Patrick Mahomes learned from watching film of Tom Brady

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To watch them play, there are few apparent similarities between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

But the young Chiefs quarterback was quick to point out how much he learned from his veteran Patriots counterpart, from the film he studied in college.

Mahomes’ college coach Kliff Kingsbury was a one-time teammate of Brady’s, and made it a point to have Mahomes watch film of Brady to learn how the position was played.

“(Kingsbury) showed me things that he liked with Tom and his pocket movements and stuff he did within the pocket that I’ve tried to put in my game a little bit,” Mahomes said, via Stephen Hewitt of the Boston Herald. “And, he’s someone that’s had a ton of success in this league and is someone that you do take stuff from.”

“Just the way he can move within the pocket and still find lanes to throw the ball is something that I find is truly special. I mean, I try to do that, but I mean, you have to keep working on that. He’s done that his whole entire career, and it’s something that bought him a lot of extra time in the pocket to make a lot of great throws.”

Of course, there are things Mahomes can do that Brady can’t (like throw the football over the mountain while on the move), but many of those fine points of Brady’s game are things that are learned over time.

So as impressive as Mahomes’ start has been, there’s still plenty of things he can learn, and he’s figured out who to watch.

15 responses to “Patrick Mahomes learned from watching film of Tom Brady

  1. Let’s hope Mahomes fast-forwarded thru the hissy fits. Although, it would be sort of funny watching Mahomes act out one of Brady’s toddler-esque temper tantrums on national television.

  2. .
    Brady’s skill in moving adeptly in the pocket while chaos reigns around him is not something inborn. He’s developed that through practice and hard work. From Mahomes comments, it’s something that he’ll address and improve on over time.

  3. Smart kid. He knows that all of his physical abilities will only take him so far. If you study the greats, you can maybe adopt some of the nuances that are the thin line between winning and losing. Brady is the gold standard there of course.

  4. Smart kid to recognize that there is something to be learned from somebody who has a very different style. He probably also realizes that mobility in the pocket is the best friend of QBs as they get older. Learn that and you could be playing past 40 too.

  5. Brady is the best ever without question! every young qb would be wise to watch and learn And hope to one day be half of what tb12 is and has been his whole career.

  6. brady became the GOAT because he has the most physical and mental toughness aka – guts.
    in the nfl there are lots of great athletes, lots of canon arms, lots of blazing and elusive speed, lots of imposing physical specimens. but no one has ever gotten up off the mat time after time and driven his team like brady. it’s unlikely mahomes will ever match it, but that’s what any young qb should try to emulate most.

  7. Brady is phenomenon. He’s probably the least physically gifted amongst the QBs yet he overcomes the negatives year after year. Can’t run, doesn’t have strong arms, not hulky, doesn’t have elites playing with him because BB is cheap, etc. Yet there he is with 5 rings. Mahomes has a bright future. The kid is gifted with talents and the will to learn.
    Still it’s a treat to see Brady trying to run. He’s a little better than a grandma trying to chase her grandkids.

  8. At least much to learn from how Brady competes off the field as on it. As Brady has pointed out ad nauseum, the biggest factor is being consistent and ready to play / not injured.

  9. It takes brass balls to stay in place and put your focus beyond the chaos surrounding you, past the angry men that physically can overwhelm and injure you, and make plays without regard to your own safety. It’s not natural. It’s an inside job. All in the mind. Brady is awfully good at it, and it’s part of why he can dominate a league filled with hundreds of men that are physically superior to him.

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