Corey Clement to Howie Roseman: We don’t need outside help at running back

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The Eagles placed Jay Ajayi on injured reserve on Monday due to a torn ACL and it didn’t take long for speculation about trading for a running back to replace him on the roster to start up.

That wouldn’t be out of character for Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman. He traded for Ajayi during the 2017 season, but another member of the backfield said after Thursday’s win that he asked Roseman not to do the same this year.

Running back Corey Clement said that Roseman told him that he and the other backs need to provide a good reason not to look outside the organization.

“This game was definitely a test for us, to see do we need to get somebody,” Clement said, via “I talked to Howie [Roseman] before the game — you have to have confidence in our room … We don’t need to look on the outside, we know what we have on our team … I definitely told him that. He said, ‘Make me believe that we don’t need a back.'”

Clement ran 11 times for 43 yards and a touchdown while catching three passes for 26 yards in the 34-13 win over the Giants. Wendell Smallwood chipped in with 18 carries for 51 yards while Josh Adams only played on special teams. Darren Sproles is also on hand, although he’s been out with a hamstring injury.

Those efforts probably won’t rush Roseman into making a deal, but they also are unlikely to stop him from seeing what’s available. The Eagles will play twice more before the October 30 trade deadline.

15 responses to “Corey Clement to Howie Roseman: We don’t need outside help at running back

  1. A combined effort of 29 carries for 94 yards? That’s the effort you’re promoting as reason you don’t need some new RB blood?


  2. I love Clement and Smallwood but neither are workhorses.

    Smallwood is a 8-10 carry guy and Clement is a little more. The Eagles lack a 15-20 carry back, which is what Ajayi was.

    Smallwood started the game with 8 carries for 30 yards. Good for 3.8 YPC. He then had another 10 carries for 21 yards. Finishing with 18 for 51. He wears down.

    Clement’s 11 for 43 is exactly what he is. A versatile back who can carry it a few times with good yards per carry.

    Another back (Bell or McCoy) helps keep the other rotational backs fresh and keeps them able to get chunks of yards in limited time.

  3. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    October 12, 2018 at 11:32 am
    Yeah if yous had Saquon Barkley

    Lot of good he did for you in that 21 point differential whooping.

    Corey can be the guy. He was on a snap count last night coming off the quad injury, and did well in his touches. 9 more days to heal for CAR, and we’ll see what he does then as the lead guy. Still leave a week and a half after until the trade deadline to make a move if need be.

  4. The Giants run defense stinks, before last night they were giving up over 124 yards/game, the Eagles managed only 108 yards and the RBs only accounted for 94 yards on a combined 29 carries. If ever there was a game for the Eagles RB’s to accumulated huge rushing stats this was it – The Eagles jumped out to a big leads at the end of the 1st quarter 14-3) and first half (24-6). They were in clock killing mode for the entire 2nd half. The Giants run defense is horrible and it appeared as if the Giants defense (with the exception of Vernon) seemed to just quit by the 4th quarter. Any other team with a true starting running back would have had at least 150 yards and the starting back would have gone off for over a 100 yards. Can you imagine the yards Bell would have accumulated in the 2nd half, he probably would have had over a 100 yards in the second half alone.

    Clement and Smallwood are both good complementary running backs, but neither is a lead back. Actually I think Josh Adams is the closest thing the Eagles have to a 15 – 20 carry a game back, who can break a couple and end up running for 100+ yards in a game. Unless a trade occurs or Pederson turns the primary RB carries over to Adams, I just don’t see any back on the Eagles roster having a 100 yard game. It might be that Adams is struggling with picking up the blitz and they don’t want to risk Wentz, but I just don’t understand how he didn’t get any carries last night, especially in the fourth quarter. Adams is bigger than Smallwood and faster the Clement, and I am really hoping that Peterson gets him more involved in the offense.

  5. With a running game like you have (in house) and with Jason Peters becoming the fattest invisible man on the planet, the chances of Carson Yutz surviving his own stupidity are diminishing with each game. This team won’t be able to beat a good team anytime this year.

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