David Irving expects to play on Sunday

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Defensive lineman David Irving returned to practice for the Cowboys this week and he expects to see his first game action of the 2018 season as well.

Irving served a four-game suspension to start the year and had been on leave from the team since it ended while dealing with a custody battle. Irving did not want to talk about the custody issue, but did say he feels good and that he’s been told he’ll play about 10-15 snaps against the Jaguars.

“That’s what they say now but if it’s a close game, I know good and well [defensive coordinator Rod] Marinelli is going to be sending me out there and putting me through the ringer. I’m ready for it,” Irving said, via Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News.

Irving had seven sacks in eight games for the Cowboys last year and Marinelli will be happy to have another pass rushing option at his disposal now that Irving’s extended absence from the team has come to an end.

10 responses to “David Irving expects to play on Sunday

  1. Cowboys better get his snaps now. He is great player. When he is available. But it is a mistake if you think you can count on him. Hate to have that attitude, but he has earned it.

  2. All this bashing David Irvin who has legitimate issues that were out of his control
    We keep giving players like Gen Sean Lee a pass when he’s suspended himself by poor training year in & year out

    Lee’s cost us games with his repeated absences
    Irvin cost us productivity (And maybe a few games)

    Then Lee’s been getting ran over, ran past, ran around in E-V-E-R-Y game he’s played this year
    What little he’s played

    Keep beating upon the wrong players
    KARMA is having it’s way with us in more ways than a few

    Wish David Irvin & his family the best
    Insult Sean Lee & every other player who can better control their ineptness

    Lord knows we let Dak Prescott have it
    Yet Zeke’s cost us much on his own
    It’s Zeke’s team


    Every pro franchise has troubled players, GM’s, Owners coaches etc

    We’re simply not exempt

  3. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:

    Great, now David will get to participate in this years 4-12 debacle.
    Dolphins have been garbage since 1972, so you would know what 4-12 is like eh troll who types the same comment on every Cowboys post.

  4. Jeremy x, your long winded comment is wrong, plain and simple, you are comparing David Irving who can’t put a full season together due to constant off field issues to a warrior like Sean Lee who is a fantastic player and more importantly a fantastic person on and off the field, he has been snake bitten with injuries but there is no comparison between the two, Lee is a better player and person hands down.

  5. thefiesty1 says:

    And pay his baby momma!
    i can’t believe you didn’t mention anything about them always kicking field goals, miracles do happen i guess.

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