DeMarcus Lawrence on Blake Bortles: What challenge?

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Blake Bortles wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good.

He had only a 70.8 passer rating, completing 15 of 26 passes for 149 yards with one touchdown and one interception. The Cowboys found defending him, uh, rather unchallenging.

“I mean, [expletive], the score was 40-7,” Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence answered, via Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, after being asked about the “challenge” Bortles presented. “I played limited snaps. What challenge?

“I had 25 snaps. The score was 40-7. What are we talking about here?”

What does Lawrence have to lose? The Cowboys won in a blowout. They won’t see the Jaguars in the regular season for another four years anyway, and what are the chances Bortles remains the Jaguars’ quarterback four years from now?

It was a second consecutive poor performance by the Jaguars in the first half. They trailed the Chiefs 20-0 at halftime last week, losing 30-14. On Sunday, they fell behind the Cowboys 24-0 at halftime before losing 40-7.

“Tough to describe,” Bortles said. “I mean, just, pretty much a waste of a day and a trip. You know, not by any means did we do [what] we were planning on doing. Give them credit. They played well, and we played, once again, pretty bad. So, we’ve got to find a way to fix it, and we will. There’s 10 games left; there’s a long way to go. So, 3-3 and [we’ve] got a lot of football left to play. We’ll figure it out and get right whatever it takes. But another one you’ve got to kind of put past you and move on. Turn the page.”

11 responses to “DeMarcus Lawrence on Blake Bortles: What challenge?

  1. DeMarcus isn’t wrong, Bortles didn’t do anything today. The Jags had 1 touchdown, but the Cowboys were already up 24-0.
    It’s not like Bortles scares defense’s.

  2. Well, Bortles is terrible. I’ve been very critical of Bortles but it’s not entirely his fault. They have a lot of injuries on the offensive side of the ball. Plus, it’s not like that offensive line is very good anyway. They only have two good ones and one’s out for the year. In other words, four of their offensive linemen are people nobody else wanted. Still, Bortles could at least be average but once again he put up numbers when the game was already over, mostly because he’s terrible.

    Also, I haven’t heard anything from Jalen Ramsey the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because the defense sucks too. These guys thought they had it made when they beat NE in week 2. Since then they’ve gotten complacent and lazy. In other words, same old Jags.

  3. The Jags decided to stick with Bortles, now they are finding out what that means. This isn’t 2017. Teams have him figured out.

    Super Bowl roster with a junior college QB. What a waste.

  4. so the Jags tried to cut corners on their team cap with Bortles and pin all their running game hopes on a player firmly saddle with the title ‘injury-prone’ and its come back to bite them;

    right now, they couldn’t beat cleveland, Chicago or Oakland or even Green Bay, much less any team legitimately at or above .500;

    now a substantial portion of their cap and a generation of fine defensive players will be lost to the finding and developing of a true NFL-calibre QB it not a given the current regime is capable of given what the put into a single-wing plowhorse under center while bypassing all the talent available at the position these last three years;

    even cleveland found a quarterback, even if they’re about to get him killed like all the rest came before him behind a Sesame Street offensive line and Hue ‘Ground Zero’ Jackson;

    at least they will have company;

    Dallas are going nowhere beyond 8-8 or 9-7 with their wishbone quarterback who runs for near as many yards as he throws and can’t read a defence even if they put up on the Jumbotron what they were going to do before each play;

  5. The cowboys are not that good. What does Ramsey have to say about their defense not showing up?

  6. “Whatever challenge the Jags represent, it ain’t because of Bortles.”


    Ain’t because of the defense, either.

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