Report: Chargers struggles to get foothold in L.A. hot topic at owners meeting

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The “Fight For L.A.” is fairly lopsided at this point, leaving plenty of people wondering how long to let it go on.

According to Seth Wickersham of, the depth of the team’s struggles has been a topic among owners at this week’s league meeting, though not yet an official item of business on the league’s agenda.

The Chargers are playing in the 30,000-seat StubHub Center at the moment, which cuts into their ticket revenue. But it’s their viability as a tenant at the under-construction Inglewood stadium that’s the bigger concern.

Sources told Wickersham the Chargers plan to revise their revenue goals from $400 million to $150 million, a reflection of the difficulty of selling PSLs for two teams to a market that did without football for two decades.

Naturally, commissioner Roger Goodell had nothing but praise for the Inglewood project, because that’s what he does.

“Lots of football, lots of building still to do,” Goodell said. “And frankly, we were out of the market for a long time, and we have to earn our way back with our fans. We have to build that relationship back with our fans and make sure that we do it right. Both teams are committed to that. It will be something that we have to work at over a period of time. They both have very exciting young teams, and I think that will be helpful also. But I think all of those things will come together over the next two years. That’s the work that needs to be done.”

The Chargers aren’t that bad at football, so that’s not an excuse, even if they’re not as good at it as the Rams right now. It raises a valid question of whether they should have ever left San Diego, and whether they could end up there again some day — or become the team the league uses to leverage new buildings out of other markets.

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  1. So…one of the two new franchises in the market that previously was unable to support one franchise is having trouble establishing itself there, huh?

    Gee…who could’ve predicted that?

  2. Well, just about everyone commenting at PFT agreed that it would be an accomplishment if LA could support even one team and that two made no sense. The Chargers should work out a deal in St Louis. It’s a good market. They just need a reasonable stadium.

  3. LA is all about hype. Whats popular. What’s trending. They won’t like the Rams once they are not the most hyped team. Hype is not sustainable over a long period of time. Hype is temporary. LA fans tried to tell the NFL this. They loved having the NFC/AFC game of the week because those games televised the flavor of the week right into their living rooms.

    Perhaps we’ll see The Rams/Chargers in the Super Bowl for the next 15 straight seasons. The NFL would totally do that before they admit to making a mistake.

  4. I just lived in LA for six months and almost nobody there cares about the Chargers. They love the Rams, but the Chargers are an afterthought. Go into any store that sells NFL apparel and available Rams gear outnumbers Chargers gear 5 to 1.

  5. Never should have let them move there. The only way it ever had any shot would have been if they’d gotten their own stadium. But as tenants in the Rams’ stadium the Chargers are doomed to forever be an afterthought. Plus, the team’s value suffers without having a stadium to call their own. Just an epic fail by the NFL.

  6. As someone who lived in So Cal for over 30 years, I can tell you I don’t know a single person there that doesn’t think the Chargers moving to LA was beyond ridiculous.

    With so many other things to do, it’s all LA can do to support one team. We have the Rams back after that showgirl, Georgia Frontiere, moved them to Missouri. And now we have the town’s energy and focus diffused because a team that has no business being there has become squatters. Send them to Sacramento.

  7. It is unfortunate that they could not work out a deal in San Diego. But what is the NFL going to do about it if it doesn’t work? Move back? Would the city be amicable to that? Or the fans?

  8. I was a San Diego Charger fan for a very long time. I stopped being a fan one it became apparent they they were heading out of town.

    At this point, I don’t care if they move back to San Diego. I won’t be a fan.

    I think an argument could be made that there are too many teams in the league and that the NFL ought to consider downsizing the number of teams. I know it will never happen but I don’t think there will ever be enough talent to fill out the rosters of thirty-two teams.

    THE NBA ought to downsize the number of teams in their league as well. At best, it seems like a few teams have a chance of winning an NBA Championship.

  9. So the new league that starts in the spring of 2019 has a team in San Diego…if they draw fans the NFL owners should MAKE the Spanos either go back to San Diego OR FORCE THEM TO SELL. There are 3 cities in the USA that want a team..San Diego…San Antonio ..and St. Louis.

  10. Good, I hope Spanos is bled white and has to sell the team.
    He tried to shake down SanDiego and they didn’t cave in.
    So now he’s going to make less money.

    Plus he has to pay the relocation fee to the NFL.

    Hey – I have an idea – move the team BACK TO San Diego.
    Draft GOOD players, hire a GOOD coach, and maybe you make some money.

  11. LA loves a winner. If the Chargers and Rams can keep winnning when that amazing stadium opens up it will become trendy and the fans will come out. Their teams look like they’ll be good for the next 3 years so give it some time.

  12. I live in Orange County and the Chargers have tons of support here.

    The best solution would be for the Spanos family to build a stadium in OC.

  13. The Ducks and Angels have great attendance in Orange County.

    No reason to believe an NFL team couldn’t do really well there.

    Before somebody calls it a “small market”, the population of OC is 3.2 million.

  14. .
    There’s still a chance of a “Freeway Super Bowl” featuring both LA teams. This could be the Chargers year as usually by this time they have a half dozen offensive lineman on IR.

  15. Lets have Roger the dodger, undertake a special project and see how quickly he can screw up the Chargers.
    For Forty million, the fraud should be able to do something.

  16. Should never have left San Diego! Roger screwed the pooch on this one! Too late now to rectify it! They’ve got crap on their shoes and can’t get it off in this lifetime!

  17. The Chargers can move to San Antonio and the now-“ancient” Alamodome (built in ’93). Then they can complain that they need a new stadium, not get it, and move on to another city, where they can demand a new stadium before skedaddling to another city…

  18. “A trendier second team in LA is perceived as better, so that’s the team the poseur fans in LA choose.”

    Like there aren’t any frontrunners on the East Coast. Never even met a Red Sox fan before 2004.

  19. Here’s a new idea to get the Chargers back to where they belong, at a reasonable cost, grow their fan base, and the NFL to international…Please welcome the Tijuana Chargers!!

  20. 4thandacountrymile says:
    October 17, 2018 at 3:12 pm
    Say this with me now….”The Los Angeles Chargers”.
    Doesn’t sound right, does it?

    Back in 1959 it did.

  21. San Diego is the 8th largest city by population in the U.S.and 17th largest metro area – why not go back there? How about San Bernardino? 13th largest Metro area in the country and only a hop skip from LA.

  22. @ Jeff Williams says:
    October 17, 2018 at 4:54 pm
    Is there an NFL owner worse than Spanos at this point? Doesn’t matter where they go, they’ll always be second class with that family at the helm.

    Yep look about 350 miles north at King Bowlcut. He is rewriting the book on ineptitude.

  23. Fun reading all the posts about how they should move back to San Diego where they belong. Except the AFL team was created in 1959 and started playing in 1960. In Los Angeles. I guess they are actually back home, even though they were only in LA for a year at the start.

  24. Move the Raiders to San Diego, the Chargers to Oakland. It will settle the current issues, albeit raising a new crop for all actors in this soap opera.

    Damned entertaining too, even without the football!

  25. Chargers to San Antonio. San Diego or St. Louis don’t want them. Jacksonville will play 4 home games in London. Both by 2023. We all know it’s going to happen.

  26. The 25,000 fans who show up are almost all fans of the other team!! I feel so sorry for the players. It must be so demoralizing to see all the opposing fans in their team’s colors, and for Rivers to hear the fans cheer when he throws an interception! Putting aside the dollar signs for a change, this is not fair to the players.

  27. Whenever I see the abbreviation LAC my immediate thought is why are we talking about basketball.

  28. “So…one of the two new franchises in the market that previously was unable to support one franchise is having trouble establishing itself there, huh?”

    Yeah, I don’t know where this myth started, but it’s incredibly wrong. Neither team left for lack of support.

    The Rams played in Anaheim at Angel Stadium, for one. Georgia Frontiere tanked the team on purpose because she wanted to move them to her home – St Louis – then blamed her financial troubles on playing in a baseball stadium, demanded a new one knowing full well that mid-90s Anaheim couldn’t afford it, then used that as evidence to support her move. The league called her bluff, voted no on the move, blamed her squarely for the financial problems, and then only allowed the move to happen after she sued them.

    The Raiders were going to be gifted a new stadium at Hollywood Park in Inglewood (sound familiar? hmmm…) by the league to get them out of the Coliseum, but it was going to be for *2* teams. Al Davis wanted that thing as his own, and filed to move back to Oakland instead. He was trying to get back to LA ever since moving to Oakland, using the Rams having moved to STL as evidence as why the league needed him there.

    In the end, the league got what it wanted. 2 teams at Hollywood Park. Except the Raiders were frozen out, on purpose.

  29. puntonfirstdown says:
    October 17, 2018 at 4:38 pm
    The Chargers can move to San Antonio and the now-“ancient” Alamodome (built in ’93). Then they can complain that they need a new stadium, not get it, and move on to another city, where they can demand a new stadium before skedaddling to another city…


    The plan for the Raiders was for them to play in the Alamodome for 3-5 seasons until a new stadium could be constructed. At the very least, the Alamodome has little wear and tear and would make a great temporary home for a team.

  30. filmx2000 is spot on and as a former Cali resident, I’ve been saying it for 3 years: THERE ARE TOO MANY ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS, SPORTS AND OTHERWISE, IN L-A-L-A-LAND. THE LOS ANGELES CHARGERS ARE AN AFTERTHOUGHT WITH THE RAMS RE-ESTABLISHING ROOTS AND GAINING MOMENTUM. THEY NOW OWN LA and the Chargers”fight For LA” is laughable. Not every owner can have a shiny new stadium. Hello Mr.’s the fan base (they’re called paying customers) who make the franchise successful and profitable. Now the NFL has further problems: THE LAS VEGAS RAIDERS. They are abandoning their solid fan base and going to a market with a similar problem to the LA Chargers; that is, their relocating to a market with few fans and TOO MANY OTHER COMPETING ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS! I think Davis thinks he will be able to have gambling in his new stadium. This ‘re-location’ is another Goodell and NFL owners failure. They don’t get it. I told you so… three years ago.

  31. firerogergoodell says:

    October 17, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    I live in Orange County and the Chargers have tons of support here.

    The best solution would be for the Spanos family to build a stadium in OC.


    Yeah tons of support ,really??? The team is closer to OC than it was in San Diego .I dont see all that tons of support in the stands in Carson.Get out of here with that.The Chargers largest fanbase is in San Diego and always has been.The fans dont hate the team ,they hate the owner and have drawn a line in the sand and stood up to the situation.San Diegans werent gonna put money in the owners pocket when he had every intention in moving regardless how their PR dept and Mark Fabiani spun it.

    Let me ask you,would you continue to support a girlfriend or wife and spend money on her if she was planning on leaving u for another guy?

  32. I have family in San Antonio everyone complains the Alamodome was the biggest waste of money.Cowboys and Texans owners have alot of pull.They arent gonna let a team go there.San Antonios tv market is much smaller than anything in LA ,OC ,or San diego actually.San Diego metro (not city) population is pushing towards 3.5- 4 million where San Antonio is still under 2 million.

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