Brock Osweiler gave Kenyan Drake a much-needed pep talk

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The Dolphins were a yard away from beating the Bears today when running back Kenyan Drake inexplicably fumbled just before crossing the goal line. Drake was beside himself on the sideline after his fumble, but teammate Brock Osweiler gave him some words of encouragement.

Osweiler, starting at quarterback today in place of the injured Ryan Tannehill, said after the game that he approached Drake on the sideline and told him that the Bears would miss their field goal attempt, and the Dolphins would need Drake to make a big play.

“I went up to Drake right before Chicago kicked the field goal, and I just said, ‘Listen, they’re gonna miss this field goal, and I need you to bring the swagger and confidence you’ve been playing with all day.’ He looked me in the eye and said, ‘OK.’ And sure enough, he’s the guy that made the big play to get us into field goal range. So if that doesn’t talk about working through adversity and mental toughness, I don’t know what does. That’s an example of mental toughness at its finest,” Osweiler said.

Drake confirmed after the game that teammates picked him up after the fumble. Osweiler showed some leadership in his first start as a Dolphin.

25 responses to “Brock Osweiler gave Kenyan Drake a much-needed pep talk

  1. Never thought I’d see a day where I’d tell folks I’d rather have Osweiler as my teams QB lol. Kudos to Oz and the Fins on a good game.

  2. Enough of the Brock talk, this guy has ONE decent game and people are saying he should be the starter..nonsense. if anything now we know we have a decent backup when called upon. He has a weak arm and can’t throw the ball deeper than 20 yards. Stop with all the nonsense of a QB change.

  3. finzfan49:

    Do you not follow football or are you that out if it regarding your own team that you don’t know Brock Osweiler has a damn great arm. His star attribute is his arm strength. Don’t talk about what you don’t know.

  4. In the world of me me me players I thought Brock’s post game comments were refreshing.

  5. I was really happy to see brock come to Houston because i thought he really could be the franchise qn the texans needed. However after a season of inconsistency i was just as happy he was gone. I always felt he was a good teammate and always took resposibility and never made excuses except for the raiders game in mexico city and the laser incident….he had alot swagger and confidence until gametime then he sometimes looked like he was not at all confident. He was replaced with tom savage for christs sake. Anyway i would love to see him do well cuz i think he was on his way till that whole being benched for peyton after pkaying pretty dang good thing happened and i think that messed him up in some way. So fins fans wait a bit before annointing him RTs replacement. As for the “Dolphins Fan” that said he has a weak arm that wont allow him to throw 20+ yards….unless something happened that is unknown to me his arms not the issue. He actually has a good strong arm. If i remeber correctlym i read in the houston chronicle…maybe by john mcclain.. when the texans signed him that he had a cannon. If i read that or not hes got a strong arm and thats not the issue. Issue is between his ears.

  6. I’d be careful about putting Osweiler’s problems in Houston all on his back. He went from being extremely-well coached by Kubiak to a perfectly mediocre coach in O’Brien. O’Brien has this reputation as some kind of QB whisperer, but nobody can actually point to his success in that regard (please – Brady doesn’t count – nobody whispers to Brady).

  7. Brock gets the ball out way faster than RT17, but he has a weird low baseball toss im not comfortable with cause he has more knock downs at the line of scrimmage than any qb i know

  8. Just remember one word before you start “anointing” Osweiler as the starting QB. Fitzmagic!

  9. I’ve never been sold on Tannehill and only slightly more optimistic about Osweiler.
    That being said – You can’t put all the blame for his less than stellar play while with the Texans, as kemp13 said : Osweiler went from being extremely well coached by Kubiak in Denver to a completely mediocre coached O’Brien in Houston.
    Two completely different coaching styles of which Gase is more like Kubiak, which may inspire Osweiler to play good sound football.
    This season is squarely on the heads of Gase & whomever he decides at QB – at which point
    their respective fates are decided.
    I’m hopeful that Gase rides Osweiler at least a couple more games to see if this sparks the Offense.
    I believe Gase put a short leash on Tannehill, thus why have so many QB’s on your roster?
    I also believe part of the reason is Tannehill has NOT progressed enough in 7 seasons, throwing out his time spent on IR – and has never been able to play consistent EVEN when healthy!
    I have also questioned whether Gase was ready to be a HC – some coordinators are better where they are instead of the promotion to HC and he seems to be a bit of a dud at HC,
    YES – I understand Tannenbaum makes the personnel decisions, but does Gase NOT see the glaring needs for this team & speak up ?
    We’ve never had a decent OL or LB bunch while he’s been HC & he seemed to have had Tannehill “forced” onto him…so does Gase deserve a short leash as well ?
    The next 3-4 games will decide the fates of Gase & Tannehill.

  10. Maybe this was the game that lights a fire under Drake.

    If he & Gesicki get rolling.. this offense could be real good regardless of who the QB is.

  11. Someone needed to light a fire under the Bears defense. Oy vey they were brutal in that 2nd half.

  12. That wasn’t a pick play? Really? He ran right in front of Alonso, stopped and gave him a shoulder check to slow him from pursuit. Isn’t that the definition of a pick play? Just because the pick for the Steelers wasn’t called doesn’t make this one any less ‘egregious’. What about the blatant grabbing of Drake’s ankle to trip him at the end of regulation when the Dolphins were getting into FG range? I suppose that wasn’t egregious either? Sometimes you see what you want to see. Holding Mack to 2 tackles was a win for the Dolphins’ O-line. Good job guys.

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