There’s no excuse for in-game dehydration


The excuse given for Odell Beckham‘s early exit from the playing field before halftime on Thursday night was dehydration. So what’s the excuse for his dehydration?

Answer: There isn’t one. Hydration or lack thereof can, and should, be controlled. Players need to spend the days preceding the game drinking enough fluids. Players need to spend the time during the game taking in even more fluids, if need be.

It’s one of those little things that helps separate a good team from a bad team. Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison, for example, has explained that a heated competition existed among his teammates regarding their water consumption, all in the name of ensuring that everyone will be properly hydrated on game day.

After the 34-13 loss to the Eagles, Giants coach Pat Shurmur acknowledged that dehydration has been an issue for Beckham. That only makes it worse; it shows that the team has been aware of the situation, and that the team has been unwilling or unable to solve it.

The real question is whether the problem ultimately arises from Beckham failed to do what he’s told to do. Which underscores the question of whether anyone is able to hold him truly accountable to anything and everything that he needs to do to get the most out of his abilities.

Success is much more than one-handed catches. Plenty of far less glamorous boxes need to be checked along the way, and if Beckham has chronic dehydration issues, it’s fair to ask why he isn’t checking the “drink enough water” box.

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  1. Especially when you’re barely-involved in the game.

    To OBJ’s defense, my 9 year old son sweats a lot when he cries for some strange reason, so maybe Odell just needs to be coddled just a little bit more…

  2. I hate his antics, but he’s got unreal talent. He’d be unstoppable on New England…so there is a way to get to him, and the Giants management is going to ruin this…they are acting like the Jones’s…

  3. Adults know how to take care of themselves and to ask for help with simple things like needing more fluids than a teammate. OBJ is not an adult yet.

  4. This is a made up excuse to cover for his behavior. Like a child he will always find a reason for his poor actions.

    From looking at the Giants if they could trade him immediately or at least make a coaching decision to bench him. It would be a giant step to showing the team that one needs to be a team player rather than destroy the team with his it’s all about “me” attitude. They are losing anyway and they can lose with him not playing and become a team again.

  5. Past the point of exhaustion on this. Gonna put on my tinfoil hat, and say this was an excuse cooked up because the Giants cannot afford another OBJ tantrum right now.

  6. I’m not a dietician but would drinking 16 ounces of water 4-6 hours before the game,
    and 16 ounces of water the day before the game solve the problem?

  7. WHY did’nt the Giants just trade him this off-season for a #1?( and also save the money) They would have had to make do with some avaerge WR’s THIS year but in next years draft they could have had the ammo to get a franchise QB for the next 10 years? In FA they could have picked up a few Veteran WR’s also in 2019.

  8. We know he wasn’t dehydrated. He didn’t want to be filmed punching inanimate objects so he went to the privacy of the locker room to do it.

  9. nate houlton says:
    October 12, 2018 at 10:54 am
    Bobby Boucher Jr. would never let that happen.
    I see what you did there, very funny !!! Maybe the South Central LSU Mud Dogs staff is available to train the Giants on the importance of hydration !

  10. Do I buy the dehydration excuse? No not really, but I think youre making a mountain outta a mole hill here. For all we know OBJ’s been battling an illness or taking medication that drys him out. Im playing devils advocate a little here (and Im not a OBJ fan) but this is being blown way out of proportion.

  11. This blog makes a good point, early dehydration sans someone dealing with being sick is simply a lack of professionalism. That stated, I hope for the future you be sure to call every player out that is in the same situation.

  12. Dehydration sounds a lot like “hang over”.

    As someone who’s very fastidious about my own hydration since being stationed in very warm places, it’s a complete BS excuse.

  13. arclight1972 says:
    October 12, 2018 at 11:07 am
    I’m not a dietician but would drinking 16 ounces of water 4-6 hours before the game,
    and 16 ounces of water the day before the game solve the problem?


    16 oz? I drink a gallon of water every day. 16oz is nothing.

  14. Since we all have PHD’s in nutrition and can all agree 100% that there is no possible reason a professional athlete would require an IV to rehydrate them, let’s continue to write 4-5 stories a day on this until we uncover the real reason Beckham went to the locker room instead of staying on the field to block for Shepard after he caught a 5 yard slant in a Hail Mary situation.

  15. C’mon. 20 plays or so in more than an hour in steady rain and 60 degrees, and some of you are actually buying that he was dehydrated? IF so, he’s the most poorly conditioned and prepared professional athlete on earth. None of the linemen needed an IV, but he did? Right… No, he’s not that unprepared… Yes, he is a look-you-in-the-eyeball liar whose word is worthless.

  16. Kasey Kahne just retired from NASCAR due to constant dehydration. Some people just sweat more than others regardless of how much fluid they take in. So yes, there is an excuse.

  17. My wife used to work for a law firm whose clients were a lot of celebrities. Dehydration was a code word for being very hungover.

  18. Dehydration is usually why players get severe muscle cramps in practice and during games. I agree with this article — there’s no excuse for it. Team trainers and physicians are there to prevent this.

    Wasn’t dehydration also the reason for a death in the Vikings training camp years ago? I thought that incident would have ended this issue and that teams were taking better care of players.

  19. Dude knows how to get himself noticed. Walking off the field with teammates at halftime, barely noticed. Walk off the field before teammates, all camera’s on him. He is the conversation for the rest of the game. Nobody is more aware of where all the camera’s are at all times than him.

  20. I’m not only a crossfitter, but also a head Varsity soccer coach and a physician assistant. The tricks we’ve learned: over hydrate the day before, use glycerin the night before, and again day of the event. Doesn’t take much, couple tablespoons. It forces extracellular fluid intracellular…
    25 oz of water 2 hours prior to event. I live in AZ, we’ve had absolutely no problems with dehydration following this routine… I created it when we were in crossfitting comps down in Phoenix

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