to “Jameis Winston: Absence made me reflect on making most of my opportunity

  1. This could be cut and pasted as the exact same thing he said at FSU, his rookie year, and now. I hate being cynical, but I don’t believe he’s ever going to get it. “Some man you just can’t reach.”

  2. Someone beat me to it, but he was graded as the best QB in his draft by some scouts but his issues off the field almost cost him that….and he still lacks maturity. He needs to figure it out or he may be playing in Canada too

  3. Maybe you should reflect on throwing the ball to someone other than cameron brate and adam humphries. Fitz reminded me of the fact that they have one of the best receiver groups in the league. This dude can’t throw a go route, can’t throw a fade route….Evans is one of the tallest wrs in the league and he throws it 10 feet over his head every time they are in the redzone

  4. I truly hope so…. and the maturity to go with him.

    I don’t know how that’s not in the mind and heart DAY 1 you get drafted… but better late than never.

    Best Wishes, keep on the straight and narrow… prove believers right… and prove the past is truly past.

  5. Dumba#&. I dont think he’ll get it either. I think he did say the same think after one of the FSU incidents. This may be an instance of the example of an “old fool” in about 20 years.

  6. I hope he learned, he has exactly 12 games to prove he is worth resigning, no way we throw $20mil a year at this guy unless he just lights it up the rest of the year…if we see turnover machine QB again, hello Canada!

  7. He’s a mental midget with the maturity level of a 14 year old. I wouldn’t want him on my team or near the crab leg section of my grocery store or near either of my daughters.

  8. Just between you and me, I don’t think Jameis Winston has ever reflected on much of anything meaningful in his entire life. His history certainly indicates that.

  9. Much like their last 1st round QB, this guy will not be resigned {unless the Bucs are THAT desperate}…
    Much like EJ Manuel and Christian Ponder, he will be passed around but never be a starter on any other team…
    We will hear his fans argue about how “great” he is and treated unfairly because everyone should worship this guy as they do… SMH!

  10. ebhaynz says:

    Fitzpatrick makes every average QB look GREAT!

    So since he hasn’t made Winston look great that means Winston isn’t even average. But we already knew that.

  11. He has enough talent thats he’s going to be the starter on some team come 2019.
    He’s better than nay backup, and if he gets his act together, he’s better than teh bottom third of starters.

  12. Introspection is fine. Thinking about opportunity..like that moment in Publix when you have the opportunity to pay for your things..or that opportunity to not sexually assault another person. Good word.

  13. All the sincerity of a used car salesman… and just as credible. Just shut up and play, save the bs, NO ONE buys it from you any more, it’s just kinda creepy at this point… own your actions, even once, in any situation, and people MIGHT start to listen again.
    I call him Kelvin, because there’s ABSOLUTE ZERO respect, from anyone, for this man.

  14. “I’ve learned my lesson. This time it will be different!” said every serial abuser ever.

    The Bucs need to move on from this guy. He’s not a good QB and he’s not a good face of the franchise. He’s not worth keeping around.

  15. Thanks for coming back Famous, I was really worried about my bet that the Bucs would win less than 6.5 games after Week 2!

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