Eli Manning: “We’ve got to play better football. I understand that”

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Another season appears to be quickly spiraling out of control for the New York Giants after a thorough beating handed down by the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night in New Jersey.

The Giants mustered just one offensive touchdown in a 34-13 loss to the Eagles that dropped New York to 1-5 on the season for a second straight year.

“Obviously not where we want to be. Not happy about it, frustrated like everybody,” quarterback Eli Manning said after the game.

Manning has come under more scrutiny this season than ever before as the Giants offense continues to struggle despite having capable offensive weapons in Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard on the roster. While Manning isn’t solely responsible for the Giants woes, he’s being affixed with more of the blame pie than ever before.

Manning completed 24 of 43 passes for 281 yards with an interception Thursday night against the Eagles. The interception came on the second play of the game for New York and setup a quick early touchdown that put the Giants in an early hole. The Giants offense was largely ineffective with the only true success coming when Barkley could make defenders miss in the open field.

The Giants were in a 24-6 hole at half as the offense had only two of eight real possessions in the half last more then five plays. The two that did resulted in field goals only for the Giants. The team was booed as they headed to the locker room at halftime.

“That’s not something I get caught up in,” Manning said of the boos. “We’ve got to play better football. I understand that. We’ve got to find ways to be in better situations and move the ball and be a more explosive offense and better team.”

The 2017 version of the Giants only mustered two more victories the rest of the season after their 1-5 start. Manning admitted he is surprised that this team finds itself in the same predicament.

“Yeah,” he said. “I felt good about everything. I still feel good about our squad and our team and what we have. You lose a heart-breaker last week and then tonight, we just didn’t play well enough. Really every game has been tight, been close, had opportunities to win except this one, but every game we’ve had our opportunities. We’ve just got to put it all together.”

Despite the struggles of Manning and the Giants offense, Manning says he still has faith that can get win games and accomplish good things offensively.

“My confidence in myself is good,” Manning said. “I know we can play. We just got to figure out how to be more consistent and be better on offense.”

“The goal is still go win every game you play. That’s all you can worry about. In the NFL, you take it one game at a time. There’s no advantage to doing anything differently. That’s all we can do. Try to fight our way back and give ourselves a chance to have a chance to win our division. No one is running away with this thing. That’s all we can worry about right now.”

17 responses to “Eli Manning: “We’ve got to play better football. I understand that”

  1. Love ya Eli but it is time for the G Men to move on. And draft a QB in 2019. You had your two SB’s there that can never be taken away. And a great champion in the community. But time to move on.

  2. Pat Shurmer did show his ineptness last year… Good luck Giants fans! You could find better players on other teams Practice Squad that would be an upgrade! Eli just has ZERO tools Beckham is so worried about the pressing of his stockings than game planning. Happens every time, player gets good money then takes the next year OFF..

  3. No Eli, YOU need to play better.

    Beckham and Shurmur are getting too much of the blame here.

    ODB has a big mouth but he is still a superstar receiver and Pat Shurmur is one year removed from taking Case Keenum and a terrible O-line to the NFC Championship game.

  4. Being a Cowboys fan, I have no love for the Giants and Eli but as a man, I hope thatbhe can recognize that it’s time (actually past time) to retire…

    Seems like McAdoo and Reese knew what was coming…

  5. The Bills have a better record than the Giants, and the Bills are terrible. That was some ugly football last night.

  6. Well thanks for the memories Eli but 20 million is going to help to fix that line next year . Barkley is a complete stud and getting a stud rookie Quarterback next year is the play

  7. Having not watched the Giants for awhile and reading all the Eli-bashing, I tuned in last night to do some fact-checking. I saw zero pass protection, with pockets collapsing before a pocket could even form. I saw dropped easy screen passes. I saw lack of effort on catchable balls. I saw poorly run and wrongly run routes. I saw OBJ blow about a 30 yard completion because he felt the urge to showboat and try to make a one handed catch instead of going up and securing the ball with two hands. I did NOT see a lack of velocity or distance on Eli’s throws, and his accuracy wasn’t lights out, but plenty serviceable. Conclusion: conventional wisdom, as usual, is wrong and driven by negative media hype. I don’t think Eli’s the issue.

  8. Sorry Eli! You have NO line whatsoever! A coach over his head too! The .org should give Tom C a call and beg him to return!

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