Jon Gruden dismisses unhappy Rashaan Melvin as “confused”

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On Sunday, Raiders cornerback Rashaan Melvin publicly voiced his displeasure with reduced playing time on defense. On Tuesday, Raiders coach Jon Gruden responded to Melvin by taking a shot at him.

“Melvin is on his seventh team,” Gruden told reporters. “Maybe he is confused about what technique he is using. He is frustrated. I can’t blame him. . . . He is a good kid.

It’s the latest example of Gruden being surprisingly candid with the media regarding concerns about his players. From Khalil Mack before the trade to Derek Carr from time to time to now Melvin, Gruden is willing to talk about his players in less-than-stellar ways when talking to the press. Perhaps he’s trying to use the media to send messages, misguided as they may seem to be.

Then again, Jon is on his third team. Maybe he is confused about what motivational technique he is using. He is frustrated. I can’t blame him. He is a good guy.

His team isn’t. And it’s hard not to wonder whether the team would be better than 1-5 if it had stuck with Jack Del Rio, especially since retaining Del Rio may have meant retaining Mack.

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  1. Then again, Jon is on his third team. Maybe he is confused about what motivational technique he is using. He is frustrated. I can’t blame him. He is a good guy.

    Ouch Florio! Well said.

  2. I love the way Gruden talks. He actually says something. I get a kick out of Bill Belichick too, but only because he never gives you anything. It’s good for a laugh, but with Gruden, at least he gives you good information. Gruden was so successful as a coach, and quickly rose to the top on TV. Now he has a $100 million fully guaranteed deal. That’s enough to make a lot of people jealous. I like successful people. I guess I don’t understand all the bitterness.

  3. I think we all recognize Melvin isnt a true #1 corner in this league and mightve been a tad foolish of us to expect that from him. But he was coming off a really good year so i guess maybe hes right about scheme.

    He started off the season pretty well for us, he was def the most consistent guy there while everyone was getting their feet under them. But hes been giving up big play after big play the last few weeks.

    Worley coverage has been really good, hes on the WR like a blanket but just isnt making enough plays on the ball, though to be fair some of the Seattle WR made some great catches with him all up in their grill, im confident in his ability though hes forsure our best option outside atm.

  4. This guy is the most overrated head coach in the history of the NFL. He destroys all that he touches, lies to players, and sets organizations back for his duration of coaching. What’s it going to take for owners and players to realize that he cannot coach? Players hate working with this guy. It shouldn’t take long for him to lose the locker room. What a waste of money!!

  5. “CC sez:…don’t understand all the bitterness.”

    Try this on: OAK fans thought Gruden was coming in to oversee a ‘remodeling job’; instead he’s decided to proceed with a complete ‘tear-down’: huge differential in perceptions.


  6. Man, I like Gruden, but he’s making an ass of himself. He’s got a contract that will allow him to clean house if he wants to, but what good free agent is going to want to sign up for this? Raiders can’t afford to overpay players to get them to come there either.

  7. Gruden is a really easy target right now. Similar to Josh McDaniels Denver moves and Chip Kelly’s moves with the Eagles, Gruden the GM is hurting Gruden the coach.

  8. A rebuild is a rebuild, doesn’t matter if you are 0-16 or 7-9. The message from OAK is that they are sitting out this year, and rebuilding for next (& +2) when the open up their new stadium here in Vegas. This team is stacked with dead weight and old, it will be dumped on the first day of the offseason. There will be more surprising cuts like DC, Amari Cooper and others. Raider fans may as well pack it in for this year. The decision to trade Mack was made long after the decision to tank & rebuild, it is all part of a plan. Personally I hate the Raiders and don’t care one way or another about Chucky. But it is clear that they are tanking and preparing to gut the roster. There should be no expectations for quality play on the field. This is a dead franchise until it is reborn in Vegas. We should revisit this team in 2020.

  9. Fun fact, somebody put this quote on Gruden’s wikipedia page and I can no longer tell which part of it is fake:

    “I’m wasting my time. I got to go compete. I got to steal hundreds of millions from the Raiders.”

  10. I feel like the media whines when coaches don’t give them anything.

    Gruden is actually just giving a legit answer. I don’t think that should really be a strike against him.

    Players nowadays are constantly giving their thoughts on this that and the other thing. This seems pretty reasonable for Gruden to say.

    He has clearly come into Oakland with the long game in mind. Seems like people are still reacting like their was a moral wrong committed in the Mack ordeal. Gruden is trying to build for the future and I guess I don’t think that should seem so severely controversial.

  11. Gruden has coached two pro football teams, not three. The team he coaches now traded him for 2 1st round picks and he then beat them in the Super Bowl. Hard to challenge him for being too traveled

  12. Maybe the GM is a poor evaluator of talent, THAT is why the Raiders suck so bad.
    But the GM is not caucasian so he gets a pass from the media, of course.

  13. The process seems to be lost on just about everyone. This team was not meant to compete for anything this year but their jobs. This team is being completely demolished and being re-imagined. Total change of direction from the previous 2 regimes.
    Those coaches were brought in to win now. Gruden has been brought in to build a team that will be competitive for years and hopefully decades. Patriots would be the current measuring stick for that.
    Have to take this season for what it’s worth – seeing who will survive to next season. It’s clear coach has no connections to anyone on the current roster and he’s going to fill the roster next year with guys he can trust and completely buy in. He’s gaining capital right now to do that through the draft.

  14. Don’t worry Raider fans. Gruden’s schemes are going to go out there and win some games. He doesn’t need players. no wonder the Buc vets hated his guts by the time he got fired. He just expedited the process his second go around in Oakland.

  15. Gruden may get through next year and then Davis will realize he should let him go. I said from the beginning that they should have given Rio another year.

  16. Worley has came in and completely took melvins job. Melvin thought he had the #2cb job because of what he did last year. Gruden is tried of complacent, and lazy play. He started off nice, and has been giving up huge play after huge play. I know I’m alone on this, but I cant wait to get rid of most of these guys and start a new era. Coop, carr, our whole Oline, our DBs are too inconsistent to be relied on, and quite frankly they’ve been given enough time. Time to get some FOOTBALLERS in silver and black!

  17. Maybe there are certain instances that I’m wrong about this, but I would think that most coaches put the best players on the field. He could probably dial back the comments to the press, however. Not that he’s making anything up.

  18. JDR or not, the Raiders were not paying Mack what he wanted.

    One of the leagues lower talent QB’s got the nod as a backup and beat the Bears with Mack and his mega contract and no first round picks for two years.

    Maybe JDR should coach the Bears.

  19. seahawks1972 says:
    October 16, 2018 at 7:10 pm
    The GM is holding that title in name only Gruden has all the power


    I think what dryzzt23 was saying is that Gruden inherited a bad roster, but nobody in the media can say anything negative about the guy responsible for the current players because they’ll be called a racist.

  20. And it’s hard not to wonder whether the team would be better than 1-5 if it had stuck with Jack Del Rio, especially since retaining Del Rio may have meant retaining Mack.


    As a Raiders fan since the 1970’s I’m not concerned with better than 1-5. Mediocrity doesn’t interest me. Championships do.

    Melvin went against the new coaching staff and publicly stated they don’t know how to correctly use him. Any coach worth his weight in salt would have put the player in his place. Oh and I’ll take those 1st round picks over Mack too. My money says Gruden turns at least one of them into an extra 2nd round pick whilst acquiring another future 1st rounder the following season.

  21. “His team isn’t. And it’s hard not to wonder whether the team would be better than 1-5 if it had stuck with Jack Del Rio, especially since retaining Del Rio may have meant retaining Mack.”


    My sentiments exactly. I think that the Raiders could’ve been in decent shape if Del Rio was retained and he was given an ultimatum to bring in decent coordinators. Getting rid of Lynch & Penn would’ve also helped.

    From the moment Gruden was hired, I viewed this as a huge downgrade from Del Rio from a game-day HC standpoint. And what made it much worse was that Son-of-Al gave Gruden full GM-authority which allowed Gruden to put a flamethrower to the roster.

  22. Oakland fans proving they can’t count. This is his third team. He coached the Raiders. Then the Bucs. And now the Raiders again. That’s three teams he has coached. One of them twice.

    It’s not that complex for most of us.

  23. Man….feel bad for Raider fans as they are royal screwed with this guy for 5 years, then rebuild!! Ugh

  24. I remember when Gruden was Mike Holmgren’s chauffeur in Green Bay. Used to ride his bicycle to work … even in snow and ice weather. He LOVED that bike. That’s neither here nor there so…

    Yeah, RaiderNation, sorry but you’re in for the long haul with Gruden. I just don’t see it happening with Gruden. You guys deserve better.

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