NFL finally ditches cross-ownership policy

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Well, Stan Kroenke can take back the Nuggets and the Avalanche from the family members who were running them on his behalf.

Via Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, the NFL finally has scrapped the rule that prevents owners from owning non-NFL teams in markets containing other NFL teams. The rule resulted in Kroenke, upon buying the Rams, transferring ownership of the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets to members of his family.

Now, Kroenke can own non-NFL teams in any market. And so can any of the other NFL’s owners.

As noted by Kaplan, the rule results from the shrinking pool of individuals with the money to buy NFL teams. It also ditches the outdated notion that a football team in a given market “competes” with other sports teams in that same market. In this day and age, football technically “competes” with anything and everything.

At one point, league rules prohibited owners from owning any other major-league sports franchise. The league allowed cross-ownership in the same market when the late Wayne Huizenga, who already owned MLB’s Marlins and the NHL’s Panthers, bought the Dolphins in 1994.

18 responses to “NFL finally ditches cross-ownership policy

  1. I know! Maybe Kroenke will purchase the LA Chargers anf move them back to San Diego where they’ll be at “home’ again, ’cause they have no “home’ now. Yeah right…can’t happen.

  2. mrone50 says:
    October 17, 2018 at 10:38 am
    Can Jerry Jones buy all the sports franchises in all of the sports to ensure he gets a modern day championship?
    That wouldn’t work….. his EGO is too big & he’d have to get involved with everything & screw it all up like it is in Dallas……
    seriously, why can’t he just hire people that are good at what they do & step away & just be a normal owner???!!

  3. I think it’s a shame they still ban public/corporation ownership (Packers are grandfathered in). Maybe it’s because if they allowed it then taxpayers would demand a piece of the team in return for all the mountains of taxdollars the teams squeeze them for, and stop relocation moves etc.

  4. Finally. I remember when Eddie DeBartolo had to pay steep fines to the NFL because he owned the 49’ers in the NFL and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL. Most people don’t realize at one time Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were all being paid by the same family.

  5. I miss Eddie DeBartolo. I wish he would take back his team, 49ers, from his spoiled silver-spooned nephew who is running the team into the ground.

  6. All of us 314,672 Green Bay Packers owners thank the league for this long overdue change. Now they need to drop the owner gambling prohibition!

  7. No change, really. Enos’ family already owned the Nuggets and Avs. The NFL (or JJFL..Jerry Jones Football League) allowed that ownership “transfer.”

  8. “I know! Maybe Kroenke will purchase the LA Chargers anf move them back to San Diego where they’ll be at “home’ again, ’cause they have no “home’ now. Yeah right…can’t happen”


    Anything that involves spending money for someone else’s enjoyment is not even on the radar for Stan Kroenke.

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