Gronkowski has no complaints about blocking

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For the second straight year, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a multi-million-dollar incentive clause that hinges on his production as a receiver. But he doesn’t mind producing as a blocker.

After a shootout against the Chiefs during which Gronkowski spent more time than usual blocking on passing plays, Gronk was asked by reporters whether he likes to pass block.

“Yeah,” he said. “Why not?”

He also was asked whether he knew in advance that he’d be used a little bit more as a pass blocker.

“No, I mean, every game changes,” Gronkowski said. “You’ve got a game plan. You’re going in with the game plan but I mean, the game plan changes on the fly. The games change on the fly. Your assignments change on the fly and everything. It’s playing football and it is what it is. Whatever coach [Bill Belichick] is calling, I’m cool with. I’ve never had a problem with it and if it’s the whole game, it’s the whole game. It is what it is and I don’t mind doing it at all.”

He doesn’t mind it, but he made it clear that, for him, the ideal game has some of everything.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like running every single play, I don’t like running a route every play and I don’t like blocking every play,” Gronkowski said. “I like the balance and I love a balanced offense. I believe it helps both parts of the game out and it’s a crucial part of the game both sides, passing and running. I like doing both and I like balancing out, give or take some more runs, some more pass plays, but I definitely like the balance and I like doing both at a balanced rate.”

He may want the pendulum to swing a little more toward the passing game. This year’s incentive package ties $3.3 million to Gronkowski hitting any three of four performance-based triggers: (1) 80-percent playing time; (2) 70 or more catches; (3) 1,085 or more receiving yards; and/or (4) nine touchdowns. Currently, he’s on pace for 69 catches and 1,080 yards, and he has only one touchdown.

19 responses to “Gronkowski has no complaints about blocking

  1. Why? He’s long proven he doesn’t care about the money and we know he loves putting defenders on their backsides. He just loves football and a balanced offense means he gets to do all of it.

  2. Patriots may have taken the Gronk/Kelce talk and decided to showcase Gronk’s blocking skills to show that Kelce is just a little show pony and Gronk truly is the superior right end.

  3. It’s actually like a breath of fresh air hearing any type of receiver talking like an intelligent human being. For a guy like Gronk, he’s going to make lots of money in endorsements anyway, and that money increases with every super bowl win. So he’s willing to do whatever he needs to do to win, which ends up paying him more money. But also, there will be games where he catches 15 passes, so those other incentives will be reached. Gronk is one of those larger than life figures, kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger was as a body builder. Arnold made a lot more money in Hollywood than he did body building. Gronk could probably do those action movies if he really wanted to. How much money would that pay? I don’t think Gronk is picking up pennies in the parking lot.

  4. As the Patriots offense evolves & newer players become more comfortable & confident in both themselves & their teammates, Gronkowski won’t always be double teamed & his stats will in turn get better & better as the season progresses… long as he is healthy & on the field I have no doubt he’ll hit 3/4 of those incentives……& hopefully he gets the TD totals too!!
    Go Pats!!!

  5. I’m no Pats fan but you can’t but like this guy; willing to do the dirty work, no questions asked. Also the most complete TE in the game.

  6. .
    Keep in mind that the Patriots could still pay him even if he comes up a few catches or yards short.

  7. No amount of money earned can make up for the Championships won. Many players move from team to team for bigger contracts but many that have left New England have voiced regret over not staying and winning more Lombardi’s. Gronk has his head on right, is earning money and winning Championships…what else can you ask for. And for the haters that say the Patriots don’t pay, wake up, they pay the same as every other team every year. They just spread it around more and don’t overpay.

  8. Reigning in Philly says:
    October 18, 2018 at 8:07 am

    I’m no Pats fan but you can’t but like this guy; willing to do the dirty work, no questions asked. Also the most complete TE in the game.
    I have to agree. Every time Gronk is on the field he has to be accounted for. He’s a big play just waiting to happen! He may be playing for NE, but I don’t think anyone would argue that they’d love to have them on their team. I know I would!

  9. The dude has the right kind of football attitude. I wish my team had a TE like Gronkowski. We’d be better than 3-2-1 right now.

  10. As the season progresses the opposition will need to begin to focus on the we’d and rb’s. Few teams can handle all that. Opportunities begin to appear and state rise. This man does not spend much and greed is not a vice he has practised.

  11. Gronk will only play with Brady. Brady or retire. Lucky Pats. He has the same selflessness as Brady. Anything for the team, no ego.

  12. “Every time Gronk is on the field he has to be accounted for. He’s a big play just waiting to happen!”

    That’s for sure as shown quite nicely last week against KC. They used him all game for blocking and a decoy and then they unleashed him at the end an boom boom 2 long completions that were crucial to winning the game.

  13. What a great attitude to have! All the divas could learn a thing or two by just being a little bit like Gronk!

  14. There are 30 teams out there who would take Gronk over their current TE. If they say they wouldn’t they’re either stupid or lying.

  15. Sides on his last legs. He’s just going thru the motions collecting a cool 8 mil in his final season. He is not so “super excited” about that crappy incentive laden contract.

  16. Good for Gronk…”I won’t play with or for anyone but Brady and the Patriots” (Paraphrasing)…Plus he knows it’s only about 8 hours from Foxboro to Buffalo! Family’s close.

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