Josh Allen seeking second opinion on his injured elbow

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The Bills call Josh Allen week to week with a right elbow injury.

But the rookie quarterback will get a second opinion on an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports. The team will send an MRI to Dr. James Andrews.

Dr. Leslie Bisson, who completed his fellowship under Dr. Andrews, is overseeing Allen’s treatment and therapy.

The Bills to do not want to rush Allen’s return, according to Mortensen, and instead want the injury to fully heal. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota missed two starts with his elbow injury, which was UCL-related, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

“Just take it one day at a time,” Bills coach Sean McDermott said Monday.

The Bills have Nathan Peterman and the newly signed Derek Anderson behind Allen. Peterman has three touchdowns and nine interceptions in six career games. He threw a pick-six that gave the Texans the late lead Sunday and then threw another on the next possession, which iced the game for Houston.

24 responses to “Josh Allen seeking second opinion on his injured elbow

  1. Jeez. Poor Buffalo. If it’s Tommy John, and we all know James Andrews is the Dr. Kevorkian of elbow MRIs, poor kid will be out until 2020.

  2. I can almost see Derek Anderson putting on the bib to scarf one last fat check.

    Its good to be a winner everywhere, but if you have to be a loser NFL pays better than most.

  3. If you watch the play its so billsian. Allen looks like he didn’t really even get wacked hard. im sure he was but jesus, how much bad luck can a fan base take ? Patriots next….oh boy.

  4. The issue with Mariota wasn’t the UCL–it was also an injury to the ulnar nerve when he got hit on the elbow–he had weakness in the hand and a very hard time being able to grip the ball until the nerve healed. And it is a slow process.

    That being said, an Ulnar collateral ligament injury in the throwing arm of a QB is not great either. But hopefully, it gets fixed with just rest. And the Bills are very, very silly for going with Peterman as the starter. They should have kept AJ. If Peterman was going to flame out again, they were setting up Allen to be thrown to the wolves. Allen still needs a lot of work and behind that line and with limited weapons….well you did not want him to get hurt to slow down his development or cause problems for 2019.

    How many QBs have a 5 INT day, and follow it up with tons of turnovers and keep their job? They never should have put that much faith in Peterman, even to be a bridge to Allen.

  5. If McBeane are smart they’ll use this as the perfect excuse to sit Allen for the rest of the season. He should have never been out there in the first place… except that our other QBs were AJ “Let’s trade this guy for a 5th rounder” McCarron, and Nate “Interception record” Peterman.

    Great QB planning, guys. Really. SMH.

  6. Some are reporting out for a month. Just as well, Allen might be better watching for a few weeks. No choice but to start Peterman next weekend, Bills have no one else. Barring anything major with the elbow, it’s better than the head or lower body injuries.

  7. McDermott’s starting Peterman this week with Anderson as the back up, he’s giving Peterman a final final final final chance apparently. They’re gonna be real paitent letting Josh Allen heal from the elbow injury

  8. Here are 3 things even more Billsian than that.

    1. Petermans pick 6 after a really nice TD strike to Zay Jones to take the lead.

    2. Bills strip sack Watson for the THIRD time in the game on his own 20 with 3 mins left… but fail to fall on the football. Texans were actually VERY lucky to come away with the W here; Bills had more than one opportunity to put it away. I guess you could call this one Brownsian too.

    3. Bills going into the season with Allen and Peterman as the only QBs on the roster. I mean… COME ON! Even the aforementioned Browns at their lowest point would not be crazy enough to do this!

    If you watch the play its so billsian. Allen looks like he didn’t really even get wacked hard. im sure he was but jesus, how much bad luck can a fan base take ? Patriots next….oh boy.

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  9. Stupidly gave away mccarron for a 5th. Maybe they can get him back for a 3rd (and peterman). Lmfao. That’s the price you pay. Supply/demand/desperation

  10. If only the Bills had gotten a second opinion on Josh Allen before drafting him. This organization has no idea what it is doing when it comes to QB.

  11. Dr. James Andrews must be a bazillionaire by now. He’s also 76. Hopefully he lives long and prospers but it’s time to find out who is the second best orthopedic surgeon is.

  12. tfootball1234 says:
    October 15, 2018 at 11:42 pm
    If you watch the play its so billsian. Allen looks like he didn’t really even get wacked hard. im sure he was but jesus, how much bad luck can a fan base take ? Patriots next….oh boy.
    Unless the schedule has changed, they play the Colts next.

  13. As a Browns fan, I feel for Bills fans everywhere. This sucks. My only hope is that the Bills let Allen’s recovery proceed at its own pace. The Colts allowed Luck to keep playing and look where it got them. Washington played RGIII in that playoff game with his gimpy knee and his speed never fully recovered.

    This is not the player’s decision, the only concern should be about him healing for his long-term future. NFL players are going to be super competitive – that’s who these guys are and part of why they kept progressing to the next level in their football careers. Players and teams allow/expect/demand that players play hurt all the time – but with something like this the team needs to do the right thing and let him heal.

  14. It doesn’t matter one bit! Anybody they put in three will be terrible! Such is life in Buffalo.

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