Deshaun Watson talks about playing with broken rib and partially collapsed lung (if that’s what he has)

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Officially, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has a chest injury, with which he fully participated in practice on Wednesday. Unofficially, it’s hard to figure out exactly what the situation is.

Meeting with reporters on Wednesday, Watson was asked about a tweet that he retweeted. The retweeted tweet said that Watson played with a partially collapsed lung and a broken rib against the Cowboys. Specifically, Watson was asked what it was like playing with a partially collapsed lung and a broken rib.

“I have no idea, honestly,” Watson said. “I was just playing ball. I didn’t recognize it, we didn’t recognize it during the game.”

So he now has those injuries?

“No, I’m fine now,” Watson said. “I’m healthy.”

Anyone who has had a broken rib knows that it doesn’t quickly or magically heal. Besides, Watson officially has a chest injury, which could include the broken (or not) rib. Either way, Watson insists that he’s fine.

“I’m cleared to practice, cleared to do everything,” Watson said. “I’m good.”

And it sounds like he was never all that bad.

“We didn’t know during the game,” Watson said. “It was just sore, just finishing the game. That was pretty much it.”

That was pretty much it was it relates to anything said by anyone from the Texans. Coach Bill O’Brien was asked about the rib/lung injury, and he declined to elaborate.

“Again, I just refer to the injury report,” O’Brien said.

A broken rib causes intense pain and discomfort. It hurts to cough. It hurts to laugh. It hurts to sneeze. It hurts to have hiccups. It hurts to breathe. And it definitely hurts to get hit there again. So either Watson never had a broken rib or he’s living, practicing, and playing with an injury that has to be creating plenty of problems for him, pretty much all the time.

If it’s the latter, those problems could be exacerbated by a Jacksonville defense that is more than capable of getting to Watson, repeatedly.

14 responses to “Deshaun Watson talks about playing with broken rib and partially collapsed lung (if that’s what he has)

  1. A rib that broke enough to partially collapse a lung isn’t a minor fracture. And there’s absolutely no way he’d be playing with a fully broken rib and partly collapsed lung. Though, Roethlisberger plays with two broke ribs and three collapsed lungs every week, so man-up Deshaun!

  2. The Bills hammered him last week, like bad. I have no idea how he can last the year. The Bills are not that good, they should of won that game, could of won that game. The Bills defense is pretty darn good, offense? Not so much.

  3. Houston needs to do something. NOW. This kid is special. Very mobile but very good as a passer. He has been getting killed his whole NFL career.

  4. Sooner or later his coach will put this qb in the hospital with the play calling. Only thing worse for Watson would be to be traded to a Mike Shanahan coached team.

  5. People play with broken ribs all the time, they just give them painkillers. Also, mental toughness is a big part of being able to play through that. I remember Ben Tate playing for the Texans with 4 broken ribs when Arian Foster was out. And he was a running back who got hit every time he touched the ball.

  6. The Jags defense is nowhere near what they were last year.

    They look lazy and uninspired. They are not getting pressure on the QB.

    Quarterbacks are picking them apart.

    If Darnold had better accuracy, he would have torched them too.

  7. All these diva quarterbacks with their supposed injuries. Big Ben and Erin Rodgers make room for Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz.

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