Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett has things to improve, can win us a championship

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Five days after second-guessing Jason Garrett following an overtime loss, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is now defending Garrett.

Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that he considers Garrett “the real deal” and a potential Super Bowl-winning head coach.

“He works very hard,” Jones said. “He’s got outstanding background in our game. He’s gained a Harvard, or whatever kind of degree — the best in the world — in the NFL through being your head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I want to put all of that together and use it.”

Garrett actually went to Princeton, but Jones, who went to Arkansas, thinks that Garrett has the intelligence to be one of the league’s most successful coaches.

“Now, does he have some things that others may do better, or does he have some things that he could do better? Of course. But what we’ve got here is an asset that I think will get us to where we want to go, and that’s a championship,” Jones said.

The question is, How long will Jones give Garrett to win that Super Bowl? If the Cowboys miss the playoffs this year, Garrett could be out of work, and it will be time for Jones to find another coach who an get Dallas to the Super Bowl.

31 responses to “Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett has things to improve, can win us a championship

  1. If he hasn’t “improved” so far after all these years he is not going to. The gum chewing clapper needs to go

  2. I don’t think having a degree from an Ivy League school has much to do with football. If he was running a business, then that Princeton degree could come in handy.

  3. Ol’ Jerrah sure does know how to make the rest of the NFC East happy.. God bless that old rascal.

  4. That’s right Jerry! Garrett is the best head coach ever and he’s going to prove it. Stick with him as long as it takes.

    Regards, the rest of the NFC East.

  5. Jerry Jones is as delusional as always. Garrett got into his spot as head coach when his poor performance as OC helped get Wade Phillips fired. Garrett did not get to be head coach based on merit. Does anyone think that Garrett would have made the gutsy and bold moves that Doug Pederson made to help win the last super bowl? Garrett does the in-the-box, conservative, not-to-lose moves that ends up in mediocrity – which is what his record a Cowboys head coach is.

  6. Just say what we all know Jerry: qualification and merit as a HC are secondary to being a spineless yes-man puppet who will let you undermine him anytime you feel the need to stroke your own ego. A coach knowing his place in Jerry World is more important than knowing the game plan or how to adjust at half time, etc.

    We all know that is the one and only reason that you’ll never fire your little Gingerbread Boy.

  7. Jerry is not talking about Jason’s degree from college. He’s making a point that he’s got the best ie: Harvard degree in coaching in the NFL BY coaching the Dallas Cowboys. Doesn’t take a degree from Princeton to figure that out.

  8. Umm, no…just no. Red J is awful. Still running a 1990’s offense when the only thing that has worked this year is running more rpo. Fails to make adjustments, makes horrible decisions such as last week’s debacle. In DFW all people talk about is when will that idiot be let go? And then you have the snake oil salesman that is bordering on dementia with his constant media comments because he so badly wants folks to believe he is a football guy. Thank God the Cowboys have Will McClay to steer our personnel decisions in the right direction. I mean look…he says Harvard not even realizing Garrett went to Princeton…”or whatever.” Get Jerry gone, get Red J gone, get Linehan gone. A loss on Sunday means the Cowboys should go into team tank mode.

  9. Honest question: what exactly is Garrett good at??? Most tenured coaches have one or more strengths (offensive or defensive tactician, motivator, strategist, etc) that you can name. Garrett is seemingly good at nothing. And he’s repeatedly demonstrated a weakness at in-game management. There’s no upside here whatsoever. Only a matter of time before Jerry wises up.

  10. Whew ! For a moment there, the rest of the league was worried Jerry wasn’t going to give Jason time to win his Super Bowl.

    The rest of us know there won’t be any more Super Bowls for the Cowboys unless Jimmy Johnson is somehow lured back. So take all the time you need to figure that out, ‘boys.

  11. Jerry would rather LOSE his was than WIN some other persons way!

    Winning a Championship is hopeless with Jerry running the show.

  12. Jerry would rather LOSE his way than WIN some other persons way!

    Winning a Championship is hopeless with Jerry running the show.

  13. The 2nd coming of Jeff Fisher. The only difference is Jeff Fisher could at least identify and develop a defense.

  14. Oh man Jerry must be trying to become the comedian of the year. First him saying the Cowboys offense was as good as the Rams and now this. Please keep them coming Jerry my good man!

  15. Easy solution……if Cowboys fans would quit buying merchandise, quit going to games and quit watching games I would bet 100 dollars that Jerry would be tripping over himself to get a new HC…..that’s the ONLY message he understands $$…. Right now he knows he can do or say whatever he wants because it’s not hurting his wallet so until people are willing to do that then there’s no sense in whining about it.

  16. This is why there is no hope for us Cowboy fans. We are led by a fool who thinks his Coach is any good. I wish folks in the City of Dallas would start booing Jerry Jones every time he is out in public to show we have had enough. Why can’t people in Dallas have a rally to show we need to fire the coach? We as fans need to stop buying merchandise, going to games, and need to publicly start voicing our displeasure. Come on folks in the Dallas area, you are our only hope to get the owner to change his distorted view and fire Garrett. Stop being soft and show some tough love!!!!

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