Gareon Conley didn’t play a defensive snap Sunday

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Word heading into Sunday’s game against the Seahawks was that the Raiders would be replacing cornerback Gareon Conley in the starting lineup.

That turned out to be true as Daryl Worley got the start in London on Sunday. Conley’s fall went far beyond dropping out of the first team, however.

Conley didn’t play a single defensive snap in the 27-3 loss.

“Conley’s still a young guy,” head coach Jon Gruden said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “We’re going to reiterate that over and over. His career is just getting started.”

Given the Raiders’ record and the need to build a team, some would wonder why the Raiders would give snaps to Worley, Leon Hall or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie over their 2017 first-round pick. Sunday began with a report that the team’s shopping 2015 first-rounder Amari Cooper and 2016 first-rounder Karl Joseph, however, so Conley’s predicament isn’t an unusual one for players once thought to be a big part of the Raiders’ future.

8 responses to “Gareon Conley didn’t play a defensive snap Sunday

  1. It doesn’t look like Conley is 100%. He wasn’t covering well when he was in there, and he was missing easy wide open tackles. He might have an injury he’s not telling the coaches about.

  2. First round picks are supposed to make an immediate impact. The CB’s on this team are not great. And Conley isn’s good enough to play a single snap. 2015 (Cooper), 2016 (Joseph) and Conley (2017) – Joseph and Conley don’t play, Cooper plays a couple of games a year. And people wonder why Gruden likes proven veterans.

  3. Mr. Conley may, indeed, be getting an extended *rookie’s* exemption from this coaching staff, but it’s plain that Gruden finds the vast majority of young players he inherited to be totally unserviceable for his staff’s strategies/methods.

    Bye-week really may mean “Bye”.

  4. Conley has one of the lowest QB rating when thrown too. He’s actually covering fairly well, a couple of breakdowns here and there, and yes his tackling is garbage, but the talk that he can’t play is so not true. Playing Hall and DRC over him is insanity. PFT is talking about Worley like he’s not a young, fairly high draft pick. He played well yesterday besides his one brain fart. He got beat deep once but had really good coverage and actually turns around to locate the ball unlike virtually every Raiders corner over the past decade.

  5. Face it Gruden like’s old slow guys, and I’m not talking about Worley or Melvin. Trading Cooper, Jospeh, etc….just confirms Reggie has nothing to do with this team anynore….Mark Davis is clueless.

  6. It’s time for Reggie to go. Hayden, Conley, Joseph, and now Cooper are all looking like busts. Not to mention all the 2nd and 3rd rounders he’s missed on. Mack might be the only good pick during Reggie’s tenure.

  7. Pity the first round picks Gruden has next year! It’s like the kiss of death for young guys with him!

  8. Look, I’m not going to pretend all these players that Reggie drafted in the first and second round have been great, but let’s keep it real here. Your organization only gets so many first and second round picks. Period. These players have been around for a year or two, and most have been plagued by injuries…then they were introduced to an entirely new staff and system. Gruden has seen them for less than half of one season. The questions are how well can you coach them up, and how long are you willing to wait for them to develop?

    If the answers are not much and not long…we have a problem. If the plan is just to scrap the last 5 drafts in their entirety…we will not be competitive…for two reasons. Replacing them all with veterans results in a much more challenging salary cap situation, and they would all have to come in with an immediate impact and higher upside. That has not been the case so far, so we will see. That’s a tough situation to manage. I think Conley can play, and we desperately need a number one corner.

    I also think people forget that Joseph can play. He can cover and ball hawk. He doesn’t have to be tall to do that well. He could play free safety, and we could find an upgrade at strong safety to cover tight ends. I don’t think any of our safeties have impressed, and I don’t think any of them are on long term deals…so what is the long term solution there. We can’t draft every position on defense next year. Some guys have to get coached up and play on rookie deals.

    Cooper is another story. I have no doubt he will be great somewhere else, but he isn’t consistent enough for us. We aren’t going to pay him, so it’s wise to get what we can now. It sucks, but I’m okay with it. Lots of teams get more production from guys that were drafted significantly lower in the draft.

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