Brock Osweiler continues his strange connection with the Bears

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The Bears should either sign Brock Osweiler, or kill him.

Osweiler has started games for three different franchises during his career, the Broncos, Texans, and Dolphins. And his first start for each team came against, yes, the Bears. And, of course, he won each of those games.

In 2015, Osweiler’s first start for the Broncos became a 17-15 win over the Bears, in Chicago. In 2016, a Week One game in Houston became a 23-14 win over the Bears. And on Sunday, in his first start with the Dolphins, a visit from the Bears to Miami became a 31-28 overtime win.

Making the coincidence even more fascinating is the fact that the Broncos, Texans, and Dolphins each belong to the AFC, which means that they play the Bears only once every four years.

Osweiler will get a chance to get his second win as a starter with a visit from another NFC North team, the Lions. And they’re coached by Matt Patricia, who ran the defense in New England for perhaps the most significant regular-season win of Osweiler’s career in Denver — and for a pair of wins over the Texans during Osweiler’s only season in Houston, including a playoff victory by the Patriots.

10 responses to “Brock Osweiler continues his strange connection with the Bears

  1. Strange career! Even almost had a cup of coffee in Cleveland! He’s making money though! It must be great to be 6 foot 7!

  2. Bears prepared for THill and got Osweiler at the last minute. With a week to prepare the Lions should be ready for Brock. Still like the Fins to win but I’d rather see THill back for this one if he’s healthy. Much stronger arm deep and over the middle. Not one pass completion deep against DaBears. The one thrown to Parker looked like a duck. If it’s Osweiler this week it’s Drake and Gore that beats them.

  3. chickensalad43
    Oct 16, 2018, 5:05 PM EDT
    It wasn’t so much Osweiler as it was the heat that killed the Bears. Their defense was gassed and couldn’t get any pressure. Or tackle in general.
    So what was the excuse at the beginning of the game?

  4. I watched a lot of that Miami/Bears game Sunday with music on in my headphones. I kept saying, “Man! Matt Moore is ballin’ out there!”

    Osweiller looked really good. Hope the Fins make the playoffs. Good to see the OG franchises come back to life

  5. I’m not sure if Chicago was as much overrated or just unprepared for the heat & humidity
    in South Florida, their Defense was definitely wasted in the second half though.
    Osweiler doesn’t posses a deep ball threat & Tannehill isn’t much better, but his pocket awareness is still leaps better than Tannnehill.
    If Osweiler plays smart, Drake holds on to the ball & Wilson can exploit those short passe
    we may surprise a few more teams this season.

  6. “Osweiler doesn’t posses a deep ball threat”


    Well, he does actually. His mistakes usually occur underneath reading coverages or taking bad sacks.

  7. I was impressed by Brock’s pocket presence.
    I haven’t seen Tannehill display that type of pocket presence, ever.

    I’m glad we’ll have a chance to see if this was just a one off game for Brock, or maybe he has turned the corner and can run this offense.

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