Adam Gase wants Brock Osweiler to “keep pollution out of his brain”

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Over the past three years, Brock Osweiler a/k/a Brock Lobster a/k/a Brocktober a/k/a Ock Brosweiler has received nearly as much undeserved criticism as undeserved money. (See, there’s another example of it.) Dolphins coach Adam Gase explained on Thursday the importance of Osweiler ignoring the negative things that are said and written.

“It’s keeping pollution out of his brain,” Gase told reporters. “That’s what it is. It’s not like you ever read anything positive, so why read it? In this profession, you just have to stay in the bunker, because if you start letting all that other stuff kind of get in your head, you start to believe it after a while.”

That said, it’s impossible not to realize that Osweiler has had struggles in 2016 and 2017, from a lost season in Houston to the failure to qualify for the 53-man roster on a franchise that lost every game it played to a return to Denver as the guy at the bottom of the depth chart. Gase believes those experiences have helped Osweiler get to where he now is.

“I think any time you go through any kind of adversity and you keep getting back up on the horse, it’s going to be a positive,” Gase said. “You’re going to get better. If you work at it hard enough, you’re going to get better. I think that’s what he’s really done. He did a good job of just focusing on what he had to do here of improving on the things that we asked him to improve on, supporting Ryan [Tannehill], trying to help him with what he knows about the offense that maybe he might not talk directly about, but he might tell him, ‘I went through this experience in it, here’s how I handled it’ behind closed doors that nobody else hears. I think he did a good job of that. He’s brought a lot of value and helped the skill guys as well.”

Osweiler has another important attribute, which has made it easy for Gase to give him the reins while Tannehill is injured.

“The command he has of the offense, what he knows how to get in and out of,” Gase said. “It will be subtle things, how he can help out those other guys, like little reminders every once in a while that might be something that he might have heard four or five years ago. Sometimes it helps. Maybe a guy will do a certain thing and that helps him get open. The more experience that you’re in something, some of those little nuggets you pick up along the way and you can possibly help another guy out.”

Osweiler helped out the Dolphins unexpectedly last week, beating the Bears. He’ll get a chance to do it again this week, against the Lions. If Osweiler can get to 2-0 for October, maybe the undeserved criticism will stop.

13 responses to “Adam Gase wants Brock Osweiler to “keep pollution out of his brain”

  1. If he was playing as well as he has been paid, he would still be starting in Houston. Dude has made over $40 mil!! The criticism is well-deserved.

    Now Miami is paying him $850k or so, that’s still to much but a lot closer to his performance level.

  2. Something is going on with this Tannehill injury that Gase keeps making snarky comments when asked when he will throw, how long he will be out etc. IF Miami goes and loses this game Sunday and Brock has a bad game I bet the almighty Gase will then start telling the truth. He is trying so hard to be like BB from NE and failing miserably. I hope Tannehill gets healthy real quick because I do not believe Brock can win !

  3. To the people who think Brock is a better QB than Thill, you see vegas has us as 3 point underdogs at home against the 2-3 Lions. Thill isn’t the greatest, but ot be excited to see our backup QB playing is absurd. We need thill if we have any shot this season.

  4. Tannehill is NOT the answer and will never get the Dolphins into the post season. I know he did once on a very weak schedule. Osweiler is not the long term answer either but the chances are better to at least finish better than normal 6-10, 7-9, 8-8. Dolphins need a QB and it’s no one on the current roster but I’d rather watch Osweiler.

  5. This is my nightmare.
    Brock plays well enough to win the starting job.
    Miami jettisons Tanny.
    Miami Sigñs Brock to a big contract next year.
    Team is set back another 4 years after Brock craps the bed.

  6. Tannehill averages the same amount of turnovers per year as Brady… look it up. Tannehill’s biggest issues are consistency with the deep ball and pocket presence. He doesn’t create his own throwing lanes. Either way neither will start for Miami next year. All they can do is focus on one week at a time, stay healthy and continue to gel.

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