Pat Shurmur: We believe in Eli Manning


Thursday night’s blowout loss to the Eagles dropped the Giants to 1-5 and ratcheted up the voices who believe the Giants erred by remaining all in on Eli Manning as their starting quarterback.

After showing signs of coming together in the second half of Week Five’s loss to the Panthers, the Giants offense was Saquon Barkley or bust against Philadelphia. That led to head coach Pat Shurmur being asked on Friday if he’s considering a change at quarterback.

“We believe in Eli,” Shurmur said.

Given how steadfast he and the rest of the organization were about Manning all offseason, there’s no reason to doubt Shurmur’s belief that he remains the right man for the job now. That might be reason for skepticism if there were a more realistic option to replace him, but journeyman Alex Tanney is the No. 2 quarterback and fourth-round pick Kyle Lauletta has yet to be active for a game this season.

If this season keeps playing out like 2017, the team could revisit the idea of playing the rookie ahead of another offseason choice about what direction to take at quarterback. For now, though, it’s still Manning’s ship.

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  1. As an impartial observer who watched the game last night, what stuck out to me was two things. 1. The Giants O- line is terrible. 2.. With that being said,Eli was freaked out before the pass rush pressure would even develop and was throwing off his back foot. That’s not a sign of a good quarterback IMO.

  2. Lol. What a bunch of crap. Eli is old and done. This is likely last season unless he wants to play one more as a third string backup.

  3. isithockeyseasonyet says:
    October 12, 2018 at 1:30 pm
    “That’s what he has to say because he doesn’t have another option”

    That’s what he has to say because believing in Eli and fixing the offense was a condition of his hire. He promised ownership he could do it after he showed he could work wonders with Case Keenum (a nomad) last year in Minnesota. The problem is, Eli — though a nice guy — is a broken statue and can’t be fixed, especially not being such a porous offensive line. That line is, indeed, offensive.

  4. THe OWNER believes in eLI because of all the whiney fan backlash from sitting him last year. So I am stuck with this guy that was that never that good even in his prime. Check the stats. That’s what he really meant to say, but he knows that’s what got his predecessor fired.

  5. A Giants fan should believe in Eli as well. But with with a good offensive coordinator like Kevin Gilbride, not Pat Shurmur.

    Pat Shurmur reminds me of our Defensive Coordinator with the 49ers. They have a system of football and force players to fit in it as opposed to crafting a system around their players’ talents.

    Kevin Gilbride was a Run & Shoot offensive guy, but he was able to craft a offense around Eli and the Giants players to win a couple of championships.

    I love those Giants uniforms last night. Used to be one of the most intimidating uniforms in football.

  6. work must really suck for shurmur when your best option is the worst qb in football …Odell got killed for his comments but I cant blame him after watching eli play hot potatoe last night

  7. No doubt you guys do, that’s why you are 1-5 and have been losers 4 of the past 5 seasons. There is 0 leadership in the organization and they are terrified of mishandling the situation. Mcadoo did all the dirty stuff and set the ground work for them to move on from him and Mara balked and get rid of everyone else. You keep enabling Eli your team will continue to swim in mediocrity. It’s so obvious to everyone looking outside and from a distance that he is the main problem and his career as a starter is all but over. On the other hand, we have die hard giants fans and some in management that are blinded by the Manning name and his past achievements that they are terrified to let go.

  8. I’ve tried to make excuses for Eli for the last couple of seasons, but there is no point to that. He stinks. The offensive line stinks, but so does the quarterback. You can’t call any plays when you’re facing 2nd and long all game.

  9. “We believe in Eli,” Shurmur said.

    How about believing in an OL. If the Giants would have worn Colts jerseys I would have sworn it was still 2016 and I was watching Ryan Grigson forget about protecting the QB.

  10. As an Eagles fan I always respected Eli, even though I loved when he melted down at times. He had some really clutch performances in his career. But it’s clear he’s not the same guy anymore. As for Pat, what’s he going to say? They have no other options. Alex Tanney is #2 (ROTFL) and third is Lauletta (um, OK). Beckham is a disaster and Barkley can’t win the game by himself. I’m proud of the way my birds played (much more disciplined all around, coupled with some good breaks), but man…the Giants didn’t even look like an NFL team. They were HORRIBLE in all phases, with the exception of SQB. Not good, NY fans. Not good.

  11. 83.7 career rating, turnover machine. For most teams those are backup numbers. Plus he should have been suspended over tarnishing the integrity of the league with his faked NFL memorabilia.

  12. Everyone of eLI’s apologists blame the o line for his problems. Those are the same guys that said drafting Barkley was a mistake because the o loine sucked. Barkley is doing great with that same sucky o line. It’s called talent. He has it. All eLI has is the Manning name and ancient history where he got credit for 2 wins that were mostly a result of a dominant defense. You know, the D that held the best offense of all time to 17 points in a NYG win. They carried eLI. And he threw a duck that landed on top of Tyree’s helmet and stuck there. eLI has been living off that for 10 years…

  13. He certainly didn’t have a lot of time to throw last night, but still, he looked like he had that rookie, deer in the headlights feeling last night, zero pocket presence…..

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    tedbundysson says:
    October 12, 2018 at 2:03 pm
    Everyone of eLI’s apologists blame the o line for his problems. Those are the same guys that said drafting Barkley was a mistake because the o loine sucked. Barkley is doing great with that same sucky o line. It’s called talent
    The Giants were foolish for picking Barkley #2. They clearly needed a QB. RBs do not turn your franchise around. You only pick a RB that high if that’s you’re missing piece to get over the top, or it’s a weak draft.

  15. What an awful team. i can’t even blame Shurmur for this. he just got here. these problems start with odell’s attitude and Eli being terrified of a hint of pass rush.

  16. youngnoizecom says:
    October 12, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley seem to be the only players playing with heart.
    OBJ has heart? What was it that convinced you of this? Was it when he head butted the fan? Or when he left the field early for halftime?

  17. The stupid fans will once again undermine a HC and prevent the Giants from replacing a has been/never really was good QB. Gotta laugh at the whole weak organization top to bottom.
    Need fan approval to fart.

  18. Eli is washed up. The Giants needed to draft a quarterback. Don’t understand why Eli is still being hired to do commercials. He always has that dumb look on his face. Why anyone would ever go running out to purchase anything Eli was promoting is beyond me. He’s constantly making terrible decisions.

  19. Of course Shurmer believes that, the first Question they asked in the head coach interview was “Do you believe in Eli as the starting QB”. If he had answered no, he wouldn’t have got the job.

    The last guy who didn’t believe in Saint Eli got canned for not worshipping at the alter. It is also why they traded away Davis Webb. Webb may not ever be a franchise QB but he was potentially a viable stop gap. Part of going all in on Eli is to make sure there are no alternatives to him.

  20. Is the policy of all Mannings to just play through any eventuality? Because I would have thought Archie, Cooper, Peyton would all have better advice for Eli which is a) don’t get killed and b) quitthe game. You’re not good anymore. It happens. You’re 40.

    Short of that, it’s Giant mgt malfeasance. Not Timberwolves level but if the Mannings won’t speak up, NY Giants has to.

  21. Yes you can blame his line but you can’t deny Eli lacks that drive and desire you expect from your starting QB. It’s amazing how different Eli is compared to what Peyton waa as player…..night and day.

  22. Really? I’m not even sure that Eli Manning believes in Eli Manning at this point. The look in his eyes on the sideline last night spoke volumes.

  23. floriosnuts says:

    October 12, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Protect him? Didn’t the Giants make Solder the highest paid left tackle in league history this off-season?


    There’s a reason why Belichick let him walk.

  24. eagleswin says:
    October 12, 2018 at 2:30 pm
    Of course Shurmer believes that, the first Question they asked in the head coach interview was “Do you believe in Eli as the starting QB”. If he had answered no, he wouldn’t have got the job.

    The last guy who didn’t believe in Saint Eli got canned for not worshipping at the alter. It is also why they traded away Davis Webb. Webb may not ever be a franchise QB but he was potentially a viable stop gap. Part of going all in on Eli is to make sure there are no alternatives to him.


    and the Giants didn’t even trade Davis Webb. They outright cut him, not because Webb really deserved to be cut but because Webb wasn’t one of Shurmur’s guys.
    Kind of like when you’re doing a good job at the office, management is happy with you, then suddenly your boss leaves the company, and now with the new guy you are suddenly not doing a good job even though nothing changed. All because you are not one of the new manager’s kind of guys. So maybe Gettleman and Shurmur are getting what they deserve.

  25. Giants made the dumbest decision not drafting Darnold. Eli is old and they passed up a QB rich draft for a RB that needs to live up to Gurley-like success and even then it still wouldn’t excuse passing on a generational QB.

  26. The season is pretty much lost for them. They might as well just ride it out with Eli Manning for the rest of the season, because you know Alex Tanney and the other guy aren’t the answers at QB. They have to worry about QB in the offseason though. For now, Shurmur said the right thing. There is no need to add fuel to the fire when they are stuck.

  27. He should believe in him, its not his fault he has the least amount of time in the nfl to throw the ball, its not his fault his WR are dead last in getting separation and its not his fault that his WR are first in dropped passes. Eli is not mobile at all and with this pathetic oline you need to be, but he is still a very good QB.

  28. Its almost a guarantee that Eli is getting cut after this season. What the Giants need to start doing NOW is getting Lauletta as many practice reps as possible so he’s ready to go in a month. They better not do what they did last year with Davis Webb.

    Then, assuming they have a top 5 pick (they should), draft the QB next April. In 2020 they may be ready to compete.

  29. The G-men know what they have. They are deliberately tanking the season without admitting it and letting Eli bear the fan frustration for it. G-men know Eli is not going to say anything controversial to the press.

    They drafted a generational player in Barkley, but RBs don’t control a game like QBs.

  30. I never understood this hire, only that Gettleman said Shurmur is an “adult”. When Shurmur was in Cleveland he could not handle the media being so sensitive of criticism that he phoned a beat writer at 6am (maybe earlier) to complain about an article. Then he gets hired to the media center of the universe?

    We all know every coach is hired to be fired but this one never stood a chance. This seems to almost guarantee the quick exit of The Gettleman seeing how his very first decision as GM was to hire Shurmur and then he backed it up by bypassing on a QB.

  31. Jerry Reese ruined this team, including bringing in McAdope. Eli would have been just fine if Reese had done his job. Grabbing a quarterback this year would have made zero difference the roster is garbage. Gentleman has his work cut out for him.

  32. Eli Manning is done and that has been obvious for the last 2-3yrs and over the last 4-5yrs Eli Manning has been on a steep decline getting worse and worse every year slowly but surely. Those reasons are why it’s borderline criminal the Giants took a RB in last years QB RICH Draft , I dont care if Barkley becomes the best back in the NFL you dont pass up on a franchise QB for a RB especially in todays modern day NFL which is A PASSING LEAGUE with the rules designed to heavily favor the passing game. You can not consistently win in this league without a top QB. Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are all going to be top 10 caliber QB’s in the NFL for a lonnnnngggg time to come. A week ago Josh Rosen posted the Highest Pro Football Focus grade & highest ESPN QBR EVER by a rookie in the history of both posting a PFF Grade of 88.5 & QBR 81 with a passer rating of 89.5 in his NFL Debut as a starter. Sam Darnold is thriving in the New York with the Jets. Both of their futures look extremely bright and New York could of had EITHER ONE and been set at QB for the next 15yrs. Josh Rosen would of been the perfect successor to Eli for the NYG, with his elite arm and pin point accuracy imagine him zipping passes to Beckham Jr, Shepard and Evan Engram and this off-season New York could of then added someone Lev Bell at RB in Free Agency. Last Years draft was the best QB Class since 2004 and possibly could end up being the best since 1983, which is why if im Mara i’d fire Gettlemen for being incompetent as that is exactly what he was in passing on multiple franchise QB’s when he knew Eli’s career was over.
    The Giants badly need a QB and need to get a guy in there as soon as possible as the Giants are wasting the primes of OBJ, Shepard, Engram and Barkley with Eli Manning in at QB. To make matters worse this next years draft isnt anywhere near as deep at QB as last years class was, the kid from OR Justin Herbert is worth the #1 overall pick but NY will have to give up a bunch of picks to move up to get him. Drew Lock is talented as well but not worth a top 5 pick. The Giants need to figure out how to get the best QB in the draft next year even if they have to give up both next years 1st/2nd round pick and a 2020 first rd pick to move up from say 5th-10th overall where they likely will be picking up to 1st/2nd overall to pick up Herbert.

  33. Enough mentioning his offensive line. Enough!! Worst immobile QB the last 2 years who can’t throw down field and people want him to be able to throw as if a D wasn’t present.

  34. WAY too early to know where these college QB’s are getting drafted next April. It DOES seem likely though that the Giants will be drafting in the top 5. They may be the ones trading down and still getting a QB in the teens to 20’s. You simply dont know this early on.

  35. If Eli played in the Patriots system he would be just fine. The Patriots system would know how to put him in a position to succeed. Unfortunately there is only one Patriots system.

  36. Shurmur knows the problem is the o-line, not Eli! Brady, Brees and Rodgers would all look like crap behind that line!

  37. Pat obviously learned nothing during his time as the head coach of the Browns. I’m glad he’s in NY now. Good luck Giants fans.

  38. Pat I wish you well, and loved you as our OC. I know you have to show support for Eli because there is nothing behind him right now. Last night was the only Giants game I have seen all year, but it just didn’t look like Eli has anything on his throws, he just doesn’t look the same for whatever reason. That was a hard game to watch.

  39. it was never so apparent
    Eli Manning should retire
    no wonder Beckham is going crazy
    he is so finished, he embarrasses himself

  40. Eli Mae Manning looked just wonderful against the Philthydelphia football team.

    I still marvel at how invisible the West Hollywood Tech player, Oldephia Beckham, has become after grabbing all that dough.

  41. Three facts of nfl
    Never take a qb who played for Andy Reid
    Never take a OL who played fro Belichik
    Never take a WR, TE who played for Sean Payton

  42. “We believe in Eli”
    Yeah you better say that or you’ll deal with NY media and the their fans.
    Says….Ben McAdoo

  43. Eli has been trash his whole career. He is two 50-50 plays away from being even more anonymous than Cooper Manning. If he wasn’t treated like NFL royalty because of his last name, he would have washed out of the NFL years ago. Local radio guy was wondering how the heck Eli is 6th in yardage. Simple. Play 15 years and don’t miss a game. Average 250 per game (which is…”meh”) and voila…4,000 yards passing. Multiply by 15 years and *poof* 60,000 yards. This isn’t rocket science.

    Seriously though. Justin Tuck had more to do with both of those SB wins than dingleberry did. If any official calls one of the holds on the helmet catch (including the admitted choke of Seymour) like they do in a regular game they probably lose. If Assante Samuel catches that pick, they lose. If Wes Welker could catch one pass (and Brady throws it a little better), they lose. If Manningham can’t get both feet in like a play earlier in the game, they lose. The luck broke his way and they get two SB wins. It happens.

    The better team doesn’t always win a SB. Eli has plenty of weapons, he just stinks. It isn’t just his O line at this point. Watching him miss short screen passes last night was kind of painful.

  44. Giants have serious cap problems. They will draft a QB with what will be a top pick in next years draft. Somehow they have to improve their offensive line. With a new QB they will be respectable in 2019. Barkley will make them that. Also after Manning is gone I think ODB will get interested again. Eli and the OL are the problem right now.

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