Adam Gase gets testy when asked about Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill was a late scratch from Sunday’s game. The Dolphins listed him as questionable Friday with a right shoulder injury before making him inactive Sunday.

Dolphins head coach Adam Gase said after the team’s dramatic overtime victory over the Bears that he he did not know whether Tannehill’s injury was day to day or long term.

Gase became testy when asked for specifics on Tannehill’s injury.

“There is some kind of HIPAA law,” Gase said, via Cameron Wolfe of ESPN. “Go ask him. I’m tired of answering a question about this guy. I got it; I’m over it. Me and him, we know he’s not ready right now. Details we’ll keep to us. You guys don’t need to know that.”

Tannehill missed all 16 games last season with a knee injury and missed three regular-season games and a playoff game in 2016. Thus, he has played in only five of the Dolphins’ past 26 games, including the postseason.

15 responses to “Adam Gase gets testy when asked about Ryan Tannehill

  1. I’m with the coach on this one. Sometimes the idiot media doesn’t leave well enough alone.

  2. So even the coach knew that he wasn’t going to play yet the Dolphins are allowed to list him as questionable? I don’t think I’ve ever used this line before but can you imagine if this was the Patriots. Sportscenter would literally be leading off with this story with a big lead in of Brady and Belichick with some cheesy headline that says Injurygate. Moments later every non Patriots fan would be calling them cheaters. Amazing what’s happens when it’s a uniform no one cares about.

  3. Very Belichick like of Gase !
    Like it or not – he’s correct, he knows Tannehill is trash & likely both rides in
    Miami end after this season.
    But he’s still gotta deal with a WHOLE team & NOT just one player.

  4. Seeing that teams don’t release information freely and without the media we wouldn’t know anything outside of guides and NFL propaganda, I have no problem with the media asking about a player, especially one with a history of injury. Besides, betting is legal now and bettors and bookies want to know this as well. HIPAA doesn’t mean you can’t tell us his shoulder is tweaked.

  5. *professional. My bad. This guy doesn’t have the success or clout to be rude to the media. Win a few superbowls then you can behave however you want. Shows a lack of control and discipline and the #1 reason were the most penalized team.

  6. Gase is an idiot. Tannehill isn’t in the hospital or under the care of a private physician. There is no HIPAA law involved in revealing the status of his injured QB.

  7. Whatever. It’s still the Dolphins. Great game today. They played every minute of it and deserved the win. Of course Tannehill will be back under center losing the game next week. Osweiler earned the next start until he starts losing games. When will somebody in the powers that be see that Tannehill is NOT the answer. Play this season out and move on next year.

  8. I don’t care for Gase but I’m with him on this… Teams are obliged based on NFL rules and that’s it. ANYTHING past that is NOT the media’s right to obtain.

  9. The reporters sometimes go too far pushing for answers as if Gase is some orthopedic surgeon. He said what he knew and when he knows more…he will let you know. Simple.

  10. Reporter to Joe Namath – What kind of basket weaving degree did you do in college?

    Namath responds back – If I wanted an easy degree I would have done Journalism!

  11. Tannehill missed more time than he needed to because the idiot Dolphins didn’t push him to surgically repair his ACL. Instead they let him do some BS rehab…idiots. As far as today goes
    Gase’s answer was stupid. He knows damn well what’s wrong with RT and he needs to let everyone know. Concealing it is ridiculous. Sounds to me like Gase let him practice with a bum shoulder Wed and Thursday. I guess for now he’s week to week. What’s troubling to me is that this was considered to be our worst nightmare; having to go with Brock and Fales rather than RT and Brock. Although I know not everyone would agree. So why is Gase so testy? Especially after a thrilling win. I don’t think he is prepared to deal with the backlash if RT is out for a while and Brock remembers he is Brock. Hopefully it will work out until they find a solid #1 sometime this century.

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