Raiders reportedly shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

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With the trade deadline only 16 days away and the Raiders potentially landing at 1-5 later today, it could be fire sale time for a team that soon will be loading up the moving trucks.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Raiders have been shopping receiver Amari Cooper and safety Karl Joseph. Cooper was a first-round pick in 2015, and Joseph arrived via round one in 2016.

Cooper has become a good player, albeit with some inconsistencies. Joseph has largely been a disappointment.

There’s a connection between these players and former Raider Khalil Mack, apart from the fact that the team picked all three in round one. Cooper, Joseph, and Mack are all represented by Joel Segal. And the willingness to trade Cooper and Joseph could be influenced in part by an unwillingness to try to negotiate long-term deals with the guy who won decisively a stare down with Jon Gruden.

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  1. I wish to revise my preseason 4-12 forecast for this team. I now think they will go 1-40 and relocate to Guatemala.

  2. I was beginning to think Gruden was the second coming of Chip Kelly. Now I’m starting to think he is the second coming of Art Shell. A coach with decent results who ownership regretted getting rid of, only to be brought back years later after the game passed him by. *sigh*

  3. But, but, but, the Raiders are not rebuilding, right? Gruden is milking every dime of his 10 year contract.


    Another idiot using the but but but but cliche

  4. Gruden couldn’t wait to coach again so he could blow a team up. What a disaster this has turned into. I don’t know about Joseph,but someone should snag Cooper in a hurry.

  5. jwil007 says:
    October 14, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    WOW!!! Tanking for sure but for whom???


    A quarterback? I’m pretty sure there’s no love lost between Gruden and Carr.

  6. Reggie will be gone before next years draft, Chucky not impressed with those first round picks

  7. Come on, Gutekunst. Show you’re not Ted Thompson. Use that first round pick you got from the Saints and put Cooper opposite Adams. Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting any younger.

  8. As a pats fan, I have no dog in this fight, but I mentioned when Gruden was rehired that the league is 10 years ahead of him after he was canned and wouldn’t stop saying spider banana in the broadcast booth. Gruden is alienating that locker room. No doubt in my mind, that those poor passionate raider fans are going to continue to suffer when things just started looking bright…….

  9. Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about a maritime disaster called “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, one can only wonder if he could write a song about another disaster known as the RaiDUH’s?

  10. I see that Jon Gruden has been reading the Chip Kelly and Derek Jeter handbook of getting rid of your best players.

  11. Gruden’s plan all along is to break this team down to a few young players and start over. He will get rid of Carr also.
    In 2 or 3 years he will have a contender again.

  12. Nothing bothers me more than soft, fat, out of shape wide receivers and defensive backs.

  13. Gruden is going to turn it all around next year. He’s no dummy. He’ll load up for next year and mold his team. Anyone expecting a one year turnaround is a little short sighted.

  14. navyvandal says:
    October 14, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    wouldn’t stop saying spider banana in the broadcast booth.
    After watching MNF this season, I’d give anything to have Gruden and that spider banana stuff back.

  15. LMAO!
    Not only is Gruden the worst personnel guy in the history of the NFL. He’s also a quitter. Quitting on the season only 5 games in? Wow!

    Any Raider fan that attends a game in 2018 is mentally challenged – to be politically correct. Come hop on this 49ers bandwagon. We’re open for business. 49ers don’t quit. We could be 1-10 and won’t quit.

  16. I can’t honestly think of how Gruden would be popular to any fan capable of rational thought except for fans of the Raiders AFCW rivals (Chiefs/Broncos/Chargers) and others who intensely dislike the Silver & Black.

    In a very short period of time, Gruden has willfully set the Raiders back to their bottom-feeder status which they had finally seemed to shake off a few years ago. And the “credit” for this disaster goes to the owner who cynically hired Gruden as a publicity stunt and has obviously has no interest whatsoever in putting a winning product on the field.

  17. So PFT blames Gruden by postulating that Gruden fears the agent for these players.
    Oh yes, GMs, HC’s all fear the agents lmao….NOT.
    MAYBE, just maybe…these players are NOT as good as the media portrays them to be.
    If that is the case (most likely), then it is SMART for the raiders to trade them while they still have some value.

  18. After watching MNF this season, I’d give anything to have Gruden and that spider banana stuff back.

    I haven’t watched a SINGLE MNF game this season since my pats, or my wife’s bears (I live in Chicago) are playing. I refuse to.

  19. Hate to say we told you, but we told you Raider fans. He will destroy your roster and then say he doesn’t have the players after he’s done it (see Mack, Khalil). Cooper was their best offensive player just two years ago, but now Gruden can’t fix it. Sensing a theme? But he’ll get you some old guys and try to sell it to you as the future.

  20. If they’re having a fire sale, I would love to see a 3rd round pick from the Pack for Nelson.
    Obviously, the Packers offense ain’t the same without him, even if he has lost a step.
    Maybe then Aaron could get back into his groove….

  21. This is a pretty low class execution of a pretty tasteless plan. In less than half of one NFL season, Gruden has effectively jettisoned every single player Reggie drafted, and almost everyone he brought in as a free agent. He did so after publicly speaking about how he loved Oakland and would do everything he could to win, and how he and Reggie were going to work together. Maybe he does end up rebuilding a winner in 3 or 4 years. Maybe he doesn’t. It’s irrellevant. He’s a phony and a liar this year. That’s pretty obvious. The only thing that is still a question is whether he will ever figure out how to win in today’s NFL.

    I was so supportive and excited about his return…and I have already lost interest in these games. There is losing…and then there is losing like that…consistently. He should be ashamed of himself. None of the players that he brought in have proven to be a significant improvement. Some are marginally better. Some are noticeably worse. The pass rush is the worst I have seen it in years. WTF is the plan? The product is just gross this year. It hurts me to see this happening again.

    News flash Chucky! HOPE is a finite resource…and Raider Nation is running dangerously low!! You better find someway to replenish the stockpile or you are not going to be welcome in Vegas either.

  22. Easy for me to say since I’m no NFL coach but it feels like Gruden has lost his connection to the game having spent so much time on ESPN.

    Isn’t it ironic that a guy who spent his time “grooming” quarterbacks on a scripted show can’t relate to an entire team?

    BTW: This trade opportunity has Cowboys written all over it.

  23. Gruden should had IMHO stayed in the booth for Monday Night. Raiders look nothing special. But the Almighty Dollar and more power to him changed that.

  24. Those two players are almost as worthless as their head coach. Dumpster fire continues to burn on. Basement dwellers.

  25. Cooper is going to be expensive to re-sign when his rookie contract is up. Therefore it makes sense to trade him if they don’t think he is an elite receiver.

  26. The Raiders have had 1 winning season in the last 16 years, and Gruden wants to take the team in a different direction? I don’t understand why that’s so difficult to comprehend. I’m not making this stuff up. It’s right there in black and white. One winning season in 16 years. Why would you pay a guy $100 million to keep going down the same losing path?

  27. Carr will be traded as well. Gruden keeps throwing him under the bus, just like he did with Mack. Penn will also be traded.

    It’s pretty clear the Raiders do not care about winning in Oakland and they are setting up to stockpile picks for their move to Vegas and start their team next year.

    Looks bad now but it could be great for the future of the Vegas Raiders.

  28. “With the trade deadline only 16 days away and the Raiders potentially landing at 1-5 later today, it could be fire sale time for a team that soon will be loading up the moving trucks.

    Jay Tanker of Tank reports that the Tankers have been shopping tanker Amari Cooper and tank Karl Joseph. Cooper was a first-round tank in 2015, and Joseph tanked via round one in 2016.

    Tank tank tank tank tank tank, albeit tank tank tank. Tank has largely tank tank disappointment. Las Vegas Raiders 2020.”

  29. John Gruden took over a really bad football team. Kind of mirrors Hue Jacksons first year in Cleveland.

  30. Watch BB trade a 7th rounder and some chowda to Doltland for Carr next offseason.

  31. October 14, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    WOW!!! Tanking for sure but for whom???


    A quarterback? I’m pretty sure there’s no love lost between Gruden and Carr.

    32 5
    I hope it is for Justin Herbert from Oregon. I would much rather see him as a Raider than a Giant or Bronco. I have faith in Gruden, although I have no claim to sanity as someone posted above that you would have to be insane to like this guy.

  32. “guy who won decisively a stare down with Jon Gruden.”

    Yeah, not even close to being true or based in the real world. The draft picks Raiders are stockpiling show Gruden won a showdown with a greedy player who overvalued his worth as if he is a franchise QB.

    Like it or not, no matter how much people want to wine and complain, Gruden is building towards the future and towards the Raiders arriving in Las Vegas a brand new team. Short term it isn’t fun to watch but it is exciting to see where the Raiders go from here.

  33. Arizona needs to call OAK up and offer up their 2nd round pick for him. Being AZ is going to be picking at the very top end of rd2 its essentially a late first round pick basically, if Keim can pull off that trade he will be given Josh Rosen a crucial weapon he needs on the outside and they will have two good young WR”s in place for Josh Rosen going into the future n Cooper n Kirk. AZ can then add a couple more via the draft and in free agency this off-season. Not only would Cooper help going into the future but would help this season to.

  34. Me thinks that Gruden is sticking it to the Raisers forcanning him back in the day..

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