Cam Newton unconcerned about down-field passing

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Cam Newton‘s completion percentage stands at a career season-best 65.9, well above his career average of 58.9. He has nine touchdowns and four interceptions.

But Newton averages only 6.8 yards per attempt, which ties for 27th among quarterbacks with at least 90 attempts.

The Panthers quarterback has completed only 1 of 14 passes that traveled at least 20 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, according to NFL’s Next Gen Stats. Devin Funchess made a leaping 23-yard touchdown last week for the one long completion.

But questions about the Panthers’ down-the-field passing didn’t sit well with Newton on Wednesday.

“We good. We are good. I don’t know if these questions are just kind of rubbing me the wrong way, but look, we are good,” Newton said, via Bill Voth of the team website. “Ain’t no need to worry about whatever hasn’t happened or what we need to do. We don’t need to change nothing. We just need to shore up some things.

“Everything was all good just a week ago, but now, all of a sudden we have one loss or a loss that we know we were capable of winning the game, then everybody wants to kind of ask questions about deep passes, ask questions about certain players.”

Scoring is up around the league. So are passing numbers.

That prompted another question about what’s wrong with the Panthers’ passing game, which ranks 26th.

“I wonder if the wins and losses are exploding,” Newton countered. “I’ve seen quarterbacks have 100 yards, and they blow them out. I’ve seen quarterbacks have 500 yards, and they get [blown] out. Who cares about stats? The most meaningful stat in all of sports is wins and losses — straight up.”

The Panthers are 3-2.

6 responses to “Cam Newton unconcerned about down-field passing

  1. Not a Cam fan but he’s right about the wins and losses. Of course saying it at 3-2 is a lot different than saying it at 1-4.

  2. When was he ever concerned about his passing? A widely reported analysis this summer rated him 2017’s most inconsistent passer – a week-to-week passer-rating variation of 41.1.

  3. It certainly doesn’t sound like he’s unconcerned since he’s irritated by the questions.

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