Kelvin Benjamin: Report about pregame warmup “misinformation”

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Before Sunday’s game against the Texans, Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin was the subject of a report stating that he rebuffed a request from quarterback Josh Allen to run routes during pregame warmup.

Benjamin slammed the report by Jenna Cottrell of 13 WHAM after the game. The wideout called it “misinformation” and said he told Allen he was ready when the quarterback asked if he needed to do anything else to warm up.

“It still wasn’t a question of whether, ‘Do you want to run routes?’ and I declined,” Benjamin said, via Mike Rodak of “It was just somebody just trying to take something and run with it and try to get their name out there. Pregame is the player’s choice to warm up to get ready for the game. I just feel bad for you [reporters] because I feel like that messes up a lot of the report that y’all try to put out there — the truth — to put lies out there. [That’s why] a lot of players are kind of standoffish against reporters. It sucks for y’all fellas.”

Benjamin was also asked about a perception that he’s not working hard enough.

“That’s what they gonna believe, man,” Benjamin said. “I can’t do nothing about that. I can only control what I can control, which is coming in every day, busting my ass and doing what I got to do for this team to win. … Everybody else is clutter. That’s noise. I can’t feed into that.”

Benjamin had two catches for 43 yards in the 20-13 loss to Houston.

9 responses to “Kelvin Benjamin: Report about pregame warmup “misinformation”

  1. Sorry, given his history, I don’t believe him. Also, didn’t the original story mention there were people (more than one person) who heard the conversation. So who do we believe? Do we believe a guy who is a chronic malcontent? Not likely.

  2. Kelvin had always struck me as a guy happy to do the absolute bare minimum. What was initially reported wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  3. Whether or not Benjamin is an idiot, if a reporter half-checks a story before putting it out there and doesn’t even report the entire situation, it’s 100% on them. Everyone whines about fake news in today’s world but nobody bothers to remind reporters than its their appetite for sensationalist kneejerking that created that whole institution of fake news.

    Benjamin needs to mature but he’s right. Reporters to get to ask and print whatever they want, and it’s the players that have to deal with the consequences.

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