Scott Linehan on Allen Hurns’ criticism of play call: You can put that more on me


The Cowboys were surprised when Houston lined up with two deep safeties and corners playing underneath coverage on a third-and-eight play in the third quarter. They didn’t expect it because of Dak Prescott‘s mobility, and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan admits it’s a “difficult look” in that situation.

Prescott tried to hit Deonte Thompson on a comeback route but had his pass tipped and intercepted by Justin Reid.

Receiver Allen Hurns called it “the worst play call you can make against that coverage.” He said it was the Texans’ only snap in two-man.

While Prescott and Jason Garrett defended the play call, Linehan didn’t take issue with Hurns’ observation.

“I’m the first one, if you had a better play against that coverage, to say we could’ve had a better call there,” Linehan said. “You can put that more on me. You don’t have to put that on Allen Hurns.”

Garrett admitted it was “not the most ideal route, but you can certainly win on that route.” Prescott had the ability to audible into a different play but chose to stay with the called play.

“Sometimes there’s a certain coverage that challenges you,” Garrett said. “They played two-man. That’s a coverage that teams have played for a long, long time. Certainly they mix in doing that and certain routes are really good against that, some routes a little bit more of a struggle. We’ve completed that pass against that coverage in the past.”

Prescott said he and Hurns have talked, and the two have no issues.