Tom Brady has taken Josh Gordon under his wing

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Josh Gordon quickly has caught on with the Patriots. Having played 36 snaps in two games, making four catches for 82 yards and a touchdown, the receiver appears ready for a bigger role.

“It hasn’t been too tough,” Gordon said of picking up the Patriots’ playbook, via Doug Kyed of NESN. “I think that’s greatly due in part to the amount of help I receive from my teammates here, definitely Tom [Brady], all the receivers help bringing me along on a daily basis. The coaches, just giving me all these resources I need. And me taking advantage of it, going home and studying that daily.

“I think even a part of having a certain amount of experience in the league already and seeing so many different offenses and stuff, I think the language of it is somewhat familiar. It hasn’t been too tough.”

Gordon getting a locker next to Brady was by design. It has helped Gordon’s acclimation.

“Most of the day we wind up talking football, whether it be in the locker room here briefly or in most of the meeting rooms or time after practice,” Gordon said. “We carve out time, and we make it happen. We make sure if there’s something that might be a concern for him or me or he wants to know how I like to do something or how he wants to do something, I just ask him. He’s open about it, and it makes it easy for me to communicate with him. It makes it a real natural type of relationship.”

Gordon caught Brady’s 500th career touchdown pass last week, already earning him a special place in New England. Brady is starting to trust Gordon more by the day.

“Yeah, I think anytime you come in late to the season, I think there’s a big learning curve,” Brady said. “You’re just trying to get up to speed as fast as possible. I think fortunately, he’s got other guys at his position that he can really lean on, Chris [Hogan] and Julian [Edelman] in particular. Phillip [Dorsett] kind of learned late in the season last year. They’ve got a good group, really well coached group, and we’re just trying to work to get better every day.”

29 responses to “Tom Brady has taken Josh Gordon under his wing

  1. Just keep Josh as far away from Alex Guerrero as possible Tom. Josh is just one infraction away from being out of the league.

  2. Listening to him speak, Josh Gordon is significantly more articulate and intelligent than I expected. Pretty sure that influenced New England’s decision to try to trade for him.

  3. I think they always put the new guy next to TB (at least on offense, or next to Devin/Chung on D). Edelman moved for him. Tom’s other side is another newbie Cordarelle Patterson.

  4. Really bad news for the haters. Something tellse a few things:

    1. That mystery hammy is a hoax. BB has been milking it to hide Gordon a bit.

    2. This is an enormous game for the Pats more so than the Chiefs.

    3. Brady said he has watched “a lot of film” the last 10 days.

    He never says something like that. NE will score at least 30 and possibly surge past 40.

  5. ariani1985 says:
    October 12, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Not showing much confidence in your boy Tom I see!
    It’s a burner account. The dude (or dudette) is really a Jets fan.

  6. I feel like we’re going to look back on these quotes and laugh in a couple weeks when Josh is cut for doing something dumb.

  7. It’s not Clevelands fault that Gordon didn’t make it there. He hasn’t been in New England all that long. If he does make it there, it will be one of those rare instances where a change of scenery helped trigger a deeper change within. It happens, not often, but it happens. More will be revealed.

  8. Josh seems to be happy, focused, & in a good place mentally…. yes he has his demons like many others & he needs to keep them in check…. I’m really routing for the guy & hope he can keep it together on all levels….. sure I’m nervous about that, but it will be whatever it will be….
    If he slips up it will hurt the teams chances at being all they can be, however the TEAM is not just Josh…. the TEAM is not comprised of just one player (exception to Brady)….. they would struggle now I’m sure but they would STILL be a great TEAM……
    Here’s hoping it all goes right for Josh & the Pats…. The ball is in Josh’ s court & it’s up to him to pull from all his available sources to stay the path!!!!
    Go Josh & LETS GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!

  9. I don’t usually like to compare QBs or anybody for that matter over different eras, but this is why Brady is the greatest at QB I’ve ever seen. All of the other guys we talk about mainly did it in one system or with one set of receivers and offensive talent. He’s done it with so many different players, and Belichick has changed their system from concepts of vertical passing, to short passing, to that two TE offense he came up with after he traded Moss midseason to now he’s going back toward shades of what he had Brady run when Moss was there with sprinkled in with the short passing game they’ve been so successful with the past few years. It’s simply amazing to watch, and I don’t ever think we’ll see such a flexible QB at picking up and perfecting offenses on the fly ever again.

  10. Robert Paulson says:
    October 12, 2018 at 8:56 pm
    I feel like we’re going to look back on these quotes and laugh in a couple weeks when Josh is cut for doing something dumb.
    Gordon is only going to get better. He’s on a real team now, not a bunch of losers coached by a loser. They’re not going to waste the GOAT’s precious time on some nobody. The Pats did their homework, and this move is a winner.

  11. Like elvis said its now or never! Gordon has this last chance to show he can keep his head on straight. if it works out hes only 27 with low miles and a ton of upside he will have a market either the pats tender him or hes a free agent win win for everyone.

  12. I think by the time the season is half over every other team that passed on Gordon is going to be regretting it.

    Now to be fair a lot of those teams don’t have the strict environment the Pats do that Gordon needs, and don’t have Tom Brady to mentor him.

    But for many AFC teams it would have been better to take their own chance on Gordon than let Brady get a receiver that powerful.

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