Report: Custody battle responsible for David Irving’s absence from Cowboys

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Defensive tackle David Irving‘s absence from the Dallas Cowboys over the last week is due to an ongoing custody dispute over his 5-year old daughter, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.

Irving was getting set to return from a four-game suspension and had joined the team for meetings and took part in practice last Wednesday. Since then, Irving has been dealing the custody issues that led to his absence from last week’s game against the Houston Texans.

Irving’s daughter, Zoe, was reportedly picked up at school last Friday by his ex-girlfriend, Angela Sanchez. The girl has remained with Sanchez ever since despite Irving being the parent that has primary custody.

The custody dispute is just one piece of an ongoing set of issues Irving is dealing with. Irving was served with a restraining order by Sanchez as she sought to regain custody of their daughter. Meanwhile, Irving angrily responded to the processor and allegedly contacted the processor with the documents in response.

Irving’s landlord also began the eviction process against him with a citation issued amidst the custody battle. Additionally, Irving and Sanchez were also in dispute over ownership of a vehicle.

The slew of issues has been the impetus for Irving’s absence from the Cowboys. The team expects Irving back with the team on Thursday.

9 responses to “Report: Custody battle responsible for David Irving’s absence from Cowboys

  1. Jimmy Smith had a much smaller problem with his ex and got suspended for 4 games because Cheating Goodell hates whinebaugh and loves Jerruh and the Rooneys.

  2. Funny how certain players (Rolando McLain) have to go to
    court for family/custody issues right after their suspension was
    and they are to start playing. In addition a custody hearing of
    over 2 days is really unusual.
    Bottom line is that David has problems.
    I hope he can overcome but after a few years
    of erratic behavior, that started in college,
    I am not optimistic.

  3. Regardless of his other issues, dude has primary custody & his ex straight up kidnapped this kid. Why are the police not arresting her? Can you imagine if it was the other way around?

    And no I’m not a Cowboys fan or a conservative. It just usually takes a LOT for a court to give primary custody to the father.

  4. This is scary. As a single father with primary custody of my son, I am concerned about how this was handled. It takes a lot and cost a lot for father’s to win custodianship of their child and to learn that their non-custodian parent can easily pick them up from school (kidnap) with no consequences really bothers me. I question the school and also the police department. Also to know that she can do that and also in the process of trying to regain custody is crazy. Dude must be stressed and trust me its going to bother his focus on the field because I know I wouldn’t focus if I know my ex did that and now trying to take away my custody I fought for so long and the relationship I’ve build while having my child is gonna be taken away or changed.

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