49ers admit “obvious misses” in photo gallery of Packers games

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A gallery of 48 of the greatest moments in the 49ers’ history against the Packers omitted three stellar performances by quarterback Colin Kaepernick against Green Bay. The 49ers have acknowledged the mistake.

“Unfortunately there were a handful of obvious misses in this gallery posted by our website team and we appreciate them being brought to our attention,”  the team said in a statement. “The 49ers organization has tremendous respect and gratitude for the contributions Colin made to our team over the years. We have fond memories of those games and that should have been displayed on our website. This oversight does not properly reflect the appreciation our ownership and this team have for Colin.”

The 49ers were indeed supportive of Kaepernick’s efforts to bring light to social equality issues. It’s still unclear how or why the employee(s) who compiled the collection of photos decided to skip Kaepernick, who ran wild over the Packers in the 2012 postseason, threw for more than 400 yards against them in Week One of the next season, and capped that year by beating the Packers in one of the coldest games ever at Lambeau Field in the wild-card round.

Regardless, the 49ers have admitted that it shouldn’t have happened.

25 responses to “49ers admit “obvious misses” in photo gallery of Packers games

  1. As a Bears fan, I loved the Kaepernick games so very much. Based on this love I had hoped the Bears would get him.

    Since Kaepernick became a racist anti-American I was happy they did not and hope to never see him again anywhere because I dislike racist anti-Americans.

  2. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that Colin was a terrible QB. We drafted Jim Druckenmiler and Giovanni Carmazzi (over Tom Brady). Those were some terrible QB’s. Colin isn’t Joe Montana or Steve Young, but most QB’s aren’t. He compares favorably to Jeff Garcia, Alex Smith, and Jimmy G.

  3. Let it go. Good god it gets so tiring hearing about that guy. Focus on people that are actually you know in the NFL!

  4. Stop it, just stop it. Good job giving Kaepernick’s lawyers another exhibit for their joke of a collusion case. I really thought they didn’t have a case and then the 49ers just simply forgot about what CK did against the Packers? If that wasn’t intentional, sell the team because no one in that organization cares about it.

  5. This is Jed Yorks doing. Jed York is a hardcore liberal and professed his support for Kaep, and even he wants nothing to do with him. Props to Jed. You’re still the worst owner in pro sports, but even he doesn’t want anything to do with the anti-American.

  6. hagemeisterpark920 says:
    October 12, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    He hates our police…the ones who save our lives. And wears castro memorabilia. Omit away.


    They also take lives, unlawfully and with impunity. That’s what he is protesting.

    I think he is an idiot for a variety of reasons and am glad he no longer plays for us, but expressing your freedom of speech is the one thing makes this the greatest country (in theory) on Earth.

    You can’t handle someone kneeling during the national anthem? Talk about snowflakes.

  7. If CK is supposed to be “free” to take a knee if he wants, I’d guess the 49ers ought to be “free” to put whomever they want in their team literature.

  8. I don’t know how the rest of the world feels about Kap, but the Kaepernick era was a glorious time in 49ers football. It didnt go south until Baalke got rid of all the good players and coaches.

    Im glad it was a mistake. Now we’re on to Green Bay.

  9. Whoever was in charge should be publicly outed and fired for incompetence.

    That playoff game against the Packers was one of the best ever by a QB. Still the record for rushing yards by a QB.

  10. What did this man do! Colin took a knee for the hundreds of Americans that have been shot down like down in our streets like mad dogs, and for the thousands that the so call American dream is a nightmare. There have been people who have spit, burn and cut up the flag these were whites, hell the south went as far as making their own flag and killing Americans in a war, and the neo-nazi groups fly a racist flag alongside the American flag where hundreds of thousands of Americans soldiers died to free the world of hitler. And these people get monuments! But Colin Kaepernick is blackballed by the nfl while the president that demean America in front of the world to lift up Putin. trump betrayed our democracy to get in bed with the Russians and there’s no uproar about a traitor sitting in the white house! Trump is a Betrayal of Our Democracy! Something is wrong with this picture…

  11. I will start that I am for the betterment of every human being on this earth. This topic has us all distracted. We as Americans take care of each other more than we give each other credit for. We take care of each other through schooling,medically,military,and even cooking for each other at Dennys, we donate to one another when natural disasters stike and when we as a nation get attacked. Remember that? The fact of the matter is if Kappernick was perceived as talented and a game changer as a dog fighter,torturer,and murderer
    he may have been given a shot in the league. He is not.The NFL has shown they will give a cat a second chance if he can win them games. Case closed. One Love

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