Jerry Jones not worried about Dak Prescott running

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones campaigned for Dak Prescott to run more after seeing Cam Newton in the opener. He wanted more quarterback runs, too, after seeing Deshaun Watson against his defense last week.

Ask and ye shall run.

After only 11 rushes by Prescott in the last three games combined, the Cowboys quarterback had 11 carries for 82 yards and a touchdown against Jacksonville. It set career highs for Prescott in carries and rushing yards.

“It just opened everything up,” Prescott said. “Some of it was called runs and just read options. The end game was to read, keep it and a lot of them were just man-to-man protection and man-to-man coverage, and the protection was solid, and I was able to get out of the pocket, and make them pay. At that point, it was making them get a spy guy making adjustments on their part, and it opened up everything for our offense.”

Prescott’s 82 rushing yards ranks second in team history among quarterbacks behind with only Hall of Famer Roger Staubach’s 90 yards on six carries against the Eagles in 1971.

The Cowboys now are 6-0 when Prescott runs it at least seven times.

Jones said Sunday he is fine with Prescott running as much as he did Sunday.

“I am. Yes, I am,” Jones said. “I’d rather see him running like that and sliding than getting chipped and nipped away at the ankles and the sacks that come in with what’s in that pocket. I’m fine with that. That will basically cause us to open it up. We don’t have to rely on that because we’ve got Zeke [Ezekiel Elliott] when we’re at full bore out there. Our antidote is really directly Zeke. We don’t have to depend on a lot of downfield connections for those two. You can hand it off to him or you can keep it.”

10 responses to “Jerry Jones not worried about Dak Prescott running

  1. It really is as simple as that; problem is, Jerry, you have installed one of the most risk-averse coaches in professional sports. I mean, this is the kind of coach that “goes for it” sometimes just to say that he did, not because he believes in it. JG believes in “they knew it was coming, and we did it anyway”.

    How in the world did they settle on this guy as the coach in the first place? Jerry a riverboat gambler and JG the coach that preserves his job at all costs (by avoiding any risk). It’s almost like Jerry has a psychological need to hire coaches that are worse football people than himself…?

  2. Well they can get away with that for a few games. Prescott hasn’t been a run threat. Now he is and it’s on the tape. He might have some short term success, but it won’t last–or he won’t.

  3. When Dak runs, he seems to play better. So, there’s something to it that when he runs the passing game opens up. It forces the defense to loosen up their coverage.

  4. Well Prescott could not be what he wanted to be. And that the team suffered a bit. But when he does do things he wants to do. The team wins it seems. Hope they can keep on but not let him get hurt at the same time.

  5. Dak Prescott &Co put up 40 pts in the league’s #1 pass defense & #1 overall defense in the NFL

    Jax has the fewest points allowed in the 1st qrt, 1st half & we shredded em

    But this only commentor; thefiesty1 says we played a sorry team 🤣😆😂

    People hate being proven wrong & especially looking bad in the process

  6. Jerrah doesn’t mind him running if they win. If they lose and Dak gets hurt he’ll say the opposite.

  7. When Dallas clicks the are clock eaters. They play to WIN. They score. Lets hope that they just needed time to Gel and get experience playing together and this is the New Norm. Cuz THIS DEFENSE is LEGIT! Wonder what they are thinking before the trade deadline. ? I hope Dak and his receivers will practice and be in the film room in the bye week.

  8. Oh! Oh! Mr. Jerry I will be your RB and your QB cause the team wins more when I run that thang for the boss man and it pleases Becky, too. Oh, Dak you only 1/2 black so don’t get to worked up about it b/c you can get hurt and we cannot afford to have that happen. Oh, yes Mr. Jerry, and I will only take a knee when I propose to Becky on the Star at mid-field. That’s exactly right, otherwise you get a 2-game suspension Dak, and Becky is going to be mad for cutting her short on her earnings. That’s right, I have a boss man on the field and a boss woman off the field.

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