Cowboys to stay in D.C. an extra night for team trip to museum

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The Cowboys might not get invited to the White House anytime soon, but they’re taking a day off Monday to stay in Washington and see some other sights.

Via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys will take advantage of the bye week after this week’s game in Washington to stay in D.C. overnight so players and coaches can attend the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said that coach Jason Garrett suggested the trip to the team’s leadership council, and it quickly gained traction there. They’ve taken a number of other field trips in the past, visiting the Navy Seals headquarters in San Diego in 2012 after a preseason game, and the Ground Zero memorial in New York City in 2015.

“It’s huge, I’m excited for it,” Prescott said. “I think it’s going to be a great trip. We are going to learn a lot and see some things. I think it’s going to be great for our team, great camaraderie.”

Players are generally off Monday anyway, so it’s an easy addition to their schedule.

“We just thought it was a great opportunity because of proximity,” owner Jerry Jones said. “It means so much to the players but also the National Football League and our game. Here we are in the nation’s capital and wanted to take the time to do that. We are making a big effort to go over there.”

Of course, Jones probably wouldn’t mind a trip to another Washington landmark, but his General Manager would need to stock his team with better players for that to become a reality anytime soon.

17 responses to “Cowboys to stay in D.C. an extra night for team trip to museum

  1. Apparently their first stop once inside will be to get a glimpse of the franchise’s championship relics from the 20th century!

  2. What if some players don’t want to go?
    Will the media excoriate those players or will the media give them the same latitude that it gave Eagles players who chose not to go to the WH to meet President Trump?
    Since this museum involves political correctness, the media will, of course, opt for the former.

  3. why not take them to a few war memorials so they might get a clue of what the greatest generation sacrificed for them to be able to make millions playing a game.

  4. “…would NEED to stock his team with better players”. Or not. Maybe, I dunno, one of the youngest teams in the NFL would get better over time? Or maybe the team’s missing All Pro Center will return and help elevate the offense to 2016 levels (which would certainly be “enough” with the team’s current defense)? Not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s pretty dumb to state that it definitely cannot.

  5. The Truth says:
    October 16, 2018 at 8:36 am
    why not take them to a few war memorials so they might get a clue of what the greatest generation sacrificed for them to be able to make millions playing a game.

    So the Navy Seal visit and the 911 memorial visit weren’t enough flag waving patriotism for you? Or did you not read the whole article?

    I know this may be difficult for you to grasp, but for many people in this country and the majority of NFL players the historical figures in the National Museum of African American History and Culture are just as responsible for their ability to make millions playing a game.

  6. If their eyes are opened and their minds are on (and the headphones off) while they walk through that museum, they’ll learn a lot about a crucial part of American history.

    So would anyone who is concerned with “political correctness” or would rather extol the virtues of “the greatest generation” (as if that generation’s name alone doesn’t prove that their virtues are extolled on the reg).

  7. Or maybe they can take players who kneel to the National Anthem to the Arlington National Cemetery and disrespect even more hero’s. smh.

  8. Maybe a bus trip to the practice field then the film room would help them more…you want to sight see, then the millionaires should go in the off-season.

  9. Apparently for some people war is the only thing for Americans to be proud about. Not enough reality and too many movies for some folks. I never met a war vet that didn’t chastise actual combat.

  10. Watch them fall flat in the game in anticipation of the Museum trip! Wouldn’t want to cloud their minds with too much detail! Oh boy! Cowbabies going on a field trip!

  11. DC’s museums are the treasures of our people. All our people. Anyone that can get here should. This is our heritage. Learn it live it love it. And remember that love includes protesting injustice wherever it exists. That’s actualy a moral requirement of citizenship.
    HTTR, and kudos to JJ. Enjoy the city I love, and bring home a desire to motivate the people of Dallas to vote. I don’t care if they vote for this side or that side. Point is, we are on the same side.

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