Who are the top 10 receivers in the NFL?

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Monday’s PFT Live created a mini-stir after Chris Simms blurted out his belief that Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs is the best receiver in football. So we decided to create more of a stir on Wednesday by having Simms select and tank the top 10 receivers in the league.

The fairly short video (that’s my effort to get you to watch it) is attached to this blurb.

Simms spent much of the show suggesting that he possibly made Hill something other than No. 1 on the list. So did Simms still have Hill at No. 1? (That’s more of my effort to get you to watch it.)

React to Simms’ list below. The best and/or most entertaining and/or least profane replies will make it to Thursday’s edition of PFT Live. The TV simulcast of the radio show starts at 7:00 a.m. ET on NBCSN.

92 responses to “Who are the top 10 receivers in the NFL?

  1. If this list didn’t end with Deandre Hopkins somewhere in the top 3, its not a real list. Strong argument can be made he’s #1.

    No one could have put up the type of numbers he has in his career with the QB talent he has had to work with.

  2. I know this won’t be popular with the obvious sexy names ,,but I see a lot of Nelson Agholar as a GIANTS fan and going forward I would take this guy any day of the week and twice on Sundays, well done Nelson you continue to work at your craft and it shows !

  3. AB, OBJ, Hopkins, Julio, Adams, Hill, MThomas, AJG, Evans, JuJu are the players I consider top 10, in no order. All are very good, some are on the uptick too.

  4. Also, OBJ could have 70 catches for 1200 yards and 10 tds after week 6 and I still wouldn’t want him on my team. Would not make my top 10.

  5. Chris Simms isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Hill might be the most “explosive” or “dynamic” or even “exciting” but he’s certainly NOT the best. To be the best you need to be CONSISTENT and that’s not Hill. He disappears for weeks at a time.

  6. I am not saying he should be on this list, but an argument could be made for Robert Woods. If you don’t watch the Rams, you might not hear about him, but I believe he is one of the most complete receivers there are. not only an amazing route runner with great hands, he is faster than you think, and is an amazing blocker. Just my 2 cents, but everyone would love to have this guy on their team. All the talent, and no attitude.

  7. I have heard that Tyreek Hill is not a receiver.

    Speaking of that, has anyone heard from Jalen Ramsey lately??

  8. Adam Thielen, does not get love but the main thing is, he is CLUTCH! You cannot argue that. He makes the plays when needed. Adam has fought and scratched his way from being an un-drafted Free Agent through the system, face it he is a Minnesota boy, loves the Vikings and they are lucky to have him. Not the fastest, has been told by other corners he wasn’t worth them covering them during inter conference practices…. I wouldn’t trade him for a 1st round pick. Kid has heart!
    Adam WILL be in the Pro Football HOF some day.

  9. Julio

    Hon mention: Tyreek, Thielen, Diggs, KeenanA, Demaryius


    We are all now more stupid for reading this…

  10. No chance. To be the best you have to do everything. Hill isn’t catching any jump balls or blocking anyone. He’s just a deep threat.

  11. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    October 17, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Thielen and Diggs are 1a and 1b.


    Thielen is good but please child….

  12. Pats fan

    You have to at least mention JuJu Smith-Schuster.

    Hear me out. The kids only 21 and he’s hanging with if not outproducing WR’s that are 3 to 7 years older than him. Thielen is already 28. Julio is already 29. JuJu should be included on a list that extends to ten dudes. He’s the Robin to Browns batman but Brown is also already 30.

    Kids only 21. The kids out competing most of the men he’s competing against.

  13. As a Vikings fan and huge Thielen supporter, let me just say this…..

    Michael Thomas has been targeted 49 times this season and caught 46 of them. That is unreal….

    On the other hand, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and now Kirk Cousins have had career years starting in Minnesota. Guess what they all have in common? Sooner or later it’s not a coincidence anymore….

  14. This season

  15. My Top 10 in no particular order: Brown, Julio, AJ, OBJ, Evans, Hill, Thomas, Thielen, Hopkins, and Adams. That was more difficult to pick out then I initially expected because you could easily justify putting in guys like Cooks/Woods/Kupp, JuJu, Diggs, Boyd, and a bunch of others based on stats alone, at the same time you also have guys who haven’t been healthy but who can really shine when their respective offenses start clicking like Baldwin or Fitzgerald. If you’re a fan of offense it’s a good year to be watching the NFL.

  16. Julio
    A Brown
    D Hopkins
    O Beckham
    A Green
    A Thielen
    T Hill
    M Thomas
    M Evans

    Hon mention: T Hilton, G Tate, J Landry, A Robinson, S Diggs, K Golladay,
    Hon mention (old timers division): L Fitzgerald, D Baldwin, J Edelman, probably still J Rice if he put on cleats…

  17. Thielen is an incredible route runner. Most don’t realize he has 4.4 speed as well.

    Is he flashy and got moves like AB?

    No he doesn’t. But AT is a top 5 WR imo…any lower really is laughable at this point.

    FWIW I have AB #1 and Julio 2nd…

  18. boisestatewhodat says:
    October 17, 2018 at 2:59 pm
    Michael Thomas is the best receiver in the NFL through 6 weeks…not even close.
    Youre right in that youre not even close, because its Adam Thielen. But thats only based off silly things like receiving yards, receptions, blocking, fantasy points, and being the only player in nfl history to have 6 straight 100 yard games to start a season. But you were right, no one else is close.

  19. Someone on here has Landry, if he’s on Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills should be in front of him.

  20. Who is this Chris Simms person. Is he the same career back-up QB that was in the NFL many seasons ago? If so I wouldn’t put too many weight on anything he says…..just sayin.

  21. What does Chrissy know? The only reason he even played in college was daddy’s money! Stole Applewhite’s chance for a Heisman!

    As for whoever keeps posting Julio first on the list, are you nuts? He can’t catch an end zone pass, period!

  22. Lots of valid arguments above. To me, to be in the top ten, it’s not just raw stats, you have to be clutch as well as able to perform against top-rated DB’s. I would like to add a few names to the conversation in no particular order… Michael Thomas from the Saints, Golden Tate from the Lions, and Doug Baldwin of the Seahawks.

  23. I’m from MN and really don’t have a problem with this list. I think if a GM was to select a WR for this year only… I don’t know if OBJ makes this list. Questionable but definsable omission of Thomas… but think he is better than Schuster and Cooks.

  24. Jarvis Laundry doesn’t belong on any list, well, other than the overpaid list.
    Fast Albert Wilson is better at half the price. Thanks Browns!

  25. doesnt really matter. recieviers dont win games. QBs, RBs, and Olines can win games. but theres never been ateam that made it to the SB or close to the SB carried by their Receivers

  26. To me the top 8 are obvious but, I would do the this list on value to their club over physical skills. A WR like OBJ has skill but is more harm to team then good. I also see a couple rookies who like they are going to be great..Calvin Ridley and watching Courtland Sutton makes me believe those 2 with JuJu will be there soon

  27. Simms’s list is incomplete, like many of his passes, by not having Davante Adams on it
    47 rec, 557 yds, 6tds

  28. This list C’MON man. Sounds like a Colin Cowherd list a prisoner of the moment & no idea what your talking about. No Davante Adams and/or Michael Thomas? Especially over Branding Cooks, let me guess because they’re QBs are Rodgers & Brees?

  29. I made a Top 11 because I thought two guys were tied for 10th:

    1. Julio Jones
    2. Antonio Brown
    3. Michael Thomas
    4. DeAndre Hopkins
    5. AJ Green
    6. Odell Beckham
    7. Adam Thielen
    8. Stefon Diggs
    9. Davante Adams
    10A. Tyreek Hill – tied for 10th
    10B. Jarvis Landry – tied for 10th

  30. firerogergoodell says:
    October 17, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    I made a Top 11 because I thought two guys were tied for 10th:

    1. Julio Jones

    Let me stop you right there. He hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since the Obama administration!

  31. And the Vikings fans are SLIGHTLY behind patriot fans for biggest dopes. Remind me where diggs & thielen were in the nfc championship game again? I know where they were 2 weeks after, hanging on the couch like the rest of us. Remind me who was the best receiver on the field in the biggest game of their lives to that point? Oh yeah, alshon was & by no means does he belong in the top 10

  32. THE REAL TOP 10 IS:
    1) Antonio Brown – He’s built up too much equity to be dropped from #1 after 6 games.
    2) DeAndre Hopkins – Incredible talent combined with the biggest heart of all wide receivers.
    3) Adam Thielen – Very good at everything. Can play any WR position and at a very high level.
    4) Michael Thomas – Great receiver that might be considered the best by the end of the year.
    5) Julio Jones – Elite size, speed and skill. But something is missing. QB or OC could be problem?
    6) Odell Beckham Jr – Probably most gifted but gets downgraded for being a knucklehead.
    7) AJ Green – Still good but on downside. Hasn’t helped playing in Cincinnatti with Dalton.
    8) Mike Evans – Good size and speed. Great talent but inconsistent.
    9) Keenan Allen – Having a slow start in 2018 but still great.
    10) Stefon Diggs – Reminds me of Antonio Brown. Would have better stats if Thielen wasn’t on team.

  33. edelman never makes this list, but it is preposterous he does not

    in no order:

    william thomas
    golden tate

    mentions: thielen, agoholor

  34. Antonio Brown
    Julio Jones
    Odell Beckham Jr.
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Michael Thomas
    A.J. Green
    Adam Thielen
    Keenan Allen
    Tyreek Hill
    Davante Adams

  35. Mike Evans is close too, probably even with the other guys. There are probably a dozen guys who are even with the guys near the bottom of the top 10.

  36. Diggs made Case Kenum appear to be a starting qb. Most of these other guys have future HOFers throwing them the ball every Sunday. Enough Said.

  37. Steffon Diggs should not be mentioned in this conversation. His best year he had 903 yards receiving. Billy Schroeder beat that figure three times — before the rules were further adapted to help the passing offense.

  38. Anyone who has seen Tyreek Hill play over the past year and a half knows he belongs on the top of this list. As a Chiefs’ fan there is not one WR in football I would trade him for, and that’s a fact.

    There is nobody — absolutely nobody — that affects the game on a play for play basis more than Tyreek Hill. That’s what makes him so special. The way he is used in Andy Reid’s offense is nothing short of genius and opens up the offense for every other player on the field.

    I don’t see how people can watch his highlights and still bust out the “Devin Hester” garbage. It’s downright laughable. Hill is, without question, the most explosive weapon in football and it’s not even really that close.

    Great job on this, Chris. You’re spot on.

  39. As a Dallas Cowboys fan talking so I have no dog in the race. Josh Gordon and Jones is where the list begins. Beckham hasn’t showed me he has recovered yet and he likes to hang out on boats here in Florida . But so do I

  40. Looks like it quickly became a list of “Hottest WR” or worse yet, “Best Fantasy WR”…I have no proposed list. But no Michael Thomas? A few hot games for Tyreek = #1? Overrated O’Dell – occasional miraculous catches don’t make you among the best. All those dudes are raw but there’s more to it.

  41. Any list that has Diggs on it is flat out wrong. Look at my handle. If you have watched every game over Diggs career you will notice he has yet to put in a full season. 6 good games is not a season. Not 1 1000 yes season. No double digit TDs in a season. If you dont watch the Vikings I understand why you leave Thielen off the list. If you watch you know that he makes big plays in every game.

  42. When you set records in the shadows of Chris Carter and Randy Moss after earning just a $500 D2 scholarship, fighting to make the roster, and playing only special teams for years for your hometown team, you are a local G.O.A.T. and one of the best, or THE BEST at what you do. Thielen.

  43. There’s a metric TON of good WR’s in the game today. I’m just glad my team has Tyreek. He really is a freak.

  44. 1. Angry Doug Baldwin
    2. Tyler Lockett
    3. Antonio Brown
    4. Jarvis Landry
    5. Odell Beckham Jr
    6. Juju Smith Schuster
    7. Danny Playoff Amendola
    8. Randall Cobb
    9. Julio Jones
    10. DeAndre Hopkins

  45. Yeah, that whole Adam Thielen can’t outrun anyone thing…
    He runs a sub 4.5 40 so not sure what evidence you’re going on other than his complexion. He’s also the most productive receiver through the first 6 weeks of a season in the history of the NFL. Again, in the history of the NFL.
    Michael Thomas not being on this list is also a complete joke.

  46. Mike Evans has a spot in the top 10. He is the Bucs all time leading wr in tds and yards and he is 89 catches away from the bucs all time leading wr in receptions. Thats with McCown at qb early in his career and winston who is inconsistent. Two years ago he was the only weapon they had lining up next to brate and humphries who are nobody’s to the average fan. They have no run game to help. Last year they acquired weapons like Howard and djax but they didnt start making a until this season. Im not saying Mike Evans is number one but I cant name 10 other wrs I would rather have than him.

  47. This time next year Arizona WR Christian Kirk will be on this list, the guy is a Super Star in the making as he can flatout ball. I’d love to see Arizona sign WR Golden Tate in free agency and pair him up with Kirk given there YAC YDS ability and then draft a true #1

  48. I don’t care about lists like this, but if O’Dell Beckham is on it, it’s a joke.
    Jordy Nelson has never gotten the accolades he deserved over his career as one of the best in the league, because unlike guys like Beckham, he didn’t promote himself by doing outlandish things on and off the field. He just went and out and did everything well, including blocking. Guys like Jordy will probably not make this list because they fly under the radar.
    I believe any list like this should include the guy’s attitude and the disruption he causes for his team. Beckham would rate right at the top of any list for being a disruption on his team. His owner slammed him just this past week by basically saying he should shut his mouth and play better.
    I’m a Packers fan, but that Adam Thielen of the Vikings has to be high up on this list. He reminds me a lot of Jordy Nelson in his prime and flies under the radar because he plays with class, like Jordy.

  49. Thielen should be on the list, not because of how he got to the NFL but what he’s doing in it.

    Davante Adams should be on the list. No one has caught more TD’s since 2016 I believe. He’s consistently good even with Brett Hundley at QB.

  50. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    October 17, 2018 at 2:38 pm
    Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills easily in the top 10
    A “TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders” would never say that. Wilson has been in the league 5 years but has exactly two games with over 100 yds receiving. TWO! He’s not even top 100.

  51. 1. Julio Jones
    2. Dandre Hopkins
    3. Mike Thomas
    4 OBJ
    5 Keenan Allen
    6 AB
    7 mike Evans
    8 AJ Green
    9 Golden Tate
    10. (Based on what I think he can do the rest of the season)
    Tyler Boyd is the next superstar and probably better than AJ green

    Note: if TE’s count as receivers Travis Kelce would be top ten

  52. Adam Thielen is the new Wes Welker, and this is coming from a Green Bay fan. Beyond that, my list would also include Michael Thomas, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, Keenan Allen, A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, & Mike Evans.

  53. “Best” is too ambiguous. There should be some clarification. A guy like Edelman is incredibly valuable to a team with legitimate yearly SB aspirations, yet does anyone think he’d be successful on the Titans? And Odell is worth the most money, and has the physical gifts and all, but his team is awful and almost no other team would want him.

    I think a good metric would be to consider a guy’s prospects for succeeding with the Patriots or Saints, meritocracies where scrubs can become stars if they can work well with the QB and be consistent. Cooks couldn’t cut it with either, so my opinion of him is pretty low. Thielen would dazzle in either place. Fitzgerald, Hill, Juju, Baldwin, Tate, guys who would all do well. AB would last half a practice in New England.

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